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Long Game 6: Daes Dae'Mar, The Great Game

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Daes Dae’mar: The Great Game

Game 6 has ended in a Villager Victory!


The days of Tarmon Gai’dan are upon us! False Dragons walk the earth and raise their banner, men march to war, and Shadowspan have poured forth from The Blight and begun wreaking havoc throughout the land.
    The town of Drell’s Crossing is your home, even if it’s just a tiny village along the River Erinin on the outskirts of Braem’s Woods. Constant conflict with the Cairhiens have left you no stranger to Daes Dae’mar, the Game of Games. Can you put your skills to use and defend your town in it’s most dire hour? A band of Trollocs have been reported to be raiding nearby villages, and heading your way! Mayor Twim Cabalen has called for a group of volunteers to stay behind and defend the town. can he count on your help?
    But be warned! Not everybody has the Village’s best intentions in mind, and there will be those hiding secrets, and those working against us to ensure your demise. It is also your task to root out the Darkfriends and any other enemies and take them out, before they Eliminate you first!
All sign-ups below are a binding contract that entitle you to defend the Town with your life! There are no loopholes or ways out of this save death, or fulfilling the deal to defend the town from the Trollocs. It's not Mayor Twims fault Padan Fain and Darkfriends had to get involved!

Villager:A regular, vanilla character. Who needs powers to be a hero?

Darkfriend: A group of dedicated servants of evil. You and your small group have been given orders to infiltrate and destroy this town from the inside out. You get to conspire in a secret Doc with the other Darkfriends and the Forsaken. **They also have special rules if Corrupted.
Forsaken: The Leader of the Darkfriends.Get to conspire with them in a Doc. When Viewed shows up as a 'Villager', or they can perform an additional Night Kill for the Darkfriends. If they perform the extra night kill, their actions can be Tracked the next day and any Viewings on them the night they perform the kill will reveal them as 'Forsaken'. Can not be Corrupted by Padan Fain.

Wisdom: Has honed the powers of saving people to almost an instinct. Can target somebody once per night and protect them from one Night Kill. Can not target self.
Wolfbrother: You feel the call of the Moon and your nocturnal brethren. Can target somebody to Hunt and Kill once per night.

Viewer: Can see images and auras around people. Once per night can target somebody and find out their Role and Alignment

Thief-taker: You can smell evil and find out past crimes. During the Day Cycle, you can target somebody and at the beginning of the next Night Cycle, you will find out who, if anybody, they targeted the Night Before.

Whitecloak: As a Child of the Light, it is your duty to root out criminals. Once per night you can Detain a target. This prevents any Night Actions performed against the target, and prevents the target from performing any Night Actions. Can not target self.
Dreamwalker: You have mastered the World of Dreams. At night you can submit an anonymous message for the GM to post in the write-up. As long as you live players can send PM's.

Aiel-blooded: You may not look it, but you have hardened Aiel blood in your veins. You can survive one lynching or Night kill. The fact you survived an attack or lynching be revealed in the write-up, but not your alignment or role.
Chaneller: A wildling user of the One Power. You can chose one of your Weaves to cast per Night Cycle. Once you use all 5 weaves you becomes Burned Out and show up as a regular Villager. You can only use each Weave once.

Air- Hands of Air protect a target from Night Kill. Not yourself

Fire – Hurl a Fireball at target, performing a Night Kill.

Water –  Cast Mask of Mirrors on a target at night, making them Untargetable for the Night.

Earth – Use Earth to harden your skin, allowing you to negate any one possible Night Kill against you.

Spirit – Lash out at somebody with a weave of Spirit, Role-Blocking their Night Action.

Padan Fain: You carry with you the Taint of Shadar Logath. You can Corrupt up to X number of players throughout the game. (X based off of number of players) Corrupted players have their own Doc to communicate in. Padan Fain can not Corrupt the Forsaken, if they target them the action will appear to be Role-blocked.

Fain also shows up as a regular villager when scanned. He’s tricky like that.

*When players get Corrupted, they lose their Role and become a Vanilla Player

**Darkfriends that get Corrupted are capable of winning as either a Darkfriend or a Corrupted.


Town Mayor: During the day, the town can hold public elections to elect a Town Mayor. The Mayor's vote counts for two towards the lynch. They stay Mayor until a new one is elected or they die.


Dragon's Fang: At night, all of the players without Power Roles (Vanilla villagers and vanilla Darkfriends) can send in orders to scrawl a Dragon's Fang on a players door. The player with the most votes for a Dragon's Fang has it appear on their door in the write-up. If there is a tie, no Dragon Fang gets scrawled on any doors.

