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So as I've been watching what people ask Brandon on his twitter & facebook, one of the questions I see being asked is "When is ____ book coming out?" I thought it would be helpful if we put up a list of an estimated time when books are expected, as well as a short blurb of what each book is.

Note that a lot of these blurbs aren't actually quotes, but just in quotes for formatting reasons.

Scribbler The Rithmatist- May 14, 2013

A YA about a kid who grows up in a magic school, but can't do the magic. Imagine if Hermione Granger couldn't do any magic. Yeah, he's that good.

Steelheart (Book 1 of Steelheart Trilogy)- September 24, 2013

A YA Superhero Apocalypse, in which there are no superheroes- just supervillians. It focuses on David, a normal person whose father died at the hands of a Steelheart, an Epic. He joins a team- the Reckoners- to take down Steelheart.

(Stormlight Archive Book 2)- Oct/Nov 2013, Spring 2014

The second book of the Stormlight Archive series. Draft title is Book of Endless Pages, and it will focus on Shallan.

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Short Story in Dangerous Women Anthology edited by George R. R. Martin)- May 2014

We have little information on this book, besides that it is likely in the Cosmere.

Mistborn: Birthright-2014

An awesome video game with dialogue written by Brandon Sanderson, based on Scadrial 300 years after The Lord Ruler's Ascension.

Tentative information:

The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5)- 2013 (Will be written and put on Brandon's site, then eventually will find a publisher).

The finale of the YA book series Alcatraz. Will include Alcatraz tied on an altar of encyclopedias.

Elantris 2- Fall 2015?

The sequel to Elantris, which may be released along with the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris. It will focus on Kiin's children, Kaise, Daorn, and Aiden. May also have Hrathen's

Seon as Aiden's Seon

as a viewpoint character as well. Due to further understanding of scripture, the Derethi now believe Jaddeth to be awakening soon. Will have more information on Seons, as well as probably Skaze.

Shadows of Self (sequel to Alloy of Law)

Very little is known about this book, besides that it is the second book set in the Alloy of Law time period.

That is about as far as I dare plan Brandon's books. This is NOT official in anyway, this is just some estimates I've heard from time to time from Brandon and Peter.

EDIT-7/1/2012 Gave a specific date for Legion.

EDIT- 7/5/2012 Gave a specific date for Emperor's Soul, information about Shadows for Silence.

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Putting things in chronological order
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I really want to respond here, but I'm seriously confused. I guess I just don't know enough about what I think I should know. Or, I accept that I just don't know. Okay, I just don't know ... but I want to! That's why I'm here. I really want to know! I'm tired of guessing and I don't want to speak for Brandon's novels without knowledge anywhere else.

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I really want to respond here, but I'm seriously confused. I guess I just don't know enough about what I think I should know. Or, I accept that I just don't know. Okay, I just don't know ... but I want to! That's why I'm here. I really want to know! I'm tired of guessing and I don't want to speak for Brandon's novels without knowledge anywhere else.

...I'm not sure what you're talking about, to be honest. Are you confused about release dates? Or about Brandon Sanderson in general? In the second case, I'd recommend Cosmere 101.

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No, I was just initially provided with alternative information on a different site which is now defunct.

I'm happy to to accept your reply, Commander ... if I may refer to you in this way.

Seriously, please tell me how I might refer to everyone here because I'm still really new and I don't know the language. I want to and I've been trying to make an impression. I want to contribute (and I've already offered something, the acceptance of which I wonder because I've received no notification regarding ... whatever. Okay, I'll just wait for something.


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I'm curious. Most Brandon's books are available as e-books except for the alcatraz ones. Those are available in French at least on iBooks. So I was curious on wether those would be published as english language e-books as well or what's keeping them. Same goes for the new books of Emperor's soul and Legion on wether they'll come as ebooks and if so, then on the time of hardcover publication or later... I know Harriet has a delay requirement on the WoT books, but what's brandons take?

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Brandon really likes Ebooks. He'd *like* to make it so that if you buy a physical copy of one of his books, you get the ebook free. (But that's a different conversation, and he was troubled by the logistics). But from what I've heard, there should be ebooks of Emperor's Soul (and probably Legion). I know there's a audiobook for sure for Legion. They should be out at about the same time as the books, but if they are late, it will be because of logistics/formatting, not for more hardcover sales (like the WoT delay is more like).

For Alcatraz, that's a story. Alcatraz has been/is in the process of being bought out by Tor from Scholastic. Tor plans to rerelease them in a year or two (with good distribution and better covers), and I would imagine that ebooks would come out then too. After that the 5th Alcatraz will come out too. Unless, as Brandon has been thinking recently, he just writes it and puts it online on his website. He mentioned it once somewhere. Online maybe? We'll see.

Edit- (Wow, I really like using parentheses/slashes).

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Thanks, the explanation on Alcatraz is quite logical then. The reason I had to ask for legion and emperor's soul was that they weren't available for pre-order even thouh one of them is coming out in just a few days. And getting paper books here is a multi-week wait and not cheap so I prefer e-books that arrive 2s after purchase at 2am even :)

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Does anyone know international release dates for th harcover memory of light? South Africa specifically. Be nice to know now whether I should just bother to order it online. Beebing kindle is supposed to be under a minute. Not three months.

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You can add 'River of Souls' in "Unfettered", release date spring 2013 (NH).

Those who don't know this is an arc deleted from aMoL for pacing reasons, from the PoV from a 'well known' minor character, let the speculations begin on who, I already have my theory from the arc title!

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I found this on Mr. Ahlstroms Twitter:

Peter Carli @talonnolan

@BrandSanderson I just learned that Steelheart is being released on 9/24/13. Is that correct?


Peter Ahlstrom @PeterAhlstrom

@talonnolan Yes.

