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Best MCU character!

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Well, I'm going to split this into categories, since it's hard to pick just one.

Favorite Hero- Peter Quill/Star-Lord

Favorite Villain- Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

Worst Hero- Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Worst Villain- Malekith

Hero That Deviates Far from the Comics- Sam Wilson/Falcon 

Villain That Deviates Far from the Comics- Aldrich Killian/Mandarin

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My favorite character is probably Mordo from Doctor Strange. I didn't necessarily agree with him at the end of the film, but I could completely understand his reasoning. You could see how he got to that point in his thinking. Plus, I'm a sucker for a friends-turned-enemies plot, especially with superheroes. 

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Okay, I don't watch many movies, and the only MCU movie I've seen is Doctor Strange, however, I know the basic plotlines of the other movies (except for Guardians of the Galaxy) and the basic character personalities, arcs, powers, motivations, etc. I do have a few blind spots though, specifically when it comes to Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, and Guardians of the Galaxy characters. I'm going to split my response into 2 categories, Favorite Characters, and Coolest Characters, with the top 3 in each. I've also limited my options to MCU heroes only.

Favorite Character:

  1. Captain America (I really love how good this character is. He's always looking to help others and tries to do the right thing, even when he doesn't know what that is)
  2. Spiderman (As a high-schooler I think you can guess how I relate to Peter Parker)
  3. Doctor Strange (I really love this character's arc. He starts off so confident and self-righteous, then becomes a total wreck, then finally comes out of it confident again, but instead of self-righteousness, he's selfless.)

Coolest Character:

  1. Spiderman (Being able to swing around buildings and have a built-in suit warmer? What's better than that?)
  2. Iron-Man (Having a suit of nearly indestructible armor that can fold out of a suitcase, that's pretty sweet!)
  3. Doctor Strange (Bending time and reality around me, why not?)
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I'll answer my own question, and I will also steal @Captains Domons cathegories:

Best hero: Toss-up between Rocket Raccoon and Yondu.

Best villain: Loki, followed by Vulture. Loki is technically an anti-hero now, but I will just put him here to be able to stuff both Rocket and Yondu into the heroes cathegory.

Worst Hero: I am not that fond of Black Widow, to be honest. Everyone will hate me now.

Worst Villain: I want to say Obadiah Stane, because that whole character feels bland and unoriginal but I will go Whiplash instead since it has been a while since I saw Iron Man. Malekith barely gets away from taking this spot since he is an elf and elves are cool.

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Alright since it's coming to this, here goes:

Best Hero: Cap. I don't need to spell out the reasons.

Best Villain: definitely Loki - he's so freaking awesome and the only reason I ever agree to watch Thor: Dark World.

Worst Hero: well, it was Thor, until Ragnarok came out in which he is looking a lot better, so that title would probably fall to War Machine, who is basically Tony's sidekick. (Oh, and Vision. I don't like him.)

Worst Villain: Hmmmm make that Malakith. Actually, make that Kaecilious, (or Whiplash, or Obadiah Stane :ph34r:).


EDIT: Oh and lol @Toaster Retribution, just properly read your post haha. Seems we have the same taste in villains

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Best Hero: Wolverine. He may not always win, but he can't lose. 

Best Villain: The Purple Man. David Tennant did a great job portraying that guy.

Worst Hero: Hawkeye. He's out of his league.

Worst Villain: Red Skull. He didn't adapt well to film at all.

1 hour ago, NightFrost said:

personally my favorite hero is Black panther a whole suit made of vibranium is sooo cool. Also in a fight with iron man he would so win

Not to mention Black Panther is smarter than Stark. He' got him beat on all levels.

What I wish would happen is all the characters who's abilities stem from one item pool their resources. Picture someone with Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, Bucky's arm, in an Iron Man suit made with Wakandian tech, and Vision and Dr. Strange's Infinity Stones... they'd be unstoppable. You'd need someone Omega level to handle it all, someone as powerful as say Thanos, and who could get past the various fail-safes (making an AI like Vision a good candidate) but with a powerful enough host you could compress the entire team into one all-mighty hero. 

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