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What would your dream collab be?

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For myself, I would love to see a fantasy trilogy novel series written by Brandon Sanderson and J.K Rowling.  Something in the 15-20 age range, so older YA?  Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what YA is, so I get somewhat confused about it.  

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Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson would be epic, writing wise, but when it comes to them actually working together, I would doubt it would ever work. If they did a Terry Pratchett-esque book together, I would love it.

Leigh Bardugo and Dan Wells would be insanely fun.

A Neil Gaiman and Leigh Bardugo collab would be so good.

Christopher Paolini and Brandon Sanderson would be sweet.

and now for dead author things. Frank Herbert and Christopher Paolini.

Tolkien and C S Lewis would just be my dream to read. Like, if this exists and I don't know it, someone let me know and I will run as fast as I can to the nearest book store.

C S Lewis and Terry Pratchet. I know they have opposing views on a lot of things, but I feel like with the style of Screwtape and then the way Pratchett weaves Discworld... It could be amazing.

John the Revelator and Isaiah. lol.

Robert Jordan and Neil Gaiman. Idk, but a more horror WoT book...

And, finally...

Terry Goodkind and Ayn Rand merely because I think it would be hilarious to read, not because they're funny but because it would be so hilariously bad.

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Robert Jordan and Brandon. before any of you start booing. imagine what the worldbuilding would be like. the characters would also be half-decent. we could have a book series with 14+ books in only 16 years knowing Brandon.

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5 hours ago, Zelda Goldberry said:

For myself, I would love to see a fantasy trilogy novel series written by Brandon Sanderson and J.K Rowling.  Something in the 15-20 age range, so older YA? 

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what YA is, so I get somewhat confused about it.  

Well, the definition is for a range, and individual publishers separate that range differently .




Young adult literature (YA) is literature, most often including novels, written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. The term YA was first used regularly in the 1960s in the United States. The YA category includes most of the genres found in adult fiction, with themes that include friendship, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, and sexual and gender identity. Stories that focus on the challenges of youth may be categorized as problem novels or coming-of-age novels. The boundary between children's and adult literature is flexible, subject to moral and political ideology, and in some cases meaningless.

The designation of young adult literature was originally developed by librarians to help teenagers make the transition between children's and adult literature, following the recognition, around World War II, of teenagers as a distinct group of young people. While the genre is targeted at adolescents, a 2012 study found that 55% of YA purchases were made by adults.

What's generally important is the difference between Middle Grade (MG) and YA - which more than age ranges is primaryly defined by what is not generally allowed in MG books. Content Restrictions:

  • Word Count 50k or less
  • Profanity (above "PG")
  • Graphic Violence
  • Romance beyond crush/first kiss level
  • Sexuality

Goblet of Fire is generally accepted to be where Harry Potter transitioned from MG to YA 

Traditional Collaberation with Sanderson: Jim Butcher 

Traditional Colaberation other than Sanderson: Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne

But, what I would really love to see is a Collaborative Serial Novel (e.g. Naked Came the Phoenix) including as many as possible:

  • Sanderson
  • Mary Kowal
  • Pat Rothfuss
  • Jim Butcher
  • Patricia Briggs
  • Karen Miller
  • Kevin Hearne
  • BrentWeeks
  • E. E. Knight
  • Dan Wells
  • Shawn Speakman
  • Pierce Brown
  • Seanan McGuire
  • Rick Riordan
  • Steven Gould
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Orson Scott Card
  • Chris Paolini




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Brandon Sanderson and Naomi Novik, with an adult fantasy series, would be excellent.

Dan Wells and Andrzej Sapkowski, with a sword-and-sorcery fantasy series, could be really good.

Neal Shusterman and S. J. Kincaid with a shorter sci-fi series would be very interesting.

Finally, Holly Black and Maggie Stiefvater, with an older YA urban fantasy trilogy, is absolutely my top dream collaberation. And, if I'm really dreaming, there would be interior illustrations by Sam Guay.

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Due to last year, Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight. Both are incredibly consistent and at times incredibly fast writers. Will has released 23 books just entering his 11th year as a published author, with 2024's book already written and in revisions. He'll probably have another book out this year as well. And if he doesn't, then I think we can expect 3 books next year, just like how he released 3 books in 2023 to make up for only releasing one book in 2022. 

