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Theories and Ars Arcanum thoughts after The Alloy of Law

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I know this is a short book but it’s tradition for me so, here we go 😂

To start with off, I learned a lot from the Ars Arcanum lmao. And it’s written just like an in-universe document 👀

This marks the first time Investiture has been properly mentioned in Mistborn. IIRC the Words of Founding hint at certain attributes of Investiture or the Shards, but the terms weren’t named. And apparently there are three… categories? End-positive, end-neutral, and end-negative. It seems like end-positive forms of Investiture are drawn from the corresponding Shard. Now it turns out Allomancy isn’t fueled by the metal! Instead the metal is the key to… I guess it would be the fueling “gate” that is the Shard of Preservation/Harmony. I love the phrase “Allomancy is brutal, raw, and powerful.” 😁

I learned the Allomantic powers for cadmium, bendalloy, chromium, and nicrosil. Bendalloy is so rusting awesome, mate. Cadmium has its uses (16 apologies to Marasi). Nicrosil is… interesting, sounds like duralumin applied to others. Chromium sounds very dangerous.

“hardwritten into their spiritweb…” I’m sure there are other implications, but I was right! Allomancy is caused by the soul, not genetics! That’s why Hemalurgy can steal the ability to use it! 🤩


Feruchemy is end-neutral, so I guess end-neutral Investiture comes from the user’s own body.

The really interesting thing here is that Feruchemy seems to be categorized based on the three Realms! (bless you Shai 😘). Some in the Physical Realm, some in the Cognitive Realm, and some in the Spiritual Realm! 🤯 🤯🤯

The Spiritual Realm powers are apparently being heavily experimented by the Terris. \_PLEASE\_ tell me I get scenes of the Terris community!!! I love the trilogy, but the sidelining of the Terris are one of my biggest issues with it. And apparently inbreeding of Feruchemists is mentioned. So that’s why Ferrings and Twinborn exist! No more Feruchemists with all powers. Sad but this makes me excited to see the competency of less powerful magic users.


**Cool but weird Feruchemical powers**

Cadmium stores breath… which is wtf. I can see many ways how Gaspers could do wrong. Goddamn, cadmium can never catch a break on the scale of usefulness. I’m gonna need Harmony to tell me how these could possibly be useful. Especially in an era where oxygen tanks aren’t accessible. Though to be fair, I can see both powers being useful for special ops or explorers.

Being a bendalloy Subsumer is my wet dream. I can gorge on sweets without feeling like trash. Bendalloy Compounders got it good 😂😂😂

Being an electrum Pinnacle sounds like a psychological nightmare. Even though I struggle with demotivation and self-esteem issues I’m not certain about wanting this power. Mania absolutely doesn’t sound pleasant. I’m curious how this would affect people with chronic depression or mental “instability.”


**New Feruchemical powers I don’t understand**

Chromium Spinners store fortune, manipulating their luck. This sounds very useful. I’d like to talk about how it might play on a divine scale. This power is ultimately fueled by two Shards of Adonalsium… I think manipulation of fortune is a factor of why Ruin and Preservation’s plans were seamlessly pulled off. Make events unlucky here, lucky there, and they could subtly lead mortals without anyone knowing.

Aluminum Trueself is an awesome name for a Ferring. It’s also… esoteric. What even is this? It stores spiritual sense of identity… Okay? What are the filling and tapping effects ❓❓❓ And I didn’t think aluminum could ever be affected by mortal magic 🧐

Duralumin Connecters sound like the ultimate assassins, thieves or politicians. Store spiritual connection, and it sounds like you can sneak anywhere. A character in the broadsheet was a Connecter who could sneak past \*\*koloss.\*\* Tap spiritual connection, and you become the most charismatic person around. I wonder if the Lord Ruler used Feruchemical duralumin in his conquest of the world. I think Harmony is manipulating spiritual connection so Wayne can make his trades. If God manipulates it, Wayne can sneak anywhere and make any trade without others getting suspicious. Harmony sent Wax, could he have sent Wayne? 😳

Welp, nicrosil Soulbearers are a new headache. Ever since I learned the word Investiture from Elantris AA I thought Feruchemists were storing Investiture in their metalminds? Now it turns out Soulbearers specifically store Investiture in nicrosilminds? So what the hell are other Feruchemists storing 🤨🤨🤨🤨

Looks like this quartet of Feruchemical powers are the ones with feelers in the Spiritual Realm.



