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[OB] Sleepless surges?


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My goodness you guys figured out the back. Kudos to you!


A new storm has come.

Ash and red lightning sweeps the land awakening our ancient enemies. The Unmade - shadows of the enemy's mind - stir, while the eyes of men open. This war is not - and never was - what they thought it to be.

We may soon hold Surges again, for the Radiance has resurfaced in some, and shines toward others. The Captain, broken by loss, seeks reconciliation. The Spy, broken by cruelty, seeks completion. The Stonewalker, broken by oaths, seeks truth. The Traitor, broken by ambition, seeks freedom.

And finally, The King. Broken by war, he seeks the past. That which was abandoned. That which he must not know.

For those secrets will crush him as they did the Knights who came before.

Note in the middle how they say "we" will hold surges again. Did the Sleepless used to have access to surges? Why do they no longer? Why will the Knights bring them back again?

I think a surgebinding sleepless would be absolutely terrifying. 

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7 minutes ago, Blacksmithki said:

Where was this back cover released? This is the first I've seen it.

This fun little quest :)

Not sure about solved it but I suspect we're pretty close:)

Arclo says that they used to fight with Radiants so I wouldn't be shocked if they can somehow surgebind but I suspect the mechanics would be changed. But there is also some ambiguity in the use of 'we' in previous back covers so they could be talking about Roshar rather than Aimians, or Dysian Aimians, specifically. 

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