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Nalthian tech not password/firewall protected?


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I found it odd that the Sorceress's laptop which I assume is based on Nalthian (or at least Awakened) tech was just able to connect to Fort's tablet with seemingly no extra steps. And that Tress was even able to use the laptop. Fort mentions that if someone else picked up his tablet it wouldn't work for them, we see the Awakened lock in TLM seemingly be passsword protected, and password protected Lifeless is even a major plot point in WB. Once the Nalthians started making the Awakened analogue to digital tech did they just forget about firewalls? I can't go two feet without hearing about VPNs and whatnot; you telling me Nalthis doesn't have youtube?

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Riina was in the middle of using her laptop when Tress walked in, so she may have just not hit the metaphorical "log out" button. That, or she was so arrogant about the defenses on the outside she didn't install anything on the inside. As far as I recall, the only internal defenses she had besides herself was a cat.

Riina might also be able to break Commands, or just hack into the tablets electronically. They might have security, but from what little I know of cybersecurity is things need constant updates to best protect devices, something Fort probably wouldn't know how to do.

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Well I think at least Fort's tablet is checking either Identity or Connection and if your Identity or Connection doesn't register as "Fort" it doesn't matter if the tablet is left "unlocked". Possibly the laptop isn't equipped with that. Hell the laptop could be completely mundane. But it still seems weird for the laptop to connect to the tablet especially since it was the brand new one he had just received from Xisis.

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