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I was doing some casual reading of some of the older WoB's, and I came across this gem. While I know WoK Prime is vastly different from the current version, I had no idea that the "Stormlight Archive" wasn't the first name of the series, it was "Oathshards". That set up the debate in my head of thinking either we might see something called Oathshards in future SA books, Oathshards got completely removed from future canon, or if Oathshards were just changed to Dawnshards. 

After reading this WoB, I thought it'd be fun to make a topic for people to post interesting pieces of trivia or past lore/canon concerning the cosmere, I know there probably have been topics like this before, but I couldn't find any recent ones. With Brandon sometimes taking bits of his earlier books and putting them into newer ones, I know many people have scoured some of his unpublished works to try and find interesting pieces that Brandon might move into new books and make canon. So, if it's not top secret, people can post things they hope to see in future books that were in some of the earlier books. Even it's not top secret maybe we can just put spoiler tags. 

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

EDIT: I just saw in that same WoB that Roshar was once thought of as a planet with three peninsulas drawn into war. Interesting to imagine how that would be if that was still how Roshar was.  

"I think this series could really make an impact on the genre" Oh 2004 Brandon, you have no idea. 

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Well after reading Oathbringer, I can see how the series might have been called "Oathshards," without needing to change or add a thing. 

This piqued my interest: 


...and has an array of interesting characters from all walks of life. (One a young peasant soldier, one a middle-aged sister to the king, one a battle-hardened nobleman general, one an honor-bound assassin serving an evil master, one a young lady-in-waiting, and the final one being an immortal protector of mankind who is slowly breaking beneath the pressure of his station.)

Anyone know which of the Heralds Brandon was going to have as a viewpoint character?

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