Hemalurgy is end-negative focused in the Spiritual Realm - the soul. Not hard to see why. There’s killing people to steal soul pieces, the Law of Hemalurgic Decay, and probably other things I’m forgetting. Considering it can make an infinite amount of horror movie monsters, I understand why the author is so interested in it. Though it sounds like the author is a person from another planet - like Hoid. I don’t think I wanna see foreigners experiment with Hemalurgy. Harmony’s powers are pretty terrifying, and I forgot how terrifying Ruin could’ve been ~~if Sanderson didn’t throw him the Idiot Ball too many times.~~

Despite this, IDK how to feel about Hemalurgy being unknown. It’s a scary art, but I don’t think it’s evil. Kinda like Ruin… in a way. The personality of the users (or monsters) might be evil. The ways it’s used might be evil. But the art itself is neutral, I think. A bit like Allomancy. And from the vibe I got from Rashek being unable to make new Hemalurgic constructs, it feels impossible to make advancements in Hemalurgy without divine intervention. There must be a way to make Hemalurgy ethical.. right?

“…and the only known practitioners of it now are the kandra, who **(for the most part)** serve Harmony.”

Uhm, for the most part? What u not telling me mysterious author? 🤨

Speaking of this, I thought the koloss would be practicing Hemalurgy. Does the birth of new koloss work differently now?

Something called God Metals is mentioned, which I guess would be atium and the Mistborn maker candy. And there can be 16 God Metal alloys each, usable in Allomancy. And there could metalminds made of God Metal alloys …. hmmm 🤔🤔



1. Harmony has a plan in motion connected to the nonexistence of Mistborn. I know people say interbreeding is the cause, but I believe the complete lack of Mistborn is too clean for interbreeding to be the sole cause. Not even Spook’s line of Allomancers had a Mistborn, yet even a Tineye could bore one. I believe Harmony rewrote all Scadrian souls to remove Mistborn from existence.

2. Harmony also has a plan connected to Marsh giving Marasi and Wax that book. I know Marsh said his action is separate from Harmony’s will, but I’d be surprised if he had absolutely no involvement. Main reason I say this is because the broadsheets confirm Marsh and the kandra have been appearing all over Elendel, and there's one instance of possible revival.

3. Is Kelsier still around??? Marsh said Wax is doing Kel’s work 😭

4. Trell, men of gold and red, the final metal. Hmm. Don’t have a theory on this, but it’s ominous.


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21 hours ago, Ale the Metallic Conjurer said:



1. Harmony has a plan in motion connected to the nonexistence of Mistborn. I know people say interbreeding is the cause, but I believe the complete lack of Mistborn is too clean for interbreeding to be the sole cause. Not even Spook’s line of Allomancers had a Mistborn, yet even a Tineye could bore one. I believe Harmony rewrote all Scadrian souls to remove Mistborn from existence.

You could be right, he's messed with the functional workings of the metallic arts in other ways per WOB. But WOB does say the loss of full Mistborn and full Feruchists is due to the interbreeding of those two Power sets, specifically, which didnt happen during the Final Empire where Feruchemist breeding was so closely controlled (and intentionally stunted).  That's why Twinborn are a lot more common but neither full set pops up, and for the same reason Fullborn are not naturally possible (per WOB), the sDNA of the Power sets interfere with each other.  

RAFO on the rest, but you're going to love the ride.


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6 hours ago, justice magician said:
6 hours ago, justice magician said:

And it’s written just like an in-universe document 

Cosmere Spoilers


I believe it's meant to be Khriss, but I could be wrong.


Please spoiler tag this, as I do not think Ale has read any of those stories yet.

For Ale - you will see the author of the Ars Arcanum in Era 2 and in Mistborn:Secret History, when you get there. Slight Spoilers:


She has a brief cameo in Bands of Mourning

Slightly more spoilers:


Her origin story is White Sand


10 hours ago, Ale the Metallic Conjurer said:

End-positive, end-neutral, and end-negative

End Positive, Neutral and Negative is about whether investiture is gained or lost (or neither) when the magic is used. Feruchemy is not the only end-Neutral art you will see (Warbreaker, for example). So, for the metallic arts its:

  • Allomancy gains investiture from the Spiritual Realm
  • Hemalurgy loses investiture through multiple mechanisms
  • Feruchemy neither gains nor loses investiture (even if some must be spent to Compress a trait - it's not lost, just not spent specifically in expressing the stored trait)




Can all Investitures be classified as end-positive, neutral, or negative?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, though in the overwhelming majority of cases, it's end-positive or at least neutral. Hemalurgy really is an oddity in the cosmere.

17th Shard Forum Q&A (Sept. 25, 2012)


Brandon Sanderson

So, you're not quite using the term right.

The terms "end-negative" and "end-positive" refer to a specific system--in most cases, we're talking about the individual(s) using the magic. Do you draw more magic out, or is it powered by your own native Investiture?

[Redacted] is what we call end-neutral, [Redacted] do[es] the same amount of Investiture continue to exist in the system as you're manipulating the magic.

[Redacted] Stormlight Three Update #5 (Nov. 21, 2016)


Hope that helps.

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