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Hunger Games: Literal Sanderson Elimination











The Lord Ruler













Kobold King



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The Bloodbath

As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.                               Commentary in italics.

Kaladin retrieves a trident from the cornucopia.                            Just a glorified spear, right?


Shallan takes a spear from the cornucopia.                                  Now if she and Kaladin get together there will be trouble.


Eshonai finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.                          Yay? Not a Shardblade, but still something.


Susebron runs away with a lighter and some rope.                        I sense Awakening incoming.


Kelsier grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.                        Still, he survived.


Stick gathers as much food as he can.                                            Hope you don't need to cook any of that.


Sarene pushes Kobold King off a cliff during a knife fight.             Do upvotes transfer upon death?


Twylight grabs a jar of fishing bait while Siri gets fishing gear.         For some reason, these people seem a lot alike.


Vasher, Wax, Syl, Wayne, and Vin run away from the cornucopia.   Wax AND Wayne!? Wimps.


The Lord Ruler grabs a sword.                                                          But will it burn?


Raoden finds a bag full of explosives.                                                POW! One way to break out of Elantris.


Hoid finds a bad full of explosives.                He'll probably use them to rocket himself into the air and talk to flying squirrels.


Vivenna bashes Elend's head against a rock several times.       This is sad. I thought Vivenna was nice.


Navani finds a canteen full of water.                                             Fabrial time! Water-pistol fabrial!!


Nazh grabs a backpack and retreats.                                          I don't know who he is very well, so good job?


Adolin kills Dalinar as he tries to run.                                           "I am the Highprince now!"

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"Do upvotes transfer upon death?" Genius Phatt :)


My spheres are on Syl for this round.


Edit: We should do this for each new SE game, to see if we can predict who will win.

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Bloodbath:                     (Thanks Lark!)

Vasher, Hoid, Kaladin, Nazh, Vin, Kobold King, Wax, Dalinar, Susebron, The Lord Ruler, Sarene, Shallan, Twylight, and Raoden run away from the Cornucopia.                                       That deescalated quickly... how do I even commentate this.


Kelsier grabs a jar of fishing bait while Eshonai gets fishing gear.                    A more terrifying team than any I've seen.


Stick retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia.                                         I am a stick. I am a trident. You will carry me. I... I will carry you.


Wayne gathers as much food as he can.                                                         Classic Wayne.


Syl retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia.                                            Find Kaladin! Pleeeeeeeease!


Navani rips a mace out of Adolin's hands.                                                      But Aunt! I wanted the mace! Shut up.


Elend takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.                                             He's a survivor... (get it? :ph34r:)


Vivenna retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia.                                  Maybe she can meet up with that old guy who Nightblood kills.


Siri grabs a shield leaning on the cornucopia.                                                 Team Siri and Vivenna! Sibling power!

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Day 1:

The Lord Ruler makes a wooden spear.                                     

This is very funny.

Hoid searches for firewood.                                                         

Use Stick! Please use Stick!

Nazh, Susebron, Vivenna, Elend, and Kaladin hunt for other tributes. 

Yeah, pretty scary group. Awakeners, Mistborn, Windrunner, Nazh(who is nazh even)

Siri discovers a river.

So many colors! Aaaaaaaaaah! Help! Halladren is taking over!

Dalinar defeats Adolin in a fight, but spares his life.

Come on son, you can do better than that!

Navani receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Maybe she can make a fabrial!

Kobold King receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Unknown? Ha. It's one loaf for every 10,000 upvotes. 17thshard did it.

Vin chases Sarene.

Awwww. Poor Sarene.

Vasher tries to sleep through the entire day.

I guess he's just constantly the trainer who hates everyone and everything. Do NOT wake him up.

Twylight decapitates Syl with a sword.

WHY TWY WHY??!?!?!?!?!?!???? Kaladin didn't even say the first ideal...

Eshonai picks flowers.

Artform? ARTFORM!!!!

Wax constructs a shack.

He needs to feed his house. He had better start building.

Shallan camouflauges herself in the bushes.

*Rock. Lightweaving power!

Stick makes a wooden spear.

I am a stick. You will change. I am a stick. YOU WILL CHANGE. I am a spear. You will... wait, that's what I wanted.

Raoden, Kelsier, and Wayne hunt for other tributes.

Also scary. Elantrian, Mistborn, 1v1 cane fight? Run awayyyyy!


1 cannon shot could be heard in the distance.



Twy has 1 kill.

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Night 1 (and Day 2 and Night 2) From now on Day 3 and Night 3 will be together etc.

Kobold King questions his sanity.

Don't we all... don't we all...

Dalinar and Hoid tell stories about themselves to each other.

I feel like this already happened somewhere.

Eshonai destroys Shallan's supplies while she is asleep.

Even her sketchpads?!? No more artform for Eshonai.

Kelsier defeats Sarene in a fight, but spares her life.

Proof this is not canon. Since when does Kelsier NOT kill people?

Kaladin convinces Elend to not kill him, only to kill her instead.

I don't really think Elend is a "festering wound", but that's just me.

Wax loses sight of where he is.

Am I a lawman or a House Lord? Mid-life crisis alert.

