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Excellent! I think there's the creators corner, which would be a good spot to post parts of your novel. I am also working on a story, but unfortunately, I struggle to get past the worldbuilding portion, but perhaps we could communicate and share ideas. 

Anyways, You probably already know this because you have been floating for a while, but you only have one soul, and you don't want to give it away by accident. That being said, I would be willing to follow you if you said "My life to yours, my breath become yours." It would mean you've lost your soul, but as one of your followers, I would protect you, should you ever decide to venture into the RP portion of the 17th Shard community.

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Great! I'm just starting in the RP forums here, but I have been playing Sanderson Elimination for a little while. That's a forum-based mafia-style game, and I love it. It's all down in the community section near the bottom of the website.

Edit: Are you writing your story in your native language, or in English? What is your native language?

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I'll go take a look at it, soon! See if I find something fun to take part on! Mafia sounds... Interesting, to say the least!

And in English. My Native is Spanish, happens after being born in Chile.

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@DrakenShadow Hey, welcome to the Shard! Have a free spiked delicious cookie!



DISCLAIMER: Side effects include, but are not limited to, hearing voices, gaining supernatural powers, having the sudden urge to kill everyone, and completely losing control over your mind and body. The Dark Alley™ claims no liability for any damage done to/by the eater of this cookie.

I just wanted to say that your English is really good! I never would've known it wasn't your native language if you hadn't mentioned it. Also, I love your profile picture.

Have you read all ornate the Cosmere books? If so, which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)?

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