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Went looking for shardblade tattoo ideas, found this!


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1 hour ago, Archer said:

Tattoo, eh? If you're interested in art, the gallery is full of cool stuff. Anyways, welcome to the party! What's your favourite book? 

Currently re-listening to Words of Radiance, but I think Oathbringer has been my favorite so far. Hbu?


1 hour ago, 1st of Lunch said:

Hello, and welcome to the nut farm! 


Also, have an upvote!

Thanks, 1st of Lunch! What'd you have for lunch today? B)


1 hour ago, go_go_gragdet said:

Hi! Welcome!

Which Blade designs do you prefer?

Hi! I like minimal designs or possibly something that looks sketched out - similar to the art in the books. I know of an artist that does excellent gem tattoos and it'd be cool to see if she could do something neat with the gemstones on the helm? I'm open to ideas! 


1 hour ago, Rebecca said:

Hey! Welcome to the Shard. We’re glad you found us. Who’s your favorite Sanderson character?

Thats a tough one. If I had to choose one, Lift. Shallan and Wit are also up there. What about you?


This size and style interests me. Simple and clean but still detailed


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Hey, welcome! 

A Shardblade tattoo sounds like it could be pretty amazing, but also a little difficult to find good art for. Outside of the art pages inside the books, I can't think of another good example - especially since those drawn by fans will probably be too detailed for ink. But I'd be curious to see what you come up with. As a glyph nerd, I endorse all sorts of Stormlight tattoos!

Also, as a moderator, I feel like I should mention a couple of small things to watch out for. Posting multiple times in a row is generally considered bad forum etiquette, and while it's a huge deal, we'd prefer if you edited your most recent post instead of adding a new one. In the case of quotes, specifically, there is a multi quote button at the bottom left of each post, looks like a plus sign, you can use that to add multiple replies you want to quote and respond to - which is what I think you wanted here. I've gone ahead and merged your last few replies. 

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10 hours ago, ash_dickson said:

Thats a tough one. If I had to choose one, Lift. Shallan and Wit are also up there. What about you?

This is a hard choice for me too. I think Kaladin may be my favorite. But I also love all the comic relief characters, like Wayne, Nightblood, and Lopen.

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