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Booktalk Nation Livestream


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I just want to let everyone know that this Wednesday, the 9th, Brandon is doing a livestream with Booktalk Nation.




It does require an email address to "reserve a space" which makes me think the video will not be posted afterwards (and I haven't been able to find an archive of past interviews).


I for one am going to try and watch, and I'll try to take notes on the questions he's asked (though It would probably help to have multiple people doing that).


The event is now over, but here is the video:


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I was going to ask a question, but for now at least, I've decided not to. I mean, I've listened to every season of Writing Excuses, so I don't feel pressed for any of those questions, and I'm pretty sure that asking a too cosmerically heavy question is a little inappropriate, so I'm just going to sit down and enjoy the show.

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I decided to do what I always do when I have the opportunity to ask a question, but can't let myself ask a heavy duty cosmere one - ask something a reader unaware of the cosmere could ask. In this case, I want to confirm that the spren Jasnah sees in the Words of Radiance prologue is indeed Ivory.

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World Time Buddy is a nice webapp for the... time challenged. A feeling I am all too well aware of. Just add the places you want to compare (if they are not already there), save, and compare.

Thank you! My main issue is actually that I can't work out which time zones I'm converting. World Time Buddy has places but not timezones (so is it 5pm Utah? NY? Something else entirely?) other timezone websites want to know if I want daylight savings times and I have no idea.

I actually didn't realise how 'time-challenged' I am until today. I think I'm going to steal that phrase from you, Argent, if you don't mind. :)

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The site lists the event at 7 PM EasternTime / 4 PM PacificTime - so that's what you should be using for your base. When I open the webapp, it already has EDT and CDT there, so I just need to add my own location / time zone (Chicago, which happens to be CDT) and see the local time that matches EDT's 7 PM.

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