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Rew am I


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Well, just like you all, I'm new around here...

I'm just another kid raised on "Reading Rainbow" with a penchant for heavy doses of sugar (in the form of any snack foods you can think of) and light exercise (too many injuries in the past).  This makes me a night owl, who cannot sleep because of too much sugar, and who must therefore fill his time with either obsessive thought regarding fictional characters or reading about those characters themselves.

I'm sure there is nothing in that paragraph that anyone else out there can identify with  :)

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I'm on stormblessed as well, thought I haven't been as active as some others- mainly because I have not been lucky enough to get an ARC, and while having blown through all the online stuff that has been released, I kinda decided that I would wait to get the book to really dive in.

As for other stuff, I've lurked around, commenting from time to time on WoT stuff- the tor reread, 13th Depository and a few times on Dragonmount.  I include that because I only really got into stuff like that after BWS took the WoT reins....To be truthful though- this more coincided with me moving out of my country (USA) for grad school (I'm back now...) and not having my books with me- gotta get me fix somehow  ;D

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Coolness!  I'm on Stormblessed as well, and Time Waster's Guide, under the same handle as here.  I'm pretty new to the forum thing, as well. Lurked the Wot stuff for years but never posted or registered a handle anywhere until this past week. BWS and ToM were the major catalyst for me, also.

I'm a huge WoT fan, but it was 2006 before I really had the time to read a lot of the online stuff and kind of felt like the ship had passed me by, so it's pretty awesome to be here for the beginning of what's clearly going to be one of the (if not THE) biggest fantasy epics of our generation.  I'll see ya around the boards!  Just a week 'til release date!!!!!!!!!


Habitual night owl due to weirdness, ditto!  But I occasionally have insane sugar and caffeine binges during times when my schedule is insane due to kids and similar stuff. 

I'm seriously going to bed early tonight.  I'm determined.  Totally.

But I've got some more posts to read just real quick...  :)

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