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White sand to a radiant,

Lesser spren


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White Sand gets charged in the presence of Kinetic Investiture, per WOB, so it has a little more to do with being in the presence of active Surges (or Stormlight effects like Healing) more than just being near a Radiant.  I dont think your average radiant would be able to natively breath in Investiture from the sand without taking additional steps (though a Larkin sure could). 

But even if they could, all evidence suggest it would be a tiny amount by Radiant standards, it's getting charges on very low-level, ambient inefficiency leakage.  White sand gets charged by the Investiture equivalent of radiation, whereas surges are on the high end of the Investiture spectrum. So by comparison, you can do a lot with the heat given off of big motors and machines, but you cant generally run those same motors from the amount of power they shed.  




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