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The Thread For Things That Could Be Status Updates


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So, if any of you humans on this site follow other humans on this site, you may have noticed that, especially recently, there have been, many, many SU's. While I was super inactive over summer, I would check in every couple of days and I'd have like 30 notifications at a time. In my opinion, that number is a little absurd, especially considering it seems that there are a lot of fairly pointless SU's that devalue and make it harder to notice when people actually have something quite important to say.

As a potential solution, I introduce you to this thread! Whenever you post an SU, think if, perhaps, it could go here instead of elsewhere. That way, people can still see the things  you want to talk about and discuss, but then the things of higher importance can be regulated to SU's.

Unless this somehow violates the rules, welcome to The Thread For Things That Could Be Status Updates!

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If you don't want to be notified by people's random thoughts that they put into status updates, you can either:

1: Unfollow them if there are certain people whose updates you tend to deem unnecessary


2: I think you can literally just turn off status update notifications if you've got a problem with everyone's.

I like the format of status updates for things like that, because it's something that's super easily avoidable. When people follow me, they're subscribing to hear my random thoughts that I want to share, and if they don't want that, they can unfollow me.

With this, I'm not going to follow the thread because I don't really want to get everyone's status updates, and I'm not going to see anything without following it, but there are people that I would want to hear from (aka the people I follow). If I were to post stuff in here, pretty much only the people following it would see it, and there are people who wouldn't follow this thread who do follow me who I'd want to have see my "status update."

Just my two cents. I won't be using this, and anyone can feel free to unfollow me if they don't want to get the notifications for my SUs.

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