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Bondsmith + other orders combined powers


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I'm currently rereading RoW and I'm in the chapter from Navani's POV where Dalinar and Shallan combine their powers to Lightweave Roshar's map for the Mink.

In this, chapter, Navani thinks while the map appears that "The Stormfather implied that Dalinar - as a Bondsmith - could do similar marvels with other orders, but so far their experiments have been fruitless."

It left me wondering, what would Dalinar's power combined with other surges do?

I'm thinking for example:

- could Dalinar Connect better a willshaper to the spren of stones and (maybe) create something like Kolinar's windblades?

- Can he provide a boost to soulcasting by connecting them to whatever they are trying to soulcast?

What do you all think would other combinations do?

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I used to think it was enhanced soulcasting that created Uritheru in the first place, but now we know that's not true.  But I bet you could use enhanced StoneWard powers to create things like the windblades or soulcast huge bronze walls like Jasnah did that one time. BondSmith enhanced progression would be interesting. Imagine the kind of food production.

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The Map works because of the nature of the Stormfather, and is tied to the perspective of the storm itself, so I suspect the other Godspren would vary based on their own natures.

For example, the Lightweaver/Map for the Sibling might be of it's own systems and internal area and may not even extend very far from the Tower itself.  The Nightwatcher could be able to manifest a map of her vine-tied domain, or since her Powers lean toward Spiritweb manipulation maybe she could manifest a physical representation of the Spiritweb to aid in Connection manipulation.  

In general I dont think it will be as simple as Supercharging their normal effects; Shallan could do a map illusion on her own, it's the Information he adds.  So like for Windrunners maybe he'd Connect them to the Storm and allow for broad-scale weather control (the Stormfather would never go for it, but it might be possible), or he might be able to strengthen the Bond to his squires so they keep their powers at a longer distance from their Radiant.  

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