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The Stormfather’s Role in SLA’s Climactic Moment?


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After posting about the turning of the tide and its effect upon spren, I had another thought. The climactic moment instead will be the Stormfather finally manifesting in the Physical Realm. A representative of each Order will hold one of the united “Shardblades.” Dalinar as Bondsmith will bind the ten Surges into one.and call down the Almighty’s power. That power will re-bind Odium’s investiture (“Voidbinding”) into Greater Roshar. “Voidbringers” will be released into their pre-Odium-infected state. Investiture balance will be restored.


The "wall of black and white and red" in the WoK Chapter 9 Epigraph? Humans  and Eshonai's non-infected group of listeners will form a wall against Voidbringers of all kinds. They will provide space for the Bondsmith to perform his magic.


Such an event incarnates Dalinar’s faith. That seems important for someone whose book is named Oathbringer.



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I don't see how having ten surges is at all special. Difficult to do, yes, but special? In the grand scheme of things no more than mistborn and full feruchemists are, from what we know. Plus you can get the same result with five honorblades.

With the presumably sizeable spren population I don't think we'll ever quite get the Almighty back so soon.

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