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  1. Still cannot get the @ business to function, but here are some other historically relevant items, not nearly so old as the Singers! . . . But they don't belong easily in the Cosmere, and yet I think they offer great insight. The first is a representation of Chackra as offered by the Illuminati, or one member thereof. If the radiating circles in the Senmut Tomb ceiling were names of acomplished gods, or kings//heros of planets of humans, then it might be daying, these are the ones depicted below . . Maybe? The next 2 concern the Galaxy, then 2 on asterisms, as I know the Cosmere group are working that angle, and the last is the Magus or Magician of Chauvin de Huantar, a cult which was entirely underground! He has 6 or 7 fingers, too. If anyone else really groaked the Cosmere it might be this fellow!
  2. I beg to differ . . EARTH is refered to as a dark world all the way back in Sumerian times . . . One tablet is the record of the questions of a lesser god who has received a boon of a child of great potential, and is conflicted about where (which planet) he should send Ulikumi for his life lessons. He chooses Earth, the dark planet. This is all before the nation of the Vikings is even a spark of an idea in another god's eye! (The Vikings, I believe were the planetary light bringers of Ancient Times, with their long boats and navigation skills!) That is why there is a link to the Senmut Tomb ceiling . . . Look closely at the assembled gods on the ground ... Right is Earth, left is unknown to me (possibly understood by those who understand the visual references to those gods.). Tuaret and Sobek stand at the front, hippo and crocodile (FYI the crocodile transcends ages of destruction, their immune systems are something else!). Note the symbology. That is what says that even in the far later days of Egypt, Earth was not the same, it had exclusions. It was not an illuminated world, and it was a young world. I will attach the image of a sacred site in Peru called The Cathedral, a site high on a cliff with worked stones in evidence. The major players here for the mortals are the serpent, the whale (on Nazca), the hippo, Tuaret, and the crocodile, Sobek. These are the keepers of Earthly mortals, on a planet where the gods might manage to walk in anonymity. imvho, of course . . . I am but a novice, swimming in the knowledge of the ages, it is heady, and mildly intoxicating! The image is proving difficult to locate .... but it shows the serpent, the hippo, the croc behind her and the spout of the whale over all 3 . . . It's in Peru. I will see if it was stuck on a usb . . .
  3. Thank you, I did not realize that they were refering to tne attachments of Shard weapons to Shadesmar. . . If that is the case??? But it must be more than a connection to Shadesmar. . To cause the eyes to burn. Is there anything out there you are aware of about this . . A good search term for the coppermind wiki, perhaps . . This is something I had not considered, and I have read a reasonable amount beyond the Stormlight Trilogy. Not all, by any means, I'n still just a newbie plus.
  4. Ah, not to fear, it has returned to it's proper form. Thank you for the prompt reply!!
  5. Actually, no, it is the USED TO BE: Hidden content on the bottom of my posts. Which now says spoiler . . But then I just uninstalled this browser, and it's working . . "Uninstalled?" . . . So maybe it was my double deckerized browser? I'll check
  6. I had some seemingly, (possibly distantly) related content from archeology listed under my hidden content, in an attempt to provide support for the depth and breadth of the Cosmere conceptualization. Which is fantastic! However, it seems that some one who can hack things, has a very narrow definition of fantasy and would like there to be no such thing --- as a possible real correlation to Cosmere concepts . . ???? ..... I do not know how to put this back to how it was, and now, with Noscript on the browser, I may have to read up on disabling my add on, simply to use the forum. Any assistance appreciated, thank you. Sally
  7. Someone already mentioned but also Shardhammer could affect the Soul. @Yata , . . . Please elaborate.
  8. @JemmaMYoung Fabulous, and thank you for sharing your work! So well done! I look forward to more images in your gallery, and Welcome to the 17th Shard!,
  9. The last couple of DUNE books were nice. Given the new authors, and the fact that the home planet of the Bene Geserit became home to a sand worm and all the other necessary constituents!! . . . It will now become a desert world . . . Do you have any ideas where the story line will go? Do you think they will ever free themselves of the Stone Burners? It would be interesting to compare systems, but not polite at all. Huzzah for great authors and great books!
