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LG25: A Breath of Power
GMs: Elbereth and The Only Joe

In a small town between T’Telir and the Idrian border, a number of Idrian Returned have gathered after their escape from Idris (being unwilling to die). They have discovered a way to force others to give up Breath, and so they are creating drabs left and right (and then, of course, killing them; they don’t want the secret getting out). You are the Hallandren people of the town, and you don’t particularly wish to become a drab and then die, for fairly obvious reasons. You must stop these Returned before they steal all your Breath and murder you all. 
Good luck. 

Generics: Each player has two actions per cycle. Cycles will be composed of 48 hour days and 24 hour nights. Turnover will be at 8:30 p.m. PDT/11:30 EDT/3:30 GMT. Tied lynches will result in a coinflip. PMs are completely open as long as you include the GMs.

Village. May lynch one person every day cycle. Win condition: Kill all the Idrian Returned. 

Idrian Returned
Every individual Returned must consume one Breath every 3 cycles. As a group, the Returned may steal one person’s Breath every cycle, which goes to whichever Returned sent in the kill. Returned may or may not start with Breath. They have a doc in which to converse. Win con: Outnumber the Hallandren. 

Each person starts out with a certain number of Breaths (at least one). Breath may be used to Awaken objects or given to another player (at which time all of your Breath which is not in an Awakened object goes to that player) during the Day.  Note: If you voluntarily give your Breath to someone else, breath cannot be passed to you (though you may still enter the Lottery). This does not apply to having your breath stolen. 

0 Breaths (Drabs): If you spend one full turn as a drab, you will die. (The Idrian Returned have hired an assassin to kill all drabs, because drabs are useless to their purposes and they don’t want any drab from whom they have stolen Breath to reveal them.)

Potential Returned: If a Potential Returned is killed by the Returned, they resurrect and become Returned instead of dying when they would have died from the assassin, and their win condition changes to Idrian Returned. 

You may choose to Awaken an object during any night cycle. You may not use the object the same turn in which it is Awakened. You may also use an action to retrieve your breath from the object. (Note that this comes after drab deaths in the Order of Actions.)

Strawman: You may invest 4, 6, or 8 breaths into a Strawman. Each progressive level can perform a different action. All Strawmen can also sense whether the target is a Potential Returned. 
4 breaths: Discover how much Breath your target currently holds (not including any they have in Awakened objects).
6 breaths: Discover what item(s) your target currently has Awakened. 
8 breaths: Discover one action that your target took last night (kill, Breath Transfer, Lottery, etc.). The Idrian Returned kill shows up as Breath Transfer on the night on which the kill is performed, but a kill on the night during which the resulting drab dies. Awakening appears as Breath Transference.

Awakened Rope: 3 breaths. You may target one person each night to roleblock them. 

Lifeless: 5 breaths. Choose one person each night to target. Your Lifeless may protect that person from one attack (including stealing breath). This does not include death from being drab. You may self-protect.

Awakened Clothing: 1 breath. Choose one person to negate their vote during the day. 

Lifeless Rabbit: 9 breaths. Choose one person every night to kill. This is not a delayed kill.

Breath Lottery
Each night, players may choose to enter the breath lottery. There will be a certain number of breaths available each night (based on number of alive players), which will be distributed randomly among the entries. The lottery may only be entered once each night.

Order of Actions
Breath Receiving/Lottery
Drab death
Awakened Rope
Breath Stealing
Lifeless Rabbit
Retrieve breath from Awakened objects
Awaken Objects

The game will begin Friday, August 19th (for American timezones; August 20th for everyone else), at 8:30 p.m. PDT.


Write ups:

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Player List
1. Luckat (Lularah)
2. Bugsy (Unknown)
3. Araris (Alalar)
4. Assassin in Burgundy (Burganaa)
5. Magestar (Yulis Zorander)
6. The Only Alex
7. Silverblade (Ryth)
8. Conquestor (Lorien)
9. SilverDragon (Jaftar)
10. Mark (Darb)
11. Elodin (Eventeo)
12. Sheep (Kelek)
13. Deathclutch (Asher McClallen)
14. Straw (Pallelae Hominis)
15. Paranoid King (Plathar Ku)
16. Daniyah (Dimsari)
17. Ecthelion (mysterious cloaked figure)
18. Lopen (Talion)
19. Frozen Mint (Shivawn)
20. Dalinar Kholin (Varg)
21. Meta (Cog)
22. Doctor12 (the Healer)
23. Twei (Kolth)
24. Bard (Brick)


1. So, potential returned is a side-role someone can have? And, it is basically a conversion role? If killed by the elims, that is. And, I assume it won't be announced in the thread that the player was killed. 
Yes. Potential Returned is a side-role anyone can have. Yes, it is a conversion role if they're killed by the Returned. No, if a player is Returned it won't be announced that they have died.

2. If I pass my breath voluntarily, can I never receive breath from anyone again? Or only for that turn? 
You can never receive Breath once you have given yours away.

3. And, if never, then can I receive breath after winning some from the lottery? (Edit: oh wait... you'd die in one turn anyway....) 
Yes. You may still enter and win Breath from the lottery if you give yours away. 

4. If Aman is an Idrian returned and he decides to kill meta on N1. Then if Burnt decides to use an 8-breath Strawman to check on him N1, she will see it as a breath transfer and N2 as a kill, yes? (If she's checking on Aman, right?)

5. If I make the 9 breath Rabbit thing, then do I get a kill every night on from then? Or is it just that night?
Every night for as long as you have that Awakened object.

6. And how many breaths does every person start with? And the returned? 
PAFO. :) 

7. Does entering the Lottery cost Breath?

8. Passing Breath is a Day action. 

9. If you are a drab at the point in the OoA when drab death occurs during the night, you will die (regardless of how long you have been drab). 

10. Once a person dies, their Breath vanishes. 

11. The game will begin on a Night cycle. 

12. Anyone who makes a Lifeless Rabbit can kill with it. 

Note: Clarifications in this game will only be answered in the medium in which they are asked. Yes, this includes whatever script and so forth they are in. This does not include foreign languages which your GMs do not speak. 

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Only if you'd prefer to. This is a fairly simple LG, actually. If you would prefer, a MR will be going up soon as well, so you can join that instead. (That might actually be more complex than this game, interestingly. :P) It's totally up to you. 

EDIT: Also, lots of players have LGs as their first game. Rather more so than the shorter games, actually. 

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I might be inactive D1, as I will be gone until saturdayish.  But other than that I think this looks fine.  Sign me up.  If I have time before I get going, I might do some RP.  

Name: Yulis Zorander.  (I don't know if this sounds Nalthian.  I'm running low on time.  Name Generators are helpful. :P )


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