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I made one back in September

Basically though, my personal cast looks a bit like this:

Kaladin - Luke Pasqualino

Shallan - Hailee Steinfeld

Dalinar - Manu Bennet

Adolin - Lucas Till

Syl - Evanna Lynch

Jasnah - Morena Baccarin

Amaram - Ian Anthony Dale

Sadeas - Chow Yun Fat

Mraize - Pedro Pascal

Elhokar - Steven Yeun

Nale - Idris Elba

Szeth - Aaron Paul

Eshonai - Gwendoline Christie

Venli - Natalie Dormer

We might want to move at least one of the casting threads to OB section so that we can discuss casting for the characters who only appear in that book as well.

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Hmm I like this idea, I agree with most of those choices, only changes (for me) would be: 

Karen Gillan as Shallan, Natural red head and bringing some Scottish sass along with her.
Adam Driver as Kaladin - I'd like to see him in a less whiny role, Kylo Ren is such a whiny little emo.
I'm not certain with the choice for Adolin as I imagine him being larger of stature than Lucas Till

Also what about John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek) as Sadeas? I think he would really bring a great layer of vitriolic spite to the role.


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I think Ben Mendelson would be an excellent Sadeas. And Gillian as Shallan is brilliant. I would the guy who plays Davos in GoT to play Teft but he might be a little too old. Kaladin was one I had a lot of trouble thinking of someone that would fit well. I ended up going with Aaron Tveit. I think he could do the brooding depression of Kal and then do the happier Kal in the flashbacks

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On 1/16/2018 at 0:48 PM, Celebrinnen said:

I have practically no opinions about the others (at least not as of yet), but it is becoming harder and harder for me to imagine somebody else than Luke Pasqualino as Kaladin.

Challenge accepted.

My current headcanon is Kwak Dong Yeon:



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Dalinar - Stephen Lang

Jasnah - Jamie Alexander

Shallan - Saoirse Ronan

Sadeas - Aidan Gillen

Adolin - Garrett Hedlund

Szeth - Gustaf Skarsgård

Kaladin - Alex Høgh

Teft - Manu Bennett

Those are my picks anyway.

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2 hours ago, Toaster Retribution said:

I like this, and not only because I'm from Sweden.

Oh, and Manu Bennet is your Teft. I have him as Dalinar :-)

Ya i think he would be great to play Szeth, does an unbelievable job as floki in vikings, 

Ya i thought stephen lang (bad guy in avatar) would be a good Dalinar, and manu bennett could work really well as teft.

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Ive also seen an idea of Morena Baccarin for Jasnah, which I really like. 

Also Mary Kate Wiles for Shallan. She does trauma hauntingly well in Lizzie Bennet Diaries, as well as over-the-top silliness which is very Shallans style too .

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