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When did the protagonist gain a definining feature?

When did the protagonist gain a definining feature?  

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  1. 1. When does he gain the Dawnshard?

    • Before SA5
    • Within SA5
    • Between SA5 and SA6
    • In the second half of the Stormlight Archive, but before the conclusion
    • At the conclusion of the second half
    • After the end of the decalogue

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34 minutes ago, Oltux72 said:

With a few hours to go. Let's do a prediction. When will he have gotten the Dawnshard?

SA 5, he said it in WoB:


Brandon Sanderson


For those who are wondering, this does take place moderately far into the Cosmere’s future. This is not a spoiler for Stormlight 5, in that I intend it to be read before Stormlight 5. But you will find out in Stormlight 5 what caused this whole thing to happen. If it’s a spoiler, it’s not for much in the future of Stormlight. The division point will happen pretty soon here. And this is Sigzil’s story, here called Nomad. He will come out of this book with a different name. And he has a role to play in the future of the Cosmere.


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