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F-Tin and Gold/Pewter Savantism



Gold compounders can become savants, which does allow them to heal from basically anything and they even lose the psychological cost of harm as well, since they can't feel pain anymore.

Allomantic pewter savants also can lose the feelings of pain, but they can still die from extreme exhaustion or serious injuries, and they can't feel pain to warn them of those dangers anymore.

My question is then, can they tap pain from an Unsealed Tinmind so that they can be warned of things that could kill them if not treated?

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I think no because it's a brain issue. Pewter and gold makes your brain ignore signals sent by pain, Tin enhances that feeling, but if your brain still ignores those signals, you wouldn't feel it anyway. So it's not the feeling issue.

But it might be some magical blocade or threshold for pain that tin can overcome. Hard to say.

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