A villager with a Dragon Fang scrawled on their door has an automatic extra vote tallied onto any other votes for them at the results of the lynching.
Villagers win if they eliminate all of the Darkfriends and Corrupted. Darkfriends win if they outnumber the other players. The Corrupted and Padan Fain win if they outnumber the other players.

How Write-ups will work: Votes will be posted publicly in the thread with a list of who voted for whom, etc.
Night event write-ups will work like this:
-Wolfbrother kills will be obvious. (Wolves swarm the victim)
-When Padan Fain converts somebody, it will be mentioned in the write-up, denoted with the appearance of the evil white fog, Mashadar.**
-Darkfriend and Forsaken kills appear the same
-Wisdom healing somebody is only mentioned if they actually save the Target from Death

-Whitecloak, If somebody is Detained, it is shown in the write-up, but not who was Detained or who Detained somebody
-Channelers Fireball will be revealed in the write-up if used, and the other powers depending on if they interacted with any other Roles. (If Hands of air actually save somebody, Earth Skin will be written up the same way as Aiel-Blooded, Spirit and Water Actions won’t be revealed in write-up)
-If your Action gets Role-blocked or doesn’t go through, it won’t be revealed in the write-up and you will just be informed your Action was ‘unsuccessful”.

General Mafia Rules in effect.. Each player is assigned a Role and Alignment at the beginning of the Game, and then they can post Votes in the thread during the Day Cycle, and send in any Role Actions whenever appropriate. The player with the most Votes tallied against them is Lynched at the end of the Day Cycle..

Day Cycles will be 48hours long, and Night Cycles will end whenever all Night Actions are sent in, or up to 48 hours if somebody asks for an extension. If you chose not to use your Action for the Night, still send a PM declaring your action to be “None”.

Let the Sign-ups begin! They'll last for about a week, and I'll be looking for at least 25 players. The more the merrier, though. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

ListTM of Players:

1)(Kasimir) - Kaim, a retired Thief-Taker Deceased Padan Fain
2)(Little Wilson) - Witless, the Town Fool
3)(Lightsworn Panda) - Jain, Random Traveler Deceased Villager Dreamwalker
4)(TheoryMaker) - Nath, an Average Guy
5)(Kal Dell) - Dellan, Quiet Countryman
6)(Alvron) - Ralv, a Passing Wanderer Deceased Villager Dreamwalker
7)(Only Joe) - Joel, Antisocial Hermit Deceased Regular Villager
8)(Leonardus) - Lam, Street Sweeper Deceased Regular Villager
9)(Shivertongue) - Khamsi Zareef, Domani Gleewoman
10)(Mailliw73) - Malai, Horse Breeder Deceased Villager Thief-taker
11)(Grey Pilgrim) - Grimlar al'Pil, Town Drunk Deceased Regular Villager
12)(Renegade) - Gade, Innkeeper  Deceased Villager Whitecloack
13)(Adolin Dustbringer) - Jim Bob Dirt,  Dirt Salesman Deceased Wisdom
14)(AonarFaileas) - Leas Fel, Aiel War Veteran
15)(Lev) - Bela, A Shaggy Mare? Deceased Regular Villager
16)(New One) - Newan, a Seanchan morat'raken
17)(Awesomeness Summoned) - Weas, Cobbler
18)(Ashiok) - Trimat, Manure Salesman
19)(twelfthrootoftwo) - Douza, Blacksmith Apprentice
20)(Sphinx) - Senna, Village Weaver Deceased Villager Wolfsister
21)(Jaelre) - Jae, Inn Hall Boy Deceased Regular Villager
22)(Aspren) - Sprell Hanaar, Village Carpenter Deceased Regular Villager
23)(Binnut) - Bunnt Nibbel, Quiet Farmer
24)(Sir Jerric) - Erik, Homesick Borderlander
25)(QuiteContrary) - Rishi, Tavern Maid
Edit: Fixed a little bit of wording above in bold
Edit 2: 25 players! We now have enough to get started!

Quick Links:

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Well, seeing as I'm mostly just entertaining an audience of one ;) in the dead doc at the moment, the idea of signing up to get myself killed again sounds ridiculously appealing.

This time, I'll be Kaim, retired thief-taker.

P.S. I understand that there is some question is to whether the entertainment will continue once my partner-in-crime gets there. Unfortunately, I made a rather ill-advised statement in that regard...

And thanks, Gamma, I've been looking forward to a WoT game for ages ;)

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Finally! A WoT game! I'm joining!


Jain, the traveler, is back for more (hopefully, he does better and survives this time)! And so is his Toy Panda!


