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Q&A with Brandon Sanderson


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Brandon! Hey, it's the evil twin of the A-team. Okay, so I've been asking this around for quite a while and since you have a couple of your own, I figure you can give me a decent, enlightening answer. Keep in mind, this is to satisfy my own personal curiosity and (hopefully) answer one of the great mysteries of the universe. Every time I've tried asking I asking, I either get a vague answer or get told to ask when I'm older.

Well, I'm older now so maybe you can tell me, where exactly do babies come from?

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Thanks for answering all these questions! I think most of my serious questions have been answered, so I've just got an odd one:

Since you don't like "The Book of Endless Pages" for the Stormlight Archive, what are the chances of seeing it pop up in the last Alcatraz?

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Hi Brandon, I hope you don't mind me posting here again to ask a question on behalf of my sister, who's just started reading your books (she has read the first and second Mistborn novels). She asks "Why did you choose to make the protagonist of Mistborn a very broken young woman--arguably a characterization quite difficult to pull off without first-hand experience of abuse or womanhood?" I feel like you've talked about writing female characters in interviews before, but I had trouble finding anything I could link her to, so I figured I'd just post her whole question here.

Thank you again!

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Love your work and have to say it was absolutely amazing and surreal seeing you at GenCon this year. Oddly enough, most of my questions are about Feruchemy :)

1. It's mentioned in the RPG that aluminum feruchemy can be used to tap someone else's metalminds. Would this involve Storing in your own aluminum metalmind while also Tapping another's aluminum metalmind?

2. Can a bendalloy Feruchemist store any type of fluids, such as alcohol, poisons, or medicines, in a metalmind to avoid poisoning/intoxication, or store medicine for future use? If so would each type of fluid require a separate metalmind?

3. Will you be doing annotations for Alloy of Law?

4. Hmm, looks like all of my questions about Shards and Cosmere have already been asked... Shall I fetch you another bottle of imaginary wine, my good sir?

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Hi there Mr. Sanderson-

No specific topic for my questions, just random things I think about. Sorry if they get annoyingly detailed :unsure:

1)So, what would happen if someone stole Sazed's copperminds and beat them all to death with a hammer, to the point where they are in multiple pieces? Would anything detrimental happen to the investiture? Along a similar note, what if a metalmind gets rusted or corroded or some kind of chemical-change style damage rather than physical-change style damage?

2)Just for clarification, what exactly happens when a shardblade cuts through a limb- I think TWoK mentioned the whole limb went dead, but where are the cutoff points? If I cut below your elbow, would the deadness just go to the elbow, or up to the shoulder? Below the wrist? If I hit your finger, would it go to the base of the finger or the whole hand or the whole arm?

2b) Would shardblade-arm-slice be effective in a battlefield medicine situation to deaden the arm before an amputation or something?

and now for something completely different

3)Can you confirm the existence of squeespren? Because I can guarantee you that they are flocking to the chatroom right now, as they do every time you do something as wonderful and cool as this.

aaaaaand to go for some totally irrelevant information

4)I recently have become obsessed with Doctor Who (and the Tenth Doctor), and was wondering if you liked the show/who your favorite Doctor is?

To repeat what others have said, thank you so much for doing this. I can't wait to participate in what I'm sure will be the first of many campouts outside the BYU bookstore for SA2

See you next year!

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Okay, quickly before the deadline closes.

First off, I want to show you two things that are a great reflection on your work. First is our Gallery. It's got a lot of really really great fan pieces in there. Often one of us will find an awesome work and ask for their permission to post it here.

Second, here's my favorite response to the mistborn trilogy. Really, it's fantastic. (Though there is some language) And Way of Kings if you're wondering too.

Thanks for answering so many of my questions already! Some long standing debates were settled on Saturday. Feel free to RAFO any of my remaining ones. :)

So here are my questions.

1. What do you think of the Interview Database? Are you glad for it? Have you ever used it?

2. Is the holy grotto that Ishikk mentions covered with Stormlight-filled gems?

3. How could Preservation actually alter what the Allomantic metals were (replacing cadmium and bendalloy with atium and malatium)?

4. How far have the languages deviated on the various cosmere worlds? We noticed that the character Shash was common, and the fact that the worldhoppers in the Purelake scene seem to be able to communticate with each other.

5. Is Jezrien still a normal-looking human being?

6. Is the "Expanse of Density" Scadrial? And is there supposed to be another one where the word "Shadesmar" is?

7. How does the body know what to heal to using magic? And why aren't permanent scars (like Sazed being a eunuch) healed by it? Does it have to do with their cognitive view of themself?

EDIT- (Cause I'm an Admin and I can. ;) ) I crossed out 4 because you've answered that question enough. I should've read everyone else's questions before posting my own! Instead I'll ask this:

How does weeks like this (Where you're doing things like Q&As, annotations, and prewriting) differ from weeks where you're primarily writing (while editing something smaller), or revising (while writing something smaller)?

Thank you so much Brandon. We realize that this took longer than you expected, and we're so glad that you could be here. Not to mention the fact that you Shattered our previous record for Reputation with only 10% of the posts. ;)

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Okay guys, thank you for all of your questions! You all astound me with how intelligent and astute you are! We're going to close it up now. Thank you so much!

And Brandon, thank you so much for being here. Seriously. I try to type how appreciative we all are, and it just comes out like a rainbow vomiting on a keyboard. Or something. Bizarre metaphors aside, thank you. How about I just leave it at "you are the best" and call it a night, hm?

(Brandon: Though the topic will be closed, we've given you and Peter rights to post here. We've tested and it should be fine. Just FYI.)

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