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Connection to "The Tempest"?



The name Kaladin has always reminded me of the name Caliban. While aware that the latter name is generally pronounced with some emphasis on the last syllable, when read, the symmetry of the letters in the names has always stuck out at me. 

And then there are both Syl and Kaladin's powers which align each closely with Ariel. 

There's Prospero...an imported authority trying to establish order for the island using magic. Running the island like a deity, without actually being God. 

The play is literally called "The Tempest" and Prospero is literally the creator of all those storms. A um storm father?

Are these coincidences or partial inspiration? Do you see more correlations?

A second, but related question. Mr. Sanderson said that Kaladin's name was originally something else, but he changed it to fit regional linguistic patterns within his world building. Anyone know what it originally was going to be?



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This is an awesome connection! I don't think that Mr. Sanderson purposefully created any affiliation with any Shakespeare play (apart from that one scene in Alcatraz 4), but this a great tie between the two. As a fellow Shakespeare nerd, I salute you!

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