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Database Error


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Hi guys!
I've been having intermittent difficulties accessing particular pages on 17S. These don't always stay consistent: for instance, I had been having difficulty with accessing page 19 of the 'LG12' thread in Sanderson Elimination, but was eventually able to access it. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing such difficulties, but I just thought I'd make a note of it, anyway :)

I say 'intermittent' because sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.
1. pg. 21-23 of the LG12 thread.

2. Kipper's page about mentioning users here.

3. When attempting to post in the ongoing Sanderson Elimination game thread here.
Edit: 4. When attempting to create this very thread.
5. Beowulf Boast p. 13.

The page claims this is a driver/database error, but I've included a screenshot of what it looks like:


Apologies for the counterintuitive way of sharing the screenshot. I've had difficulty uploading files for a while as my browser hangs, but that isn't the issue here.

Thank you for your time :)


Edit: This is using my computer, and my browser is Internet Explorer version 11. (No one give me grief for this please; I'm on a shared computer and the people I'm sharing it with won't use anything else :ph34r:)

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Uh, just go it when I tried to click the 'Without looking it up' topic, too.

Same, and also with I think it was the music topic (I hit a random one to see if the whole site was Down)

Edit: and once I hit 'submit post' I got that screen also, despite the fact that it posted anyway.

Edit 2: and this happened RIGHT AFTER I saw Chaos' post about the WoA and server malfunction. Coincidence? I think not! :P

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"I'm also experiencing issues with "Brandon Sanderson Facts," and all my posts are taking forever to load.  And there also seems to be an issue with the rep, which appears to be frozen. 

Edit: Never mind. Took me 4 tries though.

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Where: Heirs to the Final Empire (RP Board)

System: mobile site on Android

Browser: Chrome

Got it on the second try. Most of the others mentioned I've been able to open fine, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm using the mobile site or if it's because of how intermittent the problem is.

EDIT: Also while posting this.

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I've repaired the database. This should have resolved the problem, as I don't get it anymore. I didn't get these errors from loading pages, but by posting, and it was very consistent in doing so. Now it is gone though, from what I can see. Let me know if it continues.

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