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  1. This was my thought as well. Attracted to the planet, repelled by the other moons. My gut says there could be an equilibrium there, and having 12 actually feels like it'd make it easier to do.
  2. Yeah, basically I meant because the "moons" were static, I wonder if they're creating "gravity channels" (a concept I just made up) where all the clouds are forced to go. I've only read the book once, can't remember if they talk about clouds without rain. Interesting, but not important (or is it?...)
  3. I don't know science that much either, but could the proximity of the "moons" help cause this? Similar to how our moon affects the tides.
  4. As far as I’m aware, this is his first appearance. I heard from one of the Shardcast episodes that this was Brandon playing with doing a crossover of a different series *before* that series came out. Not sure if TwinSoul will be a character in any eventual Aether books (not sure if I’m spelling that correctly, audiobook listener)
  5. Counterpoint: Wayne is literally referred to as Master Wayne multiple times. Wayne = Wax, confirmed. Heavy dose of /s, btw.
  6. Oh yeah, I immediately latched onto "flew into the air" (which I can't easily double check that was the phrase, because audiobook), and to me steelpushing isn't flying (it's falling, with style). But I also remember I think Moonlight said "You have someone who can fly." when talking to Marasi. So yeah, it could just be a bunch of mistings, but I was definitely primed for different sources due to them being Ghostbloods.
  7. Counterpoint: Who were the other Ghostblood members that helped Steris at the docks? They could all fly, so I was thinking Radiants. But no explanation of their powers were given, just "We can help with that. ::flys off into the ocean::"
  8. This is what just hit me if this theory is correct, and caused me to search the forums. That will be a *wild* reunion, if it happens at all on screen.
  9. @Frustration and @Wit Beyond Measure About your confusion of the prison and The Eye of the World. Book 1 Spoilers (and minor spoiler for later? I forget when you learn about the prison). In the show, they seem to have made a few changes. The Eye of the World is a known location. It kind of felt like anyone could go there, if you went through the Blight. versus being a more mythical place in the books. The Horn and the Banner are not at the Eye of the World (the Horn definitely wasn't, but I'm questioning my memory on if a Banner was found) The Seal *was* at the Eye of the World, but it was the whole floor. What I assumed was just the Aes Sedai symbol (which it is), people online are saying it was actually the Seal. Which seems to follow with what Moraine says in the show, while sitting on the cracked floor. ======= Ok, I just found this post, so I'm going to talk about the show in general now. I'm put off by it, but still not as badly as I was with Seeker of Truth. I understand that some changes need to be made in order to adapt it to TV, but I get really hung up on mechanical changes that I think affect plotline and story points later on. So this is going to be spoilers for all of the books, just to be safe. Ok, that was a list of some things I didn't like. But, I'm still willing to watch a season 2. I'm just not hyped for it and will probably won't jump on it right away.
  10. I definitely enjoyed this novella, but I was never fully drawn in. I definitely wish I hadn't read the ending of Cytonic before reading this book, but I'm not sure it would have helped really engage me. As I've said before, I think I like this series the best when it's focused on all of Skyward flight*, and this felt too much in Jorgen's space. Other than FM and Rig, I think most of Jorgen's interactions with the rest of the flight were while they were in the air. (Ok, thinking back I guess there's some interactions on the land on Evershore). I am enjoying the whole series, but it feels like it is petering out. I'm hoping for a strong finish in Defiant. *Skyward and Sunreach are the best examples of this. Skyward probably kicked it off for me and set the tone, and Sunreach seemed like the first return to that feeling.
  11. Agreed. I think either Detritus or Redawn was teleported close to each other (seems super dangerous though). The other option could be that the as of yet unknown location of Evershore is involved.
  12. I thought this was a jab at the book, saying it was "Not needed" until I saw you had edited your post.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's intentional, and I'm pretty sure Weight is a derivation of Write (in that it changed over the generations), such that Jorgen is a descendant of Jason. I can't find a WoB about it though. EDIT: Hmm, the more I go looking the "less" I find. Maybe I made this up in my memory? So maybe they aren't related.
  14. Fair point. But we’ve seen different PoVs in the books before. So I could have seen a late death with an epilogue from a different POV.
  15. Maybe it's all scripting languages. **shudders**
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