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What order of radiant would the mistborn characters be?

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I was talking with a friend about this and i was curious what other people thought! I have only read mistborn first era but feel free to do the other mistborn books too!
the three i can think of is-

Kelsier - Windrunner

feel free to explain why

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Brandon has said that Rashek would have made 'an okay Skybreaker'.

Just based on their apparent powers and love for wrecking things, Kelsier might fit in well with the Dustbringers. Elend as a leader who wants to reform things could fit as a Windrunner (protecting/leading) or an Edgedancer ('listening to the ignored'). Wax and Miles would both be obvious Skybreakers, just having sworn different versions of their Third Ideal. And Wayne would have to be a Lightweaver, not only is their powerset well attuned to wnat he already does without his metalborn powers and not only does he fit their 'Creative' divine attribute but he'd be great from a writing perspective when it comes to speaking truths to progress.

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We don't know a lot about them, but Marsh seems like he could end up being a Truthwatcher - there to collect stories and see the hidden truths, and occasionally nudge people along in the right directions.

I actually think you could argue for Steris being a Bondsmith as well.  She is all about keeping things together and moving and bringing people together, and helps unite the southern and northern countries in a treaty.  I can imagine her and Nightwatcher having arguments about how Nightwatcher needs to be more proper and Steris keeping a list of all the stuff Nightwatcher has pulled...

TenSoon may be an Elsecaller, actually.  He has a similar sort of "I don't care if this is wrong, this is what needs to be done" attitude that Jasnah has towards her heresy and research methods.  Only thing like it is Dalinar's approach as a Bondsmith, which COULD also work except he really defers to Sazed for that and takes on a much more hands on approach as Jasnah does.  Other option is a Lightweaver - having to sort out his identity and his desires in books 2 and 3, deception, and already being able to shift forms and identities gives him an edge in that regard.

...I'm not sure since we don't know much about either order, but I feel that MeLaan is either a Dustbringer or a Willshaper...

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Vin— Edgedancer. It’s as if she can slip into places without being caught. Also, this doesn’t just refer to physical places, but also roles in society. Noblewoman, skaa thief, silent assassin, she does it all.

Elend— Elsecaller. Jasnah is the only example of an Elsecaller we have so far, and it seems that they are good scholars. However, they can be firm and charismatic when needed. This fits the description of Elend as he develops as an emperor.

Kelsier— Windrunner. He’s a natural leader. Plus, he can fly. ‘Nuff said.

Spook— Windrunner. In HoA, we see him becoming similar to Kelsier. If not a Windrunner, then a Truthwatcher.

Breeze— I don’t know, maybe a Stonewarden or Willshaper. We don’t know much about them, though.

Ham— I don’t know, maybe a Stonewarden or Willshaper. We don’t know much about them, though.

Dox— I don’t think he would be a Radiant, similar in that he is not a Misting. He would be a sense of normalcy for the group.

Sazed— Bondsmith. He united the Shards of Ruin and Preservation, and was essentially the glue that kept the group together.

Wax— Skybreaker. He holds strong to the law that he finds the most morally right.

Wayne— Lightweaver. He’s good with disguises, and can make himself seem like he is something he’s not.

Marasi— Skybreaker. She’s becoming similar to Wax, and is now working in the law.

Steris— Not a Radiant. She would be that one practical person in the group who remembers the mundane and normal issues at hand.

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