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Any random stuff you feel like sharing!

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Hey all! 

So I was gonna do this for my thousandth post, but then I went to my profile earlier and I realized something.

1,000 posts.

Oops. Oh well, 1,001 is cool too. 

Anyway, this is a place to talk about your day, or accomplishments, or really whatever it might be that you want to say. Talk about your shoes! Or what’s playing on the tv! Or just complain about the ugly bear head in the fridge. Favorite poem? Share it! Proud of a drawing, or a pillow you made, or a stack of socks? Do it! This is a topic for you to share whatever you might want to.

Okay, so I made this so I can talk about how cold I am after an awesome family turkey walk in 27 degree weather. 

It’s still for you guys. ;) 


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Being cold is much better when you aren't by yourself.

On another note I've had to resist eating pumpkin all day and so I'm kind of sad. Because pumpkin tastes good but if I eat it I feel sick for a couple of hours. And then I get scolded about "poisoning" myself. But pumpkin is so scudding good. And after today most of the pumpkin stuff goes away.

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oh ho ho why 5 weather apps you ask?

well you see..

I've taken a liking to meteorology over the past few years, it's what I plan to pursue in college, and it generally FASCINATES me.

Thus, I have 5 weather apps, for peak accuracy. I also need to get a weather station for my house.

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Weather is fun—gives life variety. I like coldish weather that isn’t too cold, but I prefer to be too cold than too hot. My room is several degrees warmer than the rest of the house, and I like to read under my covers, so… it gets warm sometimes. Oh well. 

Also, thunder is FUN. When you’re in bed and going to sleep thunder somehow… we’ll, far off thunder kinda makes you feel safe. Close thunder? It depends on how you’re feeling.

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11 minutes ago, Ookla the Crow said:

i ate like 3 hours ago, cause then i could digest and have room for the three pies my mother made.


Just three? Just three?  We have...




Not even counting the rainbow jello!





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7 minutes ago, Ookla the Crow said:

why do you have eleven pies

Because PIES!!

Obviously. There are too many good pies for them to not be made!


We have a tradition of one pie for a person. We exceeded our tradition this time.


Oh HALY!! I can't quote you because edit, but I can mention you and your "die bravely!" @Ookla the BlowUpperOfStuff

FIVE KINGDOMS!! It's been awhile, and I almost called him Joel. But JACE!

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Just now, Ookla the Pencil Taxi said:

We don't actually eat the whole pie. We just have enough that we could. I won't. I'll just get sick enough that I almost die. ;).

Just kidding.

Works for me! As long as you’re not dying. I don’t like dead subjects, you see.

2 minutes ago, Ookla the Crow said:

i read five kingdoms once long ago.. then quit like 1/5 way thru book 4-5.

i forget.

should i go through it again?

I honestly think that the first three books are my favorites, but four and five are worth reading, and there’s some cool stuff in them. Depends on how much time you have and all that.

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