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Creating a Pseudo Fullborn


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Challenge: All of Scadrial's people wish to work together to create the closest thing to a Fullborn to combat any potential threats to the planet right after the events of TLM.

As this is era 2, only technology and magic available during that age can be used. No hypothetical abilities are allowed, so Hemalurgic spikes with multiples powers, Blanked Identities, or other things not yet confirmed via WoB or seen in the books are unavailable.

I'd start with a natural steel/steel Twinborn for Compounding, as that's possibly one of the most broken combos available in the Metallic Arts and A-steel is a must have.

Since medallions are finicky in what they can grant (seeming to only allow someone to either Tap or Store Feruchemical attributes), I'd give them five Hemalurgic spikes that provide A-pewter, A-tin, A-bronze, A-zinc (or brass), and A-duralumin.

I'd then give them a Malwish medallion that provided F-gold, F-chromium, and F-iron. Additionally, I would give them a group of individual medallions that granted F-bronze, F-Bendalloy, F-cadmium, F-brass, F-duralumin, and F-copper. These metals either don't have to be used continually (F-bronze and Bendalloy can just be Tapped occasionally to get their benefit) or are more circumstantial in nature, so swapping them out with the primary medallion is more feasible.

Finally, Harmonium cubes can be used to carry Allomantic effects, though the cube acts as the user of the Allomancy, making finesse control over the power difficult in most cases (i.e., can't direct Steelpushing or Emotional Allomancy selectively) and internal powers are pretty much useless for our purposes. With that in mind, A-copper, A-Bendalloy, A-chromium, and A-cadmium can all be nearly as useful (or even more so in cadmium's case) than if they were used by a true Allomancer. A-copper could still make a Coppercloud to conceal you and an aluminum helmet can play the part to shield from Emotional Allomancy, Bendalloy can still be activated on yourself even if you can't change the shape of the bubble, ranged chromium Allomancy is even better than normal, and cadmium is just way more effective when used on someone else in nearly every circumstance.

All in all, this would grant our Metallic champion the effects of 20 separate metals, though they'd have to deal with the complications of the Flaw (though aluminum would certainly help), swapping certain medallions for circumstantial effects (such as if they need to breath underwater or travers a frozen mountain), filling those medallions with the attributes they needed (which is apparently more complicated that originally thought, as Wax comments on his people not having figured it out in TLM), and of course needing both Harmonium and Allomancers of the right types to fuel them.

But hey, no wishy-washy hypotheses are required for it, and it should technically work as of era 2 tech.


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All of Scadrial in Era 2?

Step 1: Get Marsh, Kelsier, and Sazed to team up.

Step 2: Kelsier provides Marsh with Dor, Sazed directly fuels Marsh's Atiummind, restoring him his youth and further enhances him to be partially under his control - largely to prevent anyone attempting to take control of Marsh via emotional Allomancy. Fueled by the Mists and pure Dor, Marsh annihilates all with his Duralumin, compounded Steel, and Compounded stored Allomantic Pewter.

Step 3: Watch the dust settle.

Alternate 1: Give Marsh the Bands of Mourning when fully charged.

Alternate 2: Sazed spills the beans on the Lerasium and Atium production method Wax discovered. They make a Fullborn via Lerasium.

Alternate 3: The Terris community distill their bloodlines and finally give birth to a full Feruchemist. Sazed just makes them a Mistborn the same way he made Spook a Mistborn.

There's a lot of precedence that could create a fully functional Fullborn, it's just super risky and requires trusting someone with the powers of TLR including the metals suppressed during the final empire. The catch is the "work together" part of the challenge, not restrictions based on available technology and technique.

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added thoughts
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Anybody wielding the Bands of Mourning is effectively a Fullborn, and can use Compounding to refill its attributes, as long as they’re not drained of said attribute in one of the metallic powers.

The fun part would be if such a wielder discarded the “unsealed” aspect of the Bands by Compounding the attributes without removing their Identity (assuming that would have to be done by filling an aluminummind at the same time), thus converting the Bands into a personalized Fullborn Engine.

The downside to being a Fullbander (note clever neologism) vs. living Fullborn (Rashek) would be the need to pause to refill/recharge the attributes granting the Metalborn powers before they ran out; not sure how frequently that would need to be done.

As for creating another Rashek, that would be harder, as lerasium only creates Mistborn. We have no knowledge of how to create a full Feruchemist at all, other than a Terris person being born one.

I suppose Harmony could upgrade any Ferring of Era 2 to be one - but once you say “Harmony could intervene”, that’s besides the point as He could just make a Fullborn out of a raccoon or something if He wanted to, except that’s too unbalanced.

So really, we’d need for a full Feruchemist to be born among the Terris again, and then to give that Feruchemist lerasium.

Or, if the mistwraiths/kandra still carry some kind of sDNA for Feruchemy due to their distant origins as “Preserved” Feruchemists, part of the answer to the question of what his most recent WoB meant in response to “what if a kandra mimicking a human crossbred with an actual human” is that we might see Feruchemy in one as well?



Given that kandra can replicate human organs, is it possible for a human and a kandra to have a child? And if so, would that child be purely human, or some kind of combination?

Brandon Sanderson

That's a yes, and it would be some kind of combination.

Dragonsteel 2023 (Nov. 21, 2023)

What if a kandra-as-human interbred with a Ferring in Era 2?

In fact, my mind also goes to the question, “what if TWO kandra, mimicking a male and female human respectively, had a human-simulated-bio-created child?”

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