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13 hours ago, Blue-phoenix186 said:

No I didn’t thank you i’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the 17thshard 

aaah you'll find that it can be a whole lot of fun to start reading through coppermind articles, just make sure you're up to date with the whole Cosmere before running into spoilers;)

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On 9/6/2022 at 1:05 AM, Blue-phoenix186 said:

Ok I am confused I just listened to the Dawnshard audiobook which was really good by the way but one problem I still don’t understand what The Dawnshard is maybe I’m just missing something can someone try to explain it to me please if anyone knows

From my understanding Dawnshards are basically giant amplifiers that you can add to make your magic stronger.

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We know kinda what they are. Just not what that means for how the are used or what they can be used for.

They are commands/intent use by Adonalsium to create everything. They are also the commands by which Adonalsium was split into the Shards. We don't know how they were used, but we know that they leave a strong imprint on their holders, like Hoid. We don't know HOW to use them, but we know that at least Rysn's can't be used without some other way of manifesting powers. That's why the sleepless are allowing her to live on the condition that she does not become a surgebinder. 

We also know that dawnshards were used to destroy Ashen and that Honor was worried the knights radiant would do it again on Roshar. Honor also was worried that humans wouldn't be able to survive without use of the dawnshards.

When we put all this together, I get the idea of something close to the infinity stones in Marvel, but without a source of manifesting on it's own. They are ultra strong artifacts that when used together have been able to rip god apart, and in the past people have used them to accidentally bring destruction to a planet. There's still a lot of questions around them, but that's the gist so far as far as I understand

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