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Quoting WoB's Directly to a 17th Shard Thread?


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If you do a simple Ctrl+C Ctrl+V you get:


Chapter 4 Kaladin noted a legger with a deep purple carapace near Tvlakv's wagon. Would that be a suspicious legger?

Brandon Sanderson

That's a suspicious legger! (Later definitely confirmed it to be Aimian)


We don't have anything better for now.

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I just did something like this.

1. On Arcanum, click the Share link in the WoB. This takes you to a URL that directly links to the WoB. (alternatively you can right click on the Share link and select something like Copy Link Address)

2. Make that a hyperlink in your 17th Shard post.

3. Use copy and paste as the others have suggested to get the actual content into your 17th Shard post. Additionally, I made the pasted text a quote.


Here's the comment I did this on: 


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17 minutes ago, Mestiv said:

Eventually I hope I'll be able it work like youtube links. When you post a link and it automatically transforms into a nice quote box. But that's far far away from us....

Links within 17th shard are doing that now. Could that functionality be hijacked to work with the Arcanum? It seems like it's something that needs done on the forums side, not the Arcanum side.

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1. There will be a copy button as Kurk says that will put the formatting into the forum.

2. Eventually, there will be an embed thing as is being suggested, but that is definitely a while away. It's on the table!

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