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 @The Thinking HeraldIf shalebark grows in a forest and no one sees it, how much does tallew cost in Azir? 

Which cosmere world is best suited for your temperament?

Favorite movie?

What is your shardic intent?

If you could  have any cosmere creature as a pet what would you get?

If you were fighting an army of super intelligent groundhogs which cosmere character would you want to have by your side?

Pepsi or Coke?

What is your opinion of Lasagna?

Which cosmere character would fit in well with your family?

How many books on average can you read in a month?

What is your opinion of Brandon's method of creating magic systems?

If chuck norris and Brandon would have an arm wrestling match who would win?


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Cats or Dogs?

Do you Prefer the feel of Carpet or Hardwood floors?

Do you think Pigeons have feelings..?

Whats 3 things on your Bucket List?

If randomly handed an Acorn, what would you do with it?

If you could start fires with your mind, what would you burn first?

If you could fly, would you use it for good or evil?

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1: Generally speaking, would you say you're more likely to become a superhero or villain?

2: If you were to gain a superpower based on some aspect of yourself, what would it be.

3: White or dark meat?

4: If you were attacked by an army of anthropomorphic sentient zucchini, what would you do?

5: If you could change any food to be permanently any color, without it seeming weird to anyone besides yourself. What food and what color would you choose?

6: What is your favorite genre to write? (Sci-fi, Fantasy, etc,)

7: Favorite point of view to write? (first, third, etc.)

8: If I am what I am not, then who is what I am if I am not what I was, also they are not who you are because I am who they were before they became me. if so, does that mean you are who I was when I was not who they are?

9: Favorite color?

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@Nathrangking Let's see.

1. Nothing

2. Scadrial Post-Ascension or Shinovar, including Urithiru access (I would never travel to the rest of Roshar)

3. An anime called Kimi No Nawa (Your Name), since it was the only movie I've watched that elicited a violent emotional reaction from me.

4.  Optimistically speaking, Cultivation.

5. Ryshadium

6. Dalinar Kholin, because god-like abilities and also, reading.

7. Coke.

8. Lasagna is great. Depending on how it's done, it could have just the perfect bite of bolognese and pasta.

9. Hesina, I would think. My mother seems pretty similar to her in attitude.

10. Depends on new books that I havent read and business. It could range from 1 to 4. And, of course, it depends on which books I'm reading and their quality- it took me about 3 months to force myself through SE's FoD (No hate to other Malazan fans out there, it just was a slog), but about a week to finish Oathbringer.

11. Well, I don't know what his specific method is, but I can't argue with the superb results.

12. Chuck Norris, in a heartbeat.



1. I'm kind of on the fence on this one. On one hand, dogs don't give you stares of death. On the other, they could chew up furniture. Not like it's relevant to me, seeing as how even if I wanted to I couldn't get a pet (I'm, unfortunately, allergic to their poo and dust).

2. Hardwood. Carpets are far too dusty for me.

3. They must have some level of survivalist instinct, but I don't believe it goes any further than that.

4. a ) Finish my novel plan and the first manuscript in the reasonable future.

    b ) Solve some of my school's issues in some form of capacity before abandoning it

    c ) (I hope that this comes true one day) Take Sanderson's BYU course on writing.

5. Nothing, probably.

6. I'd burn - just a little - some of the possessions of a teacher who I absolutely abhor at this point in time.

7. If I could fly, I'd use it for good, probably? D&D alignment seems to suggest I'm Lawful Good, so I don't know. I always think that I'm acting evilly, but that may just be a product of my Christian background and having higher moral expectations for myself.


1. Superhero, probably. (For reason, see my answer to Niteshado's 7)

2. Smooth-talking. Even though I'm not currently good at it, I feel it's the last thing needed to round out my "set" of abilities.

3. Dark meat. There's so much more variety.

4. Probably put myself in a situation where they wouldn't be able to reach me.

5. I'd make all rice white, regardless of it actually being black or red or brown rice. (I swear I'm not a racist, I just like the look of white rice more. Black and brown and red rice remind me all too much of being "healthy" and stuff.)

6. Fantasy. I can't seem to help falling into the trap of writing fantasy - I really should read around the block more and get more SFF into there.

7. Third. It seems so much more easy to handle. Despite First Person giving added emotional depth and connection with the character's narrative voice, I prefer to use Third in a pinch.

8. Yes.

9. Blue/Black/Red/Gold.

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On 3/9/2018 at 8:51 AM, The Thinking Herald said:

D&D alignment seems to suggest I'm Lawful Good,

Well thats a bummer, cause my D&D alignments lead me to CN mostly, (i save people but i also kill when im annoyed with them)


Do you play D&D, if so what is you favorite character you have played so far?

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@Niteshado Well, I've tried running a D&D campaign with some classmates, without proper dice, or rulebooks, or most of the stuff necessary to run a D&D campaign. Therefore, I'll just say that I've never played D&D successfully, and due in part to my obsession with running the story - and thus being the DM - I have never had a character that I've played, let alone a favourite one.

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