Vasher receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Awakened bomb-minions that run at people? Sounds like those Mario things.

Stick sees a fire, but stays hidden.

A short intermission for the hilarity of this event. I am a stick.

Susebron and Nazh run into each other and decide to truce for the night.

An... interesting combination. Awakenhoppers.

Vivenna receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

I really hope she and Vasher get together for double the Awakened bomb-minions.

Wayne screams for help.

Did someone give him a gun again?!? Bad. You know Wayne shouldn't be near guns.

The Lord Ruler quietly hums.

Keep an eye on that spear though!

Twylight fends Raoden, Siri, and Navani away from her fire.

Now it's personal. Why you gotta be so rude?

Adolin receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Totally Sadeas teaching him to rely on it and then near the end he'll take it away. Or maybe not. Who knows?

Vin climbs a tree to rest.

WAIT! It's not a tree! It's a mistwraith!


Day 2

Stick receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

But will it turn into a stick?

Dalinar hunts for other tributes.

Read them some gospel, Dalinar! They'll join your team!

Shallan searches for firewood.

But how are you going to light it? (He is a stick.)

Hoid receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Maybe someone who is in the mood for his games?

Nazh bashes Siri's head in with a mace.

Go Nazh! Worldhoppin' Mace Dude!

Kobold King attacks Vasher, but he manages to escape.

The 17thshard is not doing so well in reputation(hahahahahahaha punny).

Vin sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

Kredik Shaw is falling down, falling down, falling down, Kredik Shaw is falling down, my Ascendant Warrior.

Raoden sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

Elantris is burning again!

Navani fishes.

How about an attractor fabrial for fish?!?

Wax and The Lord Ruler work together for the day.

You know, I think they would actually get along pretty well. (no, not really)

Vivenna practices her archery.

Awakened arrows! Hit targets...

Wayne and Susebron split up to search for resources.

Probably stuff like non-living color for Awakening. Just sayin'.

Twylight, Eshonai, and Kaladin successfully ambush and kill Kelsier, Sarene, and Adolin.

This needs to stop. Eshonai and Kaladin could be getting revenge, but this is just pyscohpathic! Stop the killing, Twy!


5 cannon shots could be heard in the distance.








Twylight has 4 kills.

Kaladin has 4 kills.

Eshonai has 3 kills.

Nazh has 1 kill.

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Night 2

Eshonai receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

But Stormform doesn't need water!

Wax questions his sanity.

I think everyone has questioned Wax's sanity, actually.

Twylight passes out from exhaustion.

Ha! Payback time.

Dalinar thinks about winning.

... the hearts of his fellow highprinces.

Stick tries to treat his infection.

But even he can't change himself.

Kaladin, Susebron, The Lord Ruler, Vin, and Shallan sleep in shifts.

Kalallan fans rejoice.

Wayne is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth.

Firesouls are better! FIRESOUL!!!

Kobold King, Vivenna, and Hoid unsuccessfully ambush Nazh, Vasher, and Raoden, who kill them instead.

...that escalated quickly. Death death death.

Navani attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.

Nah, just use the heater fabrial.

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Day 3

Nazh runs away from Wayne.

Wayne is pretty scary...

Kaladin questions his sanity.

Is he actually a Windrunner, or is he in a padded cell somewhere hallucinating?

Susebron scares Shallan off.

Very unlike him.

Vin thinks about home.

Oh, I wish I was back where there are no plants, no flowers, and everyone was oppressed!

Twylight severely injures The Lord Ruler and leaves him to die.

That's not funny anymore.

Wax begs for Stick to kill him. He refuses, keeping Wax alive.

Good guy Stick: Refuses to relieve Wax's pain. (Bad guy Stick?)

Dalinar makes a wooden spear.

Team Kalinar!

Navani discovers a cave.

Good for her, I guess?

Vasher and Raoden work together for the day.

A potent combo.

Eshonai discovers a river.

The Explorer!!


Arena Event!

Monkey mutts fill the arena.

Nazh, Navani, Susebron, Eshonai, Shallan, Vasher, Vin, and Stick survive.

Go them!

Wax uses Wayne as a shield from the monkey mutts.

Are you serious right now. Yes. Yes I am. WHAT.

Raoden uses Kaladin as a shield from the monkey mutts.

Come on, all my favorite characters are dying!

Twylight injures Dalinar and leaves her for the monkey mutts.

Twy is the REAL bloodthirsty goddess.


7 cannon shots could be heard in the distance.

Kobold King



The Lord Ruler





Twylight has 6 kills.

Nazh and Raoden have 4 kills.

Eshonai has 3 kills.

Wax has 1 kill.


Night 3

Vasher receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.


Susebron quietly hums.

'Cause he can't talk. Get it?

Raoden kills Wax with his own weapon.

Die you Wayne-killer!

Navani and Shallan sleep in shifts.

This feels like WoR.

Vin receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

Is it obsidian? Marsh must be watching.

Twylight defeats Nazh in a fight, but spares her life.

Very uncharacteristic of the bloodthirsty goddess.

Stick climbs a tree to rest.

*climbs a larger stick.

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