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Exactly how Stormlight Healing works


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This isn't a new theory or anything, but I am going to try and explain completely how Stormlight Healing works because it is a little confusing.

Stormlight Healing is based on Identity. But it is not clear exactly what that means. For example:

The Reshi King changed genders because he always viewed himself as male, even though he was in a female body. That makes sense.

Kaladin's scars don't heal straight away because he views himself as a slave( straight wob i think)

That makes sense but then we hit a snag with Lopen

Lopen heals his arm back, which is wierd because this is the guy who made one armed jokes constantly during two books. He doesn't see himself as a one armed man? I guess he still had many memories of having two arms.

And then we get to Godeke in ROW, who was BORN deformed and he still grows himself a normal body? How is that not a part of his identity? The quote is confusing too.


“All my life I lived with a deformity—and then in an instant I was transformed and healed. I became what I’d always seen myself as being.

What I think it means

Godeke healed because he had no problems with his self image. I think his shape was a part of his identity, but his actual spiritweb still has a normal body. He doesn't see himself as less deserving of a normal body, so he heals to that. He has no shame in his deformed body and saw himself as equal to able-bodied people, so he healed. If he thought that he deserved to be deformed, the healing would not work.

Kal thinks he deserves to be a slave till the fourth ideal.

So I think that even if The Reshi King realised that he had a male soul in a female body, if he had depression or something, which made him think that he deserved to be trapped in a female body, the Stormlight healing would not work.


This might be old news to you guys, but I can see people getting confused here


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3 minutes ago, Frustration said:

Stormlight healing changes the body to match the soul, however it is filtered through how the user sees themself.

So Godeke doesn't see himself as someone with a deformity?. Like blind people often say being blind is a part of their identity

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