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Ask Me Anything that isn't Worth Asking


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2 hours ago, Kidpen said:

I refuse. I will ask the most serious questions.




Chocolate ice cream: Yes or no?



Can I answer this one?  Only on my Bday if I am having it with White cake/white Icing.  I like mixing the two together.  So I guess that's a yes?

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On 7/31/2018 at 5:19 PM, Ark1002 said:


What is the best phase of the moon? (full, new, crescent, etc.)

New Moon. I like darkness.

On 8/15/2018 at 5:48 PM, AonEne said:

Is Magenta alive? :ph34r:

Would you rather have a million dollars or a million upvotes?

What is your favorite Sanderson quote?

No. Ask Cobalt, he’s literally carried her dead body.

Million dollars any day. Then I could bribe people anyday.

”There’s always another secret”

7 hours ago, AxeliustheGreat said:

Apollyon, why do like the way Ene's palm tastes? 

I was wondering when you’d ask... ;)

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On 9/9/2018 at 8:24 PM, AonEne said:

What extents would you go to to eat a hot dog?

Hadn't realized you'd asked. 

Honestly, it depends on the hot dog. Hot dogs lie in an uncanny valley of sorts, ranging from being hilariously bad, to being excellent beings that would far exceed your first perceived culinary value of them. Anything that roams between the two is just disgusting, disappointing, and detrimental to your physical and mental health. The sad fact of the matter is that most hot dogs are eternally doomed to live within this valley, disgraces to food. So, to answer your question, not very far. If the effort or price is worth more than about 2 dollars, no way.

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If A squared plus B squared equals C squared then what do you get when you add the sixth of dusk squared plus 10 heralds squared?

How likely is it for Dalinar to strike the same place twice?

When does a partridge move into the pear tree?

Which cosmere world is best suited for your temperament?

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Important question:

1. Do you think that the darker spots, which we can see on the moon, look like the continents?

2. Is broccoli just the envy version of cauliflower?

3. If you dont talk: does your tongue lie on the bottom of your mouth or does it kind of hover in the middle?

4. Whats does a religious mess and barfing have in common?

5. Aren't raisins just grapes without body lotion?

6. Where do you put a book with a Halo coloure spine in a rainbow shelf?

Have a nice day ;)

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