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Skyward: Nov 17, 2018 [Atlanta, GA] (Barnes & Noble)


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In a shocking turn of events, Brandon has pulled a secret signing out of his sleeve! Atlanta, GA joins the list of Skyward tour stops:


Place: The Collection at Forsyth
Address: Barnes & Noble
410 Peachtree Parkway #252
Cumming, GA 30041
Phone Number: (770) 781-0867

Use this thread to coordinate your attendance and stuff.

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2 hours ago, Personification said:

If I were to get there at like 6:30 (which is the earliest I could), would it even be worth it?

If the event starts at 5 PM, as the website says, Brandon will probably be there for the next 3 hours at least, depending on attendance. How public speech, reading, and Q&A usually take about an hour on their own, and then there is the signing line, which usually moves at about 50 people per hour.

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@Personification Looking at audio files in Arcanum from other Skyward Tour stops, the whole thing has been lasting 4.5 hours. That's a 45-60 minute Q&A/lecture/reading and then about 3.5 hours of signing line. You'd obviously miss the first bit, though he's been sharing basically the same lecture/reading at other events so you can always listen to that audio on Arcanum if you want.

You can absolutely get books signed though. The bookstore is giving out tickets to save yourself a spot in line. If you come at 6:30 you'd obviously end up at the back of a fairly long line. If I were you, I'd take my time and get some dinner first, then come a bit later. The line will likely still be going at 8:30, if not longer. You could probably call the bookstore to check in if you wanted as well.

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