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  1. I'll be there on Saturday! I'll be going as Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
  2. Seeing an image of Doc Scratch at a rave party just made my night. Thank you.
  3. I still haven't done any work on Sollux. I haven't even done any work on my Terra costume... Megacon is going to be coming up real fast soon and I don't know if I'm going to have anything ready. =(
  4. And that's what the monsters are for. To keep it interesting and intense. Caving for resources is a pretty fun experience because you never know what's going to pop up around the next corner.
  5. That can apply to just about almost any game. It's more about the sense of accomplishment of being able to build something grand that you put a lot of work and effort into. You could say it's... about the journey, not the destination.
  6. So, about that Act 5 ending... o_o
  7. No, but I remember the Vincent Price version of The Raven. It was quite awesome.
  8. I went last year as Quail-Man, but only on Saturday. I had a lot of fun. I'm definitely going on Saturday with my friends as Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep if my friend manages to finish our keybaldes and helps me with my costume. If I go any other days or our Aqua, Terra, Ventus cosplay doesn't work out, I'll totally do Sollux. =D
  9. Me too. Particularly Alternia from AlterniaBound and . Oh, and is another of my favorites.
  10. Unfortunately, I'm limited to cons in the Central Florida area. I'm pretty certain I'll be going to MegaCon in the spring, but other than that, I can't really travel that far. In-state cons I might be able to go to, but it all depends on how fast my student loan money runs out since I'm a slacker and haven't gotten a job yet. ><
  11. Finally got around to sinking my teeth into Homestuck and it is quite amazing. I've still got to get through Part 2 of Act 5 though. I totally call dibs on Sollux if this ever happens and I can commit to it.
  12. Yes. Yea, I really enjoyed that series. Last book was a bit of a disappointment though. Still, it's worth reading.
  13. I've been playing through Bastion and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. I was playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but for some reason I've been having a hard time staying interested in it. It's a good game, but there's just a little too much faffing about and the main missions aren't that compelling either. Bastion is lots of fun, though the time trials make me rage for some of the weapons. And then Ratchet & Clank is fun as always.
  14. That and all of Jasnah's research quotes about voidbringers refer to ash and fire and the ability to shapeshift.
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