  10. Me thinks you go a bit too far in thy analogy! The man himself is not lost, he is struggling to maintain his core against the corruption of the Thrill!! And the moments when he lost his balance in battle after being led away, ambushed and very nearly killed! The events leading to the burning of the city are the fault of the act, imvho, but the Blackthorn does not give himself this insight! In his overwhelmed state he continues to slide into emotions and wine leaving rationality, because it does not serve to assage his consciousness. He goes to the Nightwatcher, she removes his memories and the man himself sets about reforging his life. He does it, its in his hands, its his will and personal power. That he has an extended waltz with bacchus and the grape (Fruit of the vine! Grapes are almost invasive!!), that is sad for his recovery, but then he has been touched by one of the ancient unmade, and on the spiritual level that might be quite the daunting experience! I think its a good arc, he is a strong character, and he actually does mature, a lot! He demonstrates good military, kingly ideas and actions, but for my 2cents, he stays pretty much himself. For my part, excision might have been more accurate than pruning, but for young readers that is an uncomfortable Google! It amazes me that we all find it so easy to read and involve ourselves in this work with such personal attention and depth of commitment. Its a few gold stars for the author, no doubt!
  11. Seriously, which ever path Brandon takes it down, it will be good!
  12. Are these Cosmere terms, or real science terms, or something else? I've never heard of these before. Kether is the top of the Seperoth, the mind of G^d, perhaps. It is where the Serpent of creation does a U-turn and goes back down the tree . . . It is a thoroughly studied concept, and it's G^dly aspects might mirror Sadesmar, but this is a long shot, only brought up for a thorough consideration. The Primal Matter Universe was posited back in the day when the Philosopher's Stone was a much sought after item . . That spans from Newton way, way back to the times of Aristotle, and possibly earlier. It does not go back to the time of Soloman's Temple, because those priests were aware of high spin, and made the Bread of the Presence (high spin gold) for the high houses of that age. This is DNA protective in case of tadiation exposure. (LOTS, we do not know!) High spin will not connect, all its electrons are strongly bound, and it is a super conductor. Electrons slide around it frictionlessly! No spectrograph, either. The term "common Universe" is coined in my books, Against the Heart of Darkness vol, 1 & 2. It just means the Universe we are familiar with. I am not usually a reader of fiction, but Brandon's is SO COMPREHENSIVE! . . . I made an exception, and dove in and did not stop reading for 6 weeks! I was waiting to drive to Utah, so had time on my hands . . . I SUSPECT THE Cosmere and the real Universe will collide and mesh somewhere in the great subdomains of life//time//space . . . So I have not stinted to bring real science and real history ( such as the singers of the garment industry pre Sumeria) ... because they lend a kind of credence to Brandon's mythos (and the Parsh-people). . . And because in Sumeria there is a great and over-riding tradition of unspoken things being tied to spoken things . . . Like the garment makers make clothing, but are related in myth to those who bring forth the waves of life in the Universe, (making clothing for the light body, spiritual body) --- which makes it simplicity itself to see that their bonding of a new form of Spren would change the nature of the life on Roshar, if the Parsh-people are the base race. The western mind set has no way to accomodate such things, but such things are known in history. Then we are told humans were the Voidbringers! hmmmm .... If I confuse you ask . . . I will try to explain.
  13. Shallin has repressed this, but the deed was done with her shardblade it seems, and that would be Pattern! In remembering, she can confess this truth and begin her path to full Knight Radient. Jasnith, however, recognized her latent power in Karbaranth at the library there, after Shallan had watched Jasnith soulcast away the stone which fell in the palace. Dreamstorm said: So if the cognitive Universe is like a high spin, dark matter or Primal Universe, it exists outside spacetime, but it is carrying, at least in Sadesmar, the concepts, the impressions of everything which has come into existence in the secondary matter Universes, the galaxies and planets which we inhabit. Life has placed there flames (plasmas) and solidified spren!!! Left to right is a western convention, other conventions are right to left and down, and in the Easter Island script the convention is like a thread being pulled back and forth through a loom. Writing informs a subjective view which is very pervasive. I would venture that the arraingement of things in whichever version of the realm is seen is the connection of objects to Time . . Which exists in the secondary Universe of planets and solid life forms. That would be my guess. I agree with you. The question remains, is there an ordination for morality to enhance living and foster progress and evolution, and I would say there is, and Syl is the proof. But that is in Sadesmar, and Sadesmar is clearly not the full on Primal Universe. It is the one tied to the Cosmere. These books are great to read! Happy to have found Brandon.
  14. Yep, it does, and it is amazing for me to make this comnection at this point! It had escaped me completely. I had wondered if Sadesmar were a segment of Kether, or if it were representative of something I call the Primal Universe, whereas we live on planets, in galaxies in the secondary or common Univetse, and between lay the Dreamtime, or the realm of the Singers and Listeners, some aware, many not aware. Your view would slot into the Primal Universe, in some parlance, the dark matter Universe.
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