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GenCon! Who's going? Let's plan some games!


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So, there is a group of us Branderson fans over on The Stormlight Archive Facebook page that are planning to meet and play the Mistborn RPG at GenCon, likely on Friday evening. If anyone here is interested in joining up with us, let me know and I'll provide more info on when and where. We are also looking for a DM for the RPG, so if you've got experience there, feel free to volunteer. Also, if you just want to watch and/or meet some cool Branderson fans, you're welcome to come say hi! That is all!

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So far, we are planning on doing it Friday evening, probably around 6 or 7. We haven't figured out an exact location yet but I will update y'all when we do. I'm finally getting around to reading the rules for the RPG book this week, so will have more info once I've read that. :)

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