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Hello! I'm Itchy!

Itchy Savant

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Hello all, I am a long time lurker first time poster, and I am looking forward to contributing to this community :) I have read all of Brandon's published Cosmere works and have a few theories boiling in the back of my mind.  I was having trouble creating my account (wouldn't send conformation email) and eventually ended up emailing someone higher up at the website so thank you to who ever fixed the issue I was having (still never got the confirmation email, just checked the shard one day and bam my account was there).

Anyways, Looking forward to posting!

also @Yata has been one of my favorite posters so far, thanks for being such a knowledgeable Cosmere scholar 

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hey there gancho welcome to the shard 

i am manukos i make puns and post scripts , i had a similar experince when i joined and yata had also peaked my intrest when i was lurking  although after joining i haven;t seen him as much (maybe because i focus mainly on the community threads) . anyway forgive my blabbering and let me offer you a cookie to go along with this upvote (if you don't mind having your appetite ruined)

also what is your favorite Sanderson book

P.S. yeeeeees!!!!! i got here before budgie, HH , and bleeder . what an occasion

P.S.2. i am terribly sorry . i just relized this batch of cookies came out a tad too crunchy , this is probably what Nashan"Elin is referring to 

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Thanks guys! I do know to avoid the cookies :P 

and @Manukos for a long while the era 1 Mistborn trilogy was my favorite (particularly book 3, because who doesn't love sazed?) but I recently got Arcanum Unbounded and I think the Emperor's Soul is actually my favorite now :P But really its so hard to rank them above each other

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