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Shardblading a Lifeless



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8 minutes ago, Oltux72 said:

Are they physically cut or do their eyes burn out?

Lifeless act like a living being when cut by a Shardblade:



Shardblades cut organic and inorganic matter differently. How would they interact with an animated construct like an Awakened straw man? What about a Lifeless?

Brandon Sanderson

So I walk kind of a fine line here. Something that's animated as a construct, like an Awakened straw man, is likely going to block the Shardblade to some extent, as powerful Investiture would. A Lifeless is probably just gonna act like it was a living being.

San Diego Comic-Con@Home 2020 (July 23, 2020)

Their flesh won't be cut, their eyes will burn.

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Yeah, their eyes would burn out because the shard blade would most likely cut the investiture powering the lifeless 9the breath). And see the lifeless as a living thing.

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