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N00b signing question


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I'm going to be able to attend a signing for the first time, and I'm beside myself with excitement.

Protocol question though: I really really want my hardcover Way of Kings signed as a matter of principle, rather than Arcanum Unbounded. Will that be OK if I show up with that in hand rather than AU?

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Generally Brandon will sign any books (that he wrote) that you bring, though there is often a restriction of only three being able to be personalized. I would check what the rules are for the signing you are planning to attend as stores will often require you to buy the book from them to get anything signed.

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Yes, you can bring books. I've seen people show up with stacks of 10 books for him to sign, and he'll sign them all. He does have a limit (about 3, as @WeiryWriter mentioned) of how many he'll personalize, but he'll sign just about any reasonable amount.


(Personalizing means writing a little quote or drawing a picture or something.)

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Another thing, at the one signing I've attended so far he was happy to sign as many books as a person brought, but he only signed so many at once (I think it was three) and then the person was asked to go back to the end of the line to wait their turn again, so if you've got lots of books to bring you'll probably want to plan on staying a while.

He's also strongly recommended you buy whatever book he's on tour for at the location of the signing, whether on the day or before and whether the location has any specific rules or not. I'm planning on grabbing Arcanum Unbounded the weekend before at the location, for example.

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