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Clans and Guilds?


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Hello everyone!

I am new to 17th shard and just trying to figure out how everything works. I have been looking at the guilds and clans and I'm not really sure how they work. 

If someone could explain them to me that would be great!


I'm also open for pitches trying to sell your clan once I know more about what they are.

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The DA is devoted to research and the science of Hemalurgy. We are a pretty laid-back and fun organization. We give out spikes cookies to anybody who will take them. (And some who won't) To understand the DA, you should really check out the beginning pages of the DA thread. Join us.*

Any specific questions? Generally, if you look at enough stuff, you'll begin to understand the inside jokes and such.

Edit: And by the way, I'm only three weeks old myself, so as you can see, it's fairly easy to figure out.

*see disclaimer below

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How do clan fights work?

Again, it seems to just come down to free form roleplaying; as long as you don't do something overpowered, ridiculous, or game breaking, the rest seems to be a gentlemans agreement that they "be fair".

Of course, I once brought two horse-goddesses to a gun fight. Overpowered is relative.

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The Newcago Court is a powerful guild in which has many fun events such as royal balls. Sporting events, danceoffs and more. Joining Newcago Court in the guilds will get you a title in the social groups and guilds section as well as a shardblade and steel armour. To find out more, just post your questions or look at the beginning of the thread. :)

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Soooooooo, that's a yes? If you were to join it would bring our legion from 2 (?) to 3. Maybe. I'm not sure.

I will most certainly not join. I'm a Denizen.

Sounds like there's some good options out there. I may have to do some research before I decide. 



I also may not be opposed to bribery B)

Well by all means, have a package of soup, cookies, and enchiladas, courtesy of the Dark Alley.
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If you wish there's always the gunsmoke barony. It's a subset of the Newcago Court, with all the rights and privileges, but themed on Trigun Star Wars and Dune and any other science fiction you would like to bring in.

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