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Hi! Mr. Cosmere here!

Mr. Cosmere

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So....I'm joining the 17th shard!


I've read all four Mistborn books, Alcatraz, the Rithmatist, Reckoners, WoT, WoK, Legion, and Elantris!


My favorite book is Mistborn, because 1. Allomancers are awesome

2. It's Cosmere

3. Mistborn Llamas! :ph34r:


Please feel free to ask questions, offer cookies, and give upvotes. :D

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...Well this is awkward. I guess it's good to know someone else appreciates Ace Attorney, and liked my "Cosmerenaut" title.

This is indeed awkward! You get first dibs though, since you've been around just slightly longer ;)


And Mr. Cosmere, go Hops! and I made this just for you:


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