I can see that this game has been quite heavily influenced by Magic the Gathering (Detaining someone, for example).

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Lightsworn Panda, on 08 Jun 2014 - 10:57 AM, said:

Finally! A WoT game! I'm joining!

Jain, the traveler, is back for more (hopefully, he does better and survives this time)! And so is his Toy Panda!

I can see that this game has been quite heavily influenced by Magic the Gathering (Detaining someone, for example).

I guess you win ;) I'm growing awfully fond of that panda.
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Well, I never read the Wheel of Time series (and starting now won't help), but I have general knowledge of it by listening to my friends talk about it, so hear goes nothing.


My name is Nath, and I am just a normal resident of the village.

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I'd like to play! I'll need some help at the beginning figuring out how things work, though.

My name is Dellan.

I'm a quiet, somber man who normally lives out in the countryside, but I have been forced to take refuge in town because of the roving packs of Trollocs.


Is this a good start? Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, please and thank you!

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Ralv, a wanderer passing through town.


He smokes two rivers tabac, has a scar along his jawline, both of his hands are discoloured and has a coil of wire wrapped around his upper arm that seems to have fresh blood on it.

I really shouldn't have started taking bits from my old characters.  They're starting to pile up.

Welcome Kal Dell.  Always good to see new players coming in.  Don't worry about making mistakes.  Having fun is the main goal of the games.  Ask any questions you want.  We are always happy to help out new players.

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My Name is Joel. I've Only Read the first Book, So I'm just going to be the Crazy Old Hermit in the Woods. Well, everyone thinks I'm crazy. Really though, I just don't like People, but I have to buy supplies from them. Because I don't like People, and People don't like me, I'm gonna post Hidden RP.

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A Wheel of Time game? I am so in.




She sat cross-legged in the saddle of her dappled mare, a finely-crafted fiddle held firmly under her chin. Fingers flew in a delicate dance along the strings as she worked the bow with an ease borne of experience. Despite the jostling of her mount as it trotted down the hard-packed dirt road, the music never wavered, the sweet tone never faltered, and she never lost her balance. Her eyes were closed, a small, serene smile on her face as she played.


One eye cracked open as she came closer to the village, her smile growing a fraction wider at the sight of the small crowd that had gathered, drawn out by the music. Smoothly, the motion like flowing water, she rose to her feet, standing on the back of her mount, the melody rising into a powerful crescendo as she did. A hush swept through the crowd, and she fought to hide her growing smile.


The horse came to a stop several paces from the villagers, the woman's cloak fluttering out behind her, dozens upon dozens of patches catching the light of the late afternoon sun. She leapt from the horse, spinning through the air, a whirlwind of mesmerizing colors flowing around her. The music continued to fill the air, becoming almost a wall of sound by the time she landed gracefully upon a single slipped foot. The final note hung in the air for several moments, seeming to suspend time until she moved again. She brought the violin down, tucking it beneath her arm as she gave a wide bow. Dark brown eyes glittered as they looked out on the crowd, knowing half were staring at her distinctive patchwork cloak, and half at the beautiful copper-skinned woman wearing it.


As anticipated. First impressions were so very important.


"Khamsi Zareef," she said, bearing perfect white teeth in a dazzling smile. She brushed aside a lock of midnight black hair, tucking it behind her ear. "Can any of you lovely people direct me to an inn?"




[for the lazy, here's the tl;dr: Khamsi Zareef, Domani gleewoman.]

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A deep understanding of the series won't be too necessary for the game, I think. I tried to design it to be 'friendly' to those who haven't read all or any of the Books yet. Some of the terms I'm using are from maybe up to the end of the Second Book, but there's not really anything too spoiler-y and all the game mechanics are very similar to Meta's Original Game.
Knowledge from the Books should really only come into play in people's RP, if they so wish. (Like Shivertongue's excellent RP post above), but that's all just extra. Some of my write-ups might include minor details or easter eggs, but the game will basically be around the time of just the First Book, completely disconnected with the story.

If anybody else has any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback or anything feel free to share! Super pumped from the responses and the rate of sign-ups so far! Can't wait to get this thing running!

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Dellan crept forward, sliding his lean, muscled form across the dry ground. He held his breath as he slowly eased an arrow from the leather quiver belted across his back. With a slight rustle he laid it across his slim bow, being careful to conceal his movements. 


Have to get this one, he thought. Haven't seen game like that since the start of this wretched winter. The beast in question was a golden-brown stag calmly grazing in a clearing some 25 meters away. That thing's pelt could buy me the supplies I need, Dellan thought to himself. He took aim at the majestic beast, pulling back on his bow, the aged wood creaking.