Will is a big fan of Brandon's, and I think them working together would help Brandon appreciate some of the rising subgenres of fantasy like LitRPG and Progression Fantasy.

Imagine one of Brandon's worlds but with Will's writing output and sense of adventure. Brandon's magic system but explored in a way that leaves some of the mystery, even if it is treated as a science. Will's word and output, guided by Brandon's expertise. 

Outside of that, I used to say that I'd love to see Brent Weeks, Brian McClellan, Brandon Sanderson all working on something, since it'd be a fun collaboration of the B-Team. Yes, this was fully for the pun. But now I just want to see something interesting from Brent these days and for Brian to finish his latest series. 

The final collaboration I'd love to see with Brandon would be with Leigh Bardugo. Brandon and Leigh are actually the same age and seem to sell pretty closely. I think she'd be the best collaboration for Brandon maybe not in terms of style, but as a good way to reach those potential fans that the other has. 


Realistically, how I think it could or should go. (Set in a post-Skyward Legacy world)

Brandon creates the world and magic-system. He has a meeting with Will, Leigh, and Janci Patterson to go over the world, brainstorm story ideas, and help them come up with plots and whatnot. They'll meet one more time after that, preferably one-on-one with Brandon. Will would write his story about some change-of-eras aspect of the world, something big happening between continents that our heroes are dealing with. Leigh would write a smaller story set on one of the continents, using a magic system that Will touches on but doesn't go into depth about. Janci would write whatever she wants because she can do no wrong something. After they finish the first of their respective books, Brandon would go through each of them, and then Sanderson's continuity editor would go through them. (I think that's Karon, but I'm not entirely sure.) After that, he'd help them come up with an outline for their series and leave them to it. Any issues or problems after that would first be handled by Dan Wells since he's VP of Narrative. 

I'd love for Brian to be in this meeting, but he's fine doing his own thing and I'd personally like a different author who's able to contribute more at a slightly faster rate. Maybe Sabaa Tahir?

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I read these WoBs while going through Arcanum, and want them to happen now. 


Brandon Sanderson

Now, I will say there is one thing I've been wanting to do for a long time that will probably never happen so don't get too excited. But I had this awesome idea once, and these come to me, where I would write a book with Pat Rothfuss where *audience gets too excited*-- wait, wait, you've gotta hear this pitch - where we both have a set of characters who're competing for misaligned goals, like one wants to save somebody and one wants to assassinate somebody-- they've cross purposes. And we write them, and exchange chapters, and have try to assassinate each other and fiddle with each other's plots. And we get it to, like, 80% of the way done and then we send it to George Martin, and we say "read this and decide the ending and then we'll write it *audience laughter and applause*. And so the reason I want to this is so we can write on the cover, it's not "Brandon Sanderson and Pat Rothfuss", it's "Brandon Sanderson vs. Pat Rothfuss". And see who wins at the end if we can convince George not to kill all of our characters. It's never going to happen, but wouldn't that be fun?




Questioner (paraphrased)

I thought that three years ago you wanted to write a book with Tad Williams and have George R.R. Martin finish it. Is that still just a pipe dream?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

That's still a pipe dream

So the question is; I had this goofy idea one time, and I thought "what if I get this other famous fantasy writer and together the two of us wrote"... and we would write a book together, but it wouldn't be a Brandon Sanderson and, it would be a Brandon Sanderson versus where we each create a set of characters who have contrasting role, were against each other, and who would try to achieve this, um, they would both be on opposite sides and they would seduce each other's characters or murder each other's characters and thing like this and we would write it almost to the climax, and then we would go to George Martin and we would say "you have to adjudicate how we would write the ending" and so the cover would be like 'Brandon Sanderson vs. Pat Rothfuss with guest judge George R.R. Martin".

It is really just a pipe dream, especially when its a matter of 'when are we gonna do that', and it's really just a pipe dream. Maybe i'll make it happen, the trick is I'd have to find... like I cant do Pat because his fans would kill me for slowing him down. So it would have to be someone like Brent or Anya. Somebody who is a little faster, but I could totally see a 'Brandon Sanderson vs. Brent Weeks' right, you guys don't have to root for him cause he lives here. Yeah, something like that. We'll see if I can make it happen.





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In practice I don't really like collaborative stories between two authors unless the collaboration is only in the pre-writing process.

But theoretically I'd love to read something Sanderson wrote after brainstorming with Neil Gaiman.

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