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Edgedancer Jak and the Pits of the 17th Shard

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Hello! I am here!

It's funny, I picked the name "Edgedancer Jak" definitely to be tongue-in-cheek, but I actually like it more now then when I came up with it. Edgedancers are pretty awesome, and their Ideals are powerful. "I will remember those who have been forgotten." "I will listen to those who have been ignored." While I don't live those as well as I should, I would like to be that kind of person.

One of the many things I love about Brandon's work is that so much of it has analogies to life and faith. It's not uncommon for me to finish one of his books and feel enriched, like I learned something valuable or gained a new perspective on some aspect of living. To be able to bring that to pass in readers while providing such engaging entertainment is truly special.

Of course, the Cosmere is also stinking awesome. Yeah, the magic stuff is cool, but my favorite part of it is that holes that you don't even know are holes keep getting filled (c.f. Mistborn: Secret History). Man, I just love it. And there's so much more left!

It sure is a good thing he's so darn prolific.

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@Edgedancer Jak Hey, welcome to the Shard! Have a free upvote and a spiked delicious cookie!



DISCLAIMER: Side effects include, but are not limited to, hearing voices, gaining supernatural powers, having the sudden urge to kill everyone, and completely losing control over your mind and body. The Dark Alley™ claims no liability for any damage done to/by the eater of this cookie.

Which Cosmere books have you read? Who's your favorite character?

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Ha @ElephantEarwax @StrikerEZ well, at this point in the series, getting spiked pretty much just lets you talk with Harmony, so that's not so bad.

@I am Witless @StrikerEZ I've read all the published Cosmere books and novellas, and most of Brandon's non-Cosmere writings, too.

Picking a favorite character is ridiculously hard. But since I have to pick today, I'll go with Dalinar. He's such a boss.

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48 minutes ago, Edgedancer Jak said:

Picking a favorite character is ridiculously hard. But since I have to pick today, I'll go with Dalinar. He's such a boss.

Dalinar is a pretty good choice, I'll admit.

I personally really like Venli and Adolin. Both of them for OB spoiler reasons. Non-SA characters I like are Dusk, because of his quiet nature-it's just so interesting to me; Vin, because she's freaking amazing; and Vivenna, because I love her character progression.

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1 minute ago, Storming Lighteyes said:

Who is this 'Dusk' you speak of?

He's the main character from Sixth of the Dusk. His full name is the title of the story, but he goes by Dusk. SotD is a Cosmere short story, which you can find in Arcanum Unbounded.

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