A branch cracked somewhere in the forest beyond. The stag bolted into the woods, throwing up clods of dirt as it fled.


"Blast," Dellan muttered under his breath, releasing the tension on his bow. He began to stand up, but immediately fell back to the ground as he saw what entered the clearing from the direction of the crack.


A great, hulking beast of a creature. Clad in rusted armour that appeared to have been cobbled together from several different pieces, the creature carried a massive, cleaver-like sword in its paw of a hand. Its canine looking face was twisted in an expression of rage as it stared after the fleeing animal. It bellowed an inhuman roar and slammed its sword into the ground in fury. Three more of the creatures stomped out of the thick forest behind it, looking similarly enraged.


By the Light! Dellan began to inch backward, hoping to find some hiding place deeper in the woods. What are Trollocs doing here?! He crawled backward, never taking his eyes off of the Trolloc band in front of him. When he judged he was far enough away, he rose into a crouch and began to move away as quickly as he dared. A ghastly chorus of howls erupted from the clearing behind him, and his nerve broke. He stood straight up and sprinted into the forest as fast as his legs could carry him. Ducking branches and jumping streams and fallen logs he ran, heedless of the hazards in his path. With his breath rushing in and out of his lungs and his heart thumping in his chest he ducked into a hollow made by a rotten tree.


Did I get away? He asked himself as he peered around the edge of the trunk, listening intently for any sounds of pursuit. He rose shakily, clutching his bow and arrow in a white-knuckled grip. The town. I have to get there; I have to warn them! He took up a loping jog as he made for the road to the town. The sky began to grow dark as night approached, and Dellan knew he would never be able to reach the town before complete darkness fell. He climbed a suitable tree with practiced ease, finding a comfortable spot to sit and wait for morning to come. Time to wait.




Dellan jolted awake, nearly falling out of his perch. How long was I asleep? He cursed his stupidity, letting himself fall asleep whilst Trollocs roamed the woods. He looked to the sky trying to judge the time. "It must be nearly morning," he remarked quietly to himself, stretching his sore muscles. He looked down to the ground and nearly fell out of the tree again.


A lone trolloc sat beneath the tree. It appeared to be asleep, remaining motionless aside from its regular breathing. It was a smaller sized Trolloc, not that that meant it was small. A rusty, spiked mace rested on the ground beside it.


Maybe I can sneak away before it wakes. He began to carefully maneuver his way down the tree, being careful to not crack any branches or send any leaves or twigs down onto the slumbering horror. With a small thump he landed on the soft soil, holding his breath in terror as he watched the sleeping beast. He stepped backward, keeping his eyes locked on the creature, his legs trembling from fear.


Crack! He froze as his heel snapped a twig lying on the forest floor. With his heart pounding in his chest he watched the trolloc intently, looking for any signs it might be wakening.


The creature grunted and shifted itself slightly, then resumed its rest. Dellan waited a moment, then resumed his pace backwards, being cautious to avoid snapping any more of the twigs that littered the forest floor. The trolloc's eyes snapped open, locking onto Dallen's face. It roared, a deep, resounding, horrible sound that petrified Dellan in his place. Its crude armour clanging, the beast charged Dallen. Dallen recovered from his shock and dove to the side, barely rolling out of the way of the enraged monster. He expertly loosed an arrow at the thing's back, but was disappointed to see his shaft bounce off the plates sown onto the creature's clothes.


Dellan wildly glanced around, looking for anything he could use as a weapon. There! he thought as he saw the trolloc's mace, lying forgotten on the forest loam. He dove towards it, dropping his bow and snatching up the mace in his hands and turning just in time to see the trolloc once again charging him. He swung the heavy iron mace at the charging beast. The spiked weapon crunched into the arm of the creature, smashing the bones and ripping through the flesh. The trolloc swung with its other arm and slammed its fist into Dellan's side, sending him flying backward.


Dellan tumbled across the ground yet somehow managed to keep a hold on the mace. The creature eyed him warily, holding its maimed arm to its chest as it approached him slowly. Dellan raised his weapon in a way he hoped looked threatening, and backed up as fast as he dared. His foot caught on a root and he stumbled, nearly falling. The beast saw its chanced and rushed in, picking up and throwing Dellan, forcing him to drop the mace. The creature, now confident in its victory reached down and seized its weapon, stalking towards Dellan with an air of inevitability around it. Dellan scrambled backward until his hand touched something smooth.


