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like Anedjti who is at the head of the eastern nomes." Unas PT 220


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The Cosmere is awesome, and Brandon is an Earth spanning presence in the world of books and authors, such breadth of Vision and comprehension!

The praise being given, here then is the offering:  I thought to bring this quote to this board from another where I practically camp out.  Graham Hancock's Web Site.  My research is in books about the dirt, the ancient sites, the amazing ancient texts, and lots of mental shuffling considering all these things. 

Brandon has said he was very taken with the culture of Korea, and I appreciate this.  There might be a good reason to visit works on Tibet and the Bon Poe in relation to items from Korea.  One must consider the timing of the Bon Poe Sorcerers in relation to the Earth's encounter with the asteroids and their incipient flood (the Great Flood of Noah) . . This is up and coming work, and very exciting, asteroids and the Sword of Damoclese, indeed!  Even the Bible mentions the "surprises" which the ) Lord has saved for the End of Days.

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Author: eyeofhorus33
Date: December 19, 2016 07:46PM
See PT 220

after a transliteration and German translation on the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae web site: Altägyptisches Wörterbuch, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, D. Topmann (ed.) => Pyramidentexte => Unas-Pyramide => Sargkammer => Ostwand => PT 220


    "Your lotusbud sceptre is at the head of the living, your staff is at the head of the glorified spirits, like Anubis who is at the head of the Westerners, like Anedjti who is at the head of the eastern nomes." Unas PT 220

Anedjti's sceptre is considered by consensus to be the precursor to the Osirian crook:


    "May you give the shepherd's crook into the hand of this Unas, that the head of Lower and Upper Egypt may be bowed." Unas PT 222

Animal husbandry is referenced explicitly here.

I imagine this differs from your own unique interpretation of the PT, Sam.

Matt :)


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Animal husbandry being specifically involved then we need, possibly, to investigate the Vedas and find the aproximate time that Indra's Net was invested upon the Earth …. Cows and Horses …. May have come along with the introduction of farming, and seed development, Anatolia, and possibly Gobekli Tepi, which is so much in the news.

I would venture to say it came at the time of the Lowering of Kingship from Heaven, after the flood.  

This may have been after Set had walked the Earth, or -- it may be contemporaneous, as this era is also the era of the great bird God (most easily discerened on Rapa Nui, -- in the myths of Easter Island).   The birds were a terror in the early ages of man in the Americas as they considered men part of their normal diet!  The ground based ones were very fast, easily outpacing most prey, and men with even greater facility.  The flying variety were huge enough to carry off a cow, or small dinosaur?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Why is this -- possibly -- of import to Brandon's Cosmere?

The writer is a Storm in himself, … lordy, 5 books in 5 years + other stuff.

The Storm can update anywhere within its bounds (a great virtue of the form).  However, it also has base understandings, and these were understood at the outset.  Brandon is enamored of life and the inderpinnings of life, and his grasp is consumate.  Still, he wants to span all of creation on Earth, which is a very noble endeavor at the end of an age.  Bravo, Brandon!

His encounter with the East came under the cultural influences of the West . . . Western culture has fairly well spread its mantle of construction and commerce over all the civilized cultures of the world.  Thus Brandon would not have the insight of the truly ancient mindset without having been exposed to tombs, manuscripts and cultural overtones of the ancient, or older age.  

People have never been dull, but they have embraced many belief systems, points of perspective, some very inclusive!  Some believe the worldwide prediluvian language was structured so as to prevent people from thinking incorrectly. It was lost with the flood. 

So, I just thought to share this, at a small breathing space in the production and deliniation of The Cosmere …. in hopes that it will facilitate the easy and flowing archtecture necessary for The Cosmere to embrace both East and West.  Structure underlies the common Universe!

Awesome books!  Thank you for these amazing and awesome books.

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17 hours ago, Weltall said:

Ummm, okay?

This is kinda my reaction to my first actual dip into mega-mythic-magical manuscripts.

I suppose it is un-humble of me to consider that Brandon has not already addressed this, but the quote presented itsel, and the mix being what it was . . .

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Gosh, you guys, I'm flattered, kinda.  I am just getting into Brandon's world (Stormlight Trilogy), and it's magnificent, but until I read Warbreaker, Aether of Night and Elantris (then Arcanum Unbounded) I was struggling with the structure of the Magic Systems in play.

Now, I know I have to plumb the Mistborn books to really come to terms with it,  -- so more reading.

This quote would be about conjoining the Magic Systems as understood in the Orient//East . . . With those as they are understood in the West . . Actually this quote concerns the point in History where the Magic Systems of the West are consolidated and fixed, as "Anedjti who is at the head of the eastern nomes" . . Is actualy the first embodiment of Osirus//Orion . .  Egypt was a showplace for the World, the Osirus myth is very like the splitting of Pangea .. 7 continents and 7 seas.  [Mankind and his mind//mentation is ever bounded by the keepers of wisdom, to maintain the evolution of the sacred life//essence of The People --- and even the Sheeple! ]


The true Eastern Magics are based on high spin, and possibly other wisdom brought from off world by Soma Raja, who brought the 108 Plant Teachers to Earth, he himself is one of these, like the Stormfather is a spren.  He is thought to be Salvia Divinorum.  To plumb this information, you really have to watch the 22 videos by Ananda Bosman on Youtube . . The presentation for the 2009 Shamanic Conference in Peru, (which Ananda was unable to attend).

Ananda Bosman 2009 Shamanic Conference Videos ... 22 -- helps to take notes!

It is also helpful to be aquainted with the Bon Poe Sorcerers. .. quite capable, and a big problem for Tibet for many generations (power does tend to corrupt).


When you listen to Ananda you will discover the 8 htz communication network, a real thing in the Universe, which allows the "Powers of the Ethnogens" --- the teachers which access your mind when you are "quantum entangled" with their realm due to eating the resonant plant substance, and being given access to the communication network.  Wild, huh!!  (0.0) . . . There is precident for this 8 htz network in the history of the Buddhas.

Then I found that the Magic System considered in the Story of The Emperor's Soul ... is based on magics which would have come from beyond the keen of Western minds.  I had not read the Arcanum Unbound at the time I posted this.  The presence of real Eastern Magic in the Cosmere was gratifying to find!  This puts substantial magical comprehension into the system, and gives me a reason to pursue more of Brandon's works! . . . Which is fun!  

Research is not boring, but reading about magic is like sugar plums and other sweets . . delicious and slightly addictive!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If you have a dedicated spiritual space in your physical life, let me suggest:  Obtain a small//medium tart apple, and a serious amount of cloves, whole cloves --- poke the cloves (dried flower buds from a tree) into the apple until it is completely covered in cloves, then hang or place in a nice place.  it will not decay and it will keep for a V E R Y long time . . And smell very nice!   Apple essence encased in clove buds is not quite a spren in a gem, but the concept might be similar! 

I will update this after I have plumbed the Mistborn books!  I will be less likely to put my foot in my mouth at that point!!!   A awesome books, awesome boards!

Burning "antimony?" #51 on the periodic  table?  ...  I see Antium has some precident in fiction.

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1 hour ago, Cognitive Shadow said:

Yeah, me too. It’s cool and all, but the general discussion is a better place for it where other people will understand it better, because I was staring at it for like 2 min just thinking, “what now?”

Hopefully this will clarify the post . . . I was running on amazement when I made it, this is my first exposure to massive global magical systems!

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