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Characters who should join the MCU

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Another MCU thread! In light of the fact that we don’t know anything of the MCU after 2019, its time to speculate! Which characters should be introduced? Which actors? Personally, I love the idea of Orlando Bloom joining, as Captain Britain, something he has suggested himself. Anyone else having any ideas?

Also, lets spoiler tag spoilers for Infinity War, to be on the safe side.

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7 hours ago, Toaster Retribution said:

We had a purple male last time :-) But yeah, I generally get your point. The actors are basically only white men. Any character suggestions?

Red Skull is a red male.

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Hela was, in my personal opinion, absolutely spectacular (same for Cate Blanchett). 

Are there any plans to merge Avengers and X-Men?  Or is X-men too time jumpy, "I don't even know what's cannon anymore?"

I don't know Marvel nearly as well as I do DC. :(

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