It was his bow! Dellan took it up in his hands, hurriedly nocking an arrow on it and aiming at the trolloc's wolf-like head. The creature paused for a second, its eyes widening as it realized what was about to happen. Dellan's arrow took the creature in the right eye, thudding into the trollo's skull with the precision gained from a lifetime of hunting. The terrible beast fell to the earth, collapsing in an avalanche of armour and monstrous flesh.


Trembling, Dallen readied another arrow, keeping his aim locked on the trolloc's head as he stood and backed up into the forest. When he was convinced the creature was finally dead he broke into a run, continuing on his path to the town to warn its inhabitants of the coming threat.




So there's a fun little story for my character. Hoid you like it?(Ah puns)

EDIT: That was longer than I thought it was going to be!

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Grimlar al'Pil stepped out into the fresh morning air of Drell's Crossing. His home for all his life, he loved this place like no other. He had once taken a trip to Illian, land of his ancestors, but had not found the country satisfying. Born and raised in Drell's Crossing, he couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

As he walked through the streets, people's eyes stuck to him for the briefest of moments, a little longer than they would anyone else. Despite being the town drunk, the residents of Drell's Crossing were fond of Grimlar. At least, so he thought. Hoped. Wished... But he was happy as he was. Everyone dealt with the world in different ways. It was just that his way occasionally ended up with him vomiting in the streets. He was an honest man, with an honest job. Keeping stock of the liquor and tabac for merchants to buy as they passed through was important. If only he didn't smoke and drink it all the time.

But no. Beneath all of his personal problems, Grimlar was a good man. He knew it. Whether other people saw it was another issue entirely.

Stroking his Illianer mustache, he made his way to the center of town, where a commotion seemed to have picked up.

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A minor request: on the player list, I should be Kasimir, playing Kaim ;) Kasimar is my much-disliked Quick Fix 2 character who got himself ignobly killed in a generally unnecessarily excessive way ;)

In addition, I was looking through the rules again and I found some things I wanted to ask about:

1. The only ways of role-blocking, just to be clear, are: A) if a person has been Detained, B ) if the person is the Forsaken (in the case of Padan Fain attempting to Corrupt) and C) through a channeler using the Spirit weave?

2. How does Padan Fain's Corruption work? Here's my thoughts: let's say he can corrupt 5 out of the 25 players and does so. One of his corrupted players is killed. Is he allowed to corrupt another? Or does the cap decrease with the number of players? So now there are, say 15 players at that stage of the game, and Fain has unfortunately lost all his corrupted. Is he now allowed to corrupt 2 others?

So I guess in a nutshell, these are my questions: A) is the corruption cap a hard one or a shifting one, based on the players currently alive in the game? B ) is Fain allowed to corrupt more once he's hit the cap the first time around?

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:o  Sorry about that, Kasimir. ListTM Fixed.

1)Correct, those are the only ways for Role-Blocks to occur. I wanted there to be at least a few possible explanations for them, mostly for the Fain role so they couldn't just automatically assume/know if their failed target was the Forsaken.

2)Padan Fain's Corruption targets will be a hard set number given at the beginning of the game, based off the number of initial players. However they want to use their power afterwards is all up to them. Think of it like a Loaded Gun; once you use up all the bullets you can't reload it. Since Players lose their roles when they get Corrupted, Padan Fain will have to make some careful choices of who they target. On the flip side, since players know they can be targeted any time throughout the game by Padan Fain and will lose their Roles, they may not want to reveal what powers they have to anybody trusted. Just so they don't have to suddenly explain why they can't use their awesome Action Role anymore. ;)


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Gade the Innkeeper is joining!  I don't really have a whole lot of time on my hands this week, so I can't really come up with some long, emotionally-scarring backstory for my character until the game begins.  What I can mention is that Gade owns the Spruce Thicket, the best inn in Drell's Crossing and the meeting place for all of the influential villagers around town.  He also hates it when people write cryptic notes on the inn's walls.

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Grimlar saw Jim Bob Dirt stationed on the side of the street, trying (and failing) as usual to sell some dirt. Grimlar felt bad for the strange man. You know what, I'll buy some dirt from him, he thought. He made his way over to the edge of the street. "How much for one bag?" he asked gruffly.

Jim looked stunned. "Err... One silver mark, I guess." Clearly, the man had never sold a bag in his life.

Grimlar went digging in his pocket, and managed to find a mark among the trash in his pocket. Was that an apple core? Handing the mark to Jim, he grabbed a hefty bag of dirt, which he promptly slung over his shoulder. Jim had a look of wonder oh his fact as he studied the coin. See, I can do good deeds once in a while.

Grimlar deposited the bag next to the nearest building he could find.

Take that, Joe! :P

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