6:34 AM - 12 Feb 13 · Details

(emphasizes mine) link to twitter

If there is a possibility to link to twitter I didn't discover :).

edit: Ah thanks Kurkistan; it's not exactly the same as yours but the result is the same.

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I found this on Mr. Ahlstroms Twitter:

(emphasizes mine)

If there is a possibility to link to twitter I didn't discover :)/>/>/>.

Nice find. You can link to specific tweets by hitting either "Expand" or "View Conversation" (it depends, either way it's the option on the far left under a tweet) and then hitting "Details".

EDIT: Alternatively, you could just click on the timestamp in the top-right corner of the tweet.

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Is stormlight 2 being released in  hardbook late 2013 and paperback 2014 or is the date of the first release one of the two?


And I hope the Mistborn game has a Tensoon cameo  :D







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Doesn't seem this thread is being kept up anymore as the OP has been inactive for 1.5 years, but would love to see something similar going forward.

Firefight is being released Jan 6th, 2015

And from the last "State of the Sanderson" post:


"What does this mean for future projects? Well, let me go down the list of sequels in order of current urgency.

  1. Rithmatist Sequel. I will hop on writing the next one very soon.
  2. Shadows of Self. (The next Wax and Wayne Mistborn novel.) I’ve finished some sample chapters of this and have a fairly solid outline. Expect to see me writing on this sometime early next year.
  3. Book Three of Stormlight. I don’t want to let this series languish with three year gaps between books, as I was forced to do between books one and two. Because of this, I’ll try to be doing them at 18 month or 24 month intervals at the most. Do note that the books, at around a thousand pages each, are HUGE undertakings. The way I write, I have to space out projects like this. They’ll be regular, I promise, but part of the reason I’m so productive is because I allow myself freedom to work on different projects, instead of being beholden to one series.
  4. Calamity (Book Three of Steelheart.) This will be the final of that trilogy.
  5. Elantris Sequel. (This is getting close. Should be doing this in the relatively near future.)
  6. Legion Sequel. I have sample chapters of this done, but as it’s a side project, it can’t command prime writing time. I will probably slip it in between some of the books above somewhere, but I can’t promise when.
  7. Final Rithmatist book. (I’m not 100% sure this will be a trilogy. It might just be two books.)
  8. Nightblood. (Warbreaker sequel.) This one is still fairly far off.
  9. Alcatraz 5. Still planning to write this. We have to find a home for the series, however, as I bought the rights back to it from Scholastic earlier this year. Within the next couple of months, my US readers will be able to buy my British publisher’s omnibus edition of the first four books.

As for non-sequel, original projects, here’s what might be coming in the future, as they stand now.

  1. “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell.” Cosmere novella set on a new world. Find it in GRRM and Gardner Dozois’s anthology called Dangerous Women, which I believe is coming out Christmastime. Read an excerpt on Tor.com.
  2. “Sixth of the Dusk.” Cosmere novella set on a new world. Written following a Writing Excuses brainstorm. Still needs a revision, but should be released later this year.
  3. The Silence Divine. Standalone Cosmere Novel. Modestly far off, but maybe not too far. I don’t want to be stuck writing only sequels. Though, since I did release two new books this year (Rithmatist and Steelheart) in new worlds, starting new series, I will probably wait on this one until those series are done.
  4. The Liar of Partinel. Cosmere Novel, set on the original planet of Yolen and dealing with Hoid’s origin story. Very far off right now.
  5. Skyward. (Working title.) Young Adult cosmere novel. In the early stages of development. Probably a few years off.
  6. Dark One. Non-cosmere YA novel. Still haven’t been able to get this one off the ground. I had a chance, but The Rithmatist worked better, and I wrote that instead. Don’t hold your breath on this one, though someday I might post the sample chapters that I wrote a few years back.
  7. Death By Pizza. (Urban Fantasy.) This book was fun, but not remotely good enough to publish. We’ll see if I ever get the bug to go back and fix it.
  8. White Sand. Cosmere trilogy. Some fun things are happening here, but I can’t really talk about them right now.

And finally, media properties.

  1. Mistborn: Birthright. (Video Game for consoles and maybe PC, cross platform.) We’re looking at 2015 for this right now. (Sorry.) The new console generation made us push it back. I’m still planning to write it, and development is still moving. It’s far from dead.
  2. Mistborn film. Option runs out in January. I’ve had a very good experience with the producers, but so far, we do not have funding for the film. We’ll have to see where we are in another six months.
  3. Legion television show. Lionsgate still has this under option!
  4. Steelheart Film. I had lunch with the producer at Comic-Con. It’s still early in the process, but they’re very engaged and very excited.

That’s it for updates. For now, I should get back to work on the Firefight outline. As always, thank you all for reading!"

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There's been some more news about Brandon's upcoming releases. Here's the rundown.


* Sixth of the Dusk -- Novella included in Writing Excuses brainstorming anthology, released July 2014 at Westercon in Salt Lake <http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/7351-sixth-of-the-dusk/?p=140774>.


* Legion 2: Skin Deep -- Late 2014 from Subterranean Press <http://subterraneanpress.com/store/product_detail/legion_skin_deep>.


* Reckoners 2: Firefight -- January 2015 from Delacorte Press http://www.amazon.com/Firefight-The-Reckoners-Brandon-Sanderson/dp/0385743580/>.


* Alcatraz series re-released by Tor in April 2015. "Hopefully" the 5th will also be done by that time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQwT0FQdLRI#t=26m10s




  • Rithmatist 2
  • Stormlight 3 -- Writing begins Fall 2014. Maybe released Fall 2015. 
  • Reckoners 3: Calamity
  • Wax and Wayne 2: Shadows of Self
  • Elantris 2

Anyone got anything else?

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