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    I travel between Hyrule and Middle Earth a lot.
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    Stories that are not vulgar and grimdark. Elvish protags and or protags that wield elemental or light based magic. Conventional weapons bore me.

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  1. Hi.  Your profile image looks cool, but I am having a hard time making it out due to the size restrictions this site imposes.  Is there a larger version anywhere?  also, what is it from?

    1. Faerie Braids

      Faerie Braids

      Hi! Image credit is to Tara Spruit, and the full version can be found on her website (She is also on tumblr under the username taratjah, which is where I checked to make sure she is okay with her art being used for icons). Alas, I do not know what it is from.

  2. Hmmm.  Screw the undying lands, I want to live with Tom Bombadil and Goldberry!  That place and those two are such a vibe.

  3. One of his biggest draws for many is how he handles the rules of his magic and that he himself has stated that his magic is more like science than magic. I like his stories, but I do not like how he handles magic. I want magic to feel like magic, not technology or science. magic to me is always drawing on mystical forces, not the way he describes them. Elantris feels more like energy pulled from the earth, but his other systems feel less magical for lack of a better term.
  4. For myself, I would love to see a fantasy trilogy novel series written by Brandon Sanderson and J.K Rowling. Something in the 15-20 age range, so older YA? Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what YA is, so I get somewhat confused about it.
  5. is wondering if there is a harry potter themed Forum like this one for all things wizarding world, but a place that wont bash J.K Rowling.  Preferably a site that has the same layout as 17thshard.

  6. Is wondering if there are any figures within fantasy literature that are not allowed to be spoken of here at the forum.  Specifically in a positive way.  

    Having a broken foot sucks.  Wish I knew an Elantrian in real life.  EDIT: By figures, I mean authors.

  7. I do, but I do not like the direction it has been going lately. I hate breakable weapons (especially if they can't be repaired) and other factors in BOTW and in the upcoming TotK. I miss the old Zelda formula. LTTP, OoT, TP, and SS are my favorites. Z1 is the most nostalgic due to it's 80's sound effects and the memes.
  8. Really wish there was a highly active Forum to discuss video games for people who are Christians.  Seems that the secular ones get thousands and hundreds of thousands of posts and topics, but Christian ones get left behind in the dust.  Tired of all the filth and vulgarity on the internet tbh.

  9. I am not sure if this is what you mean or not, but in one of his most recent books, I was somewhat uncomfortable with certain jokes he had in the story. One involved crude descriptions of male genitalia, and other one was a lengthy description (though still not pornographic) description of bondage sex. Neither were completely terrible, but still did not sit right with me anyway. There were other things I took issue with in that book, but that one is too controversial to mention here. That being said, he is still my favorite author.
  10. After watching that recent video of his, I now want to see him write a cosmere novel that uses badass cars in the plot. Would steelpushing on a car be like using NOS?
  11. No matter how many times I see or read lord of the rings, I hope Boromir will survive, only to be crushed when he never does.

  12. I hope not. I try to avoid as much of the real world as possible. (as an agoraphobic, among other issues, this is not that hard.)
  13. I left three examples. The first one is especially touching. But yes, any of those you named count so long as it is Christ centered.
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