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How many members of the Kholin Family do you expect to survive?


How many members of the Kholin Family do you expect to survive?  

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  1. 1. How many members of the Kholin Family do you expect to survive?

    • Jasnah Kholin
    • Navani Kholin
    • Elokhar Kholin
    • Dalinar Kholin
    • Adolin Kholin
    • Renarin Kholin

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Adolin and Renarin will probably become the primary driving force for the unity of the Alethkar in the later books similar to the way that Dalinar and Galivan were. So I think they will stick around for a while.


Jasnah is kinda a loose cannon right now with several ways her character could play out. 


I think eventually Elokhar will get killed off, but I could easily be wrong.

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In this book. Jasnah (I suspect  thatin this book), and maybe Dalinar


In the next ones Elhokar, And maybe Navani and Renarin and Adolin.


The solo survivor will be Elhokar infant son =)


And maybe Renarim or Adolin =)


Jasnah will die because she know to much, and are willing to share. And we know that no wise character can share to much under risk of death.


Dalinar because he are next in Assassin 47 list


Renarin or Adolin because one must die to the other "break his soul" Renarim are a better candidate


Navani because she can't do much alone.


Elhokar because if he die the plot will thick =)


PS: Don Kamra II I glad that I inspired you to do this post I was thinking to post this myself  =)

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I didn't know if you meant this book or the series, so I went with series but I will explain. 


Voted for Adolin because I think he has a lot of growing to do, but he will find his way and become one of the main characters in the second series along with this one. Also Navani b/c she can pump out interesting inventions which keep the books interesting. 

People like Renarin too much (for some reason) so I think he will die toward the end of the series (and by that I mean the 5 book arc). 


Dalinar definitely won't make it that long, though I do hope he becomes the champion of Honor or something like that and will be living more as a Shard than his current character. 


Jasnah is too smart to make it more than 1 or 2 more books in my opinion, but I do think we'll get to see some of her motivations and stuff before she goes caput. 


Absolutely don't care about Elhokar. 

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I read that spoiler knowing full well that I would not trust it very much. wouldn't be the first time someone would think to make a joke on a forum by spreadung false spoilers.

Unfortunately, I think likely jasnah will go sooner or later. She gives me the same sensation kelsier  did: that she is too competent and, if not killed, will solve the plot too soon and too easily. I hope I'm wrong, I really like her character. Brandon said he wanted to save kelsier to break the stereotype "the mentor always die". he killed kelsier anyway. now jasnah is a mentor, he has to spare at least her!

Aside from her, dalinar is likely to sacrifice himself to accomplish something great, and pass the testimonials to his sons, who are likely to survive. Elhokar is the only one I don't care about, but he's the most likely to survive since his death would throw alethkar in disarray.


damnation, now I'm sad. I like the kholin family and many of them will die soon :(

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I voted for Renarin for logical reasons: He's the major underdog of the series.

Therefore I expect him to be alive for more time than others.


I wish Jasnah would live forever.... with me, in my hut in the woods, soulcasting food outta dead leaves and...--

I mean.... Hope she survives, but unlikely.

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I really want Jasnah to live, and that means killing off as many other characters as possible to increase the odds in her favor.

One Kholin boy has to live, or there won't be anyone young, male, and charming, and readers who liked that will be let down. Renarin is probably more interesting to keep alive. Adolin is sort of like Kaladin and we already have one Kaladin.

Jasnah has to live, because that's the whole point.

The rest can die. Elhokar is completely useless. I like Navani, but I can't see her living without Dalinar, and together they're two lives I could sacrifice to the "tragedy quota" to spare Jasnah.

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Guest Shash

All I know is that Renarin ia a goner. Adolin...I expect him to lose a limb or two to Shardblade wounds. Navani will die protecting Dalinar somehow.

I expect that Dalinar will reforge Honor.

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