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Update May 2020

From now on this thread will be used as a general announcements thread by the mod team. The original contents of this post can be find in the spoiler tag below, but please keep in mind, that they are outdated. For our current guide, please take a look at the guide topic. - Sorana


So I figured it was probably time to try to collate the various guides and explanations into a single place, this is going to be something of a work in progress as time allows and I will be rampantly stealing large sections directly from other threads so a big thanks to everyone who's helped with creating the Alleyverse and trying to make a little bit of sense out of the insanity.
Special thanks to @Mraize and @Archer for your guides (The Alleyverse (Defined) and The Alleyverse Explained) which I have shamelessly stolen from.

I'll be keeping this thread locked as it should only be used as a reference and so that we can add more content over time. If people want to help contribute to this post or comment on anything that is mentioned feel free to PM me or we may start a separate discussion thread if warranted.



Disclaimer: The Seventeenth Shard does not guarantee or monitor the quality or nature of content hosted by any third party. 


Ground rules
All normal rules for the 17th Shard apply in the RP, for an extensive list please see Chaos' post. As well, the Alleyverse adheres to the 17th Shard's RPG rating. If you're ever unsure if something is appropriate or allowed, contact an Admin or Moderator. We're always happy to address any questions or concerns.
If you notice something that may be a breach of the site rules please use the report option on the post so that someone in the staff can look into it.

Additionally there are some general rules for RPing that help everything flow more smoothly and let everyone enjoy this together. (These will be explained in more detail in the RP guidelines below.)

Rule #1 - No Godmodding 

Godmodding is the practice of controlling another player's character. This could be direct control (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' feet and then Voidus runs away screaming in fear."). This robs another player of their chance to accurately portray what their character does in a situation and creates an inconsistent narrative. Always ask for permission before assuming you know what another character would do. If the player of that character has given you a general guideline of how their character should react you may be able to incorporate it into your post, but try to leave the description of a characters actions up to that character player whenever possible.
Sometimes a player simply doesn't allow another player the chance to respond for their character (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' head, causing it to explode in a shower of blood"). This denies Voidus' player the chance to dodge the bullet or attempt to stop my character from shooting. (However exploiting this rule to allow your character to dodge every attack that is ever thrown at them is also considered bad form, for more information see the roleplaying rules below)
Finally, and sometimes most commonly, a player might simply presume the emotions of another players character, this may be explicit ("My character pulls out a giant hammer with thirty spikes in it, all of which then burst into flame, causing Voidus to fear for his life.") or implied by godmodding other actions (eg. "My character watches the tears slowly well up in Voidus' eyes when I tell him the news."). Deciding the emotions of another players character is no better (and arguably worse) than godmodding their physical actions.

These forms of Godmodding and any others are highly discouraged and may cause other players to be reluctant to continue playing with you and your characters. Always seek the permission of a characters player when assuming any behaviour from them.

Rule #2 - Be patient

Not always the easiest rule to follow but try to understand that players may have circumstances outside the game that limits their availability, where possible players should try to pre-plan for any extended absences but in the case where schedules or time zones don't line up it can sometimes be a while between posts.
Try not to just ignore a players character if they are in a different schedule, make allowances for other people to respond to you, or you may need to be open to editing posts if a player has been unable to react for an extended period of game time.

Rule #3 - Have fun

The primary goal of this and any other RP is the enjoyment of the players. Don't be afraid to speak up if another players actions are stopping you from enjoying the game, but keep in mind that the other players need to enjoy the game as well, try not to railroad the entire story and make yourself the only hero or derail the story threads of other players. Communication is key here, make sure you talk to other players if you're not sure about a major decision.



The Alleyverse was the product of a collaboration of multiple guilds. It began when they engaged in first-person role-playing with each other, using the established worldbuilding of the Dark Alley and other groups in an unorganized and unofficial RP. They used PMs and Discord servers to interact, as well as public posts in the SGCG (Social Groups, Clans and Guilds) subforum. By unspoken agreement, they all interacted in the same universe, a shared location built by their writing and interactions between themselves.

The community then decided to build on their success by creating a third-person role play, using the worldbuilding that they had already established. This became known as the Alleyverse. The first-person RP continued, but the creation of the Alleyverse allowed for more structured and thoughtful interactions.

On the 23rd of July 2018 (Mark your calendars) the Alleyverse received it's own subforum! All posts related to the Alleyverse were moved to a single location.



Thanks to @Nohadon for contributing to the content of this section with his guide to thread creation!

The RP consists of numerous types of threads. When creating a new thread please try to add appropriate tags as listed below so that they can be found more easily. A few main types include:

Discussion Threads

Out-of-character threads are used to discuss the RP itself. Much discussion also happens in PMs. When creating a thread which contains no direct RP in it that is intended solely for out of character discussion, please include the 'OOC' (out of character) tag in the thread when creating it.

Guild Threads

These are threads used for the worldbuilding of a guild’s base, for first-person RPing, and for out of character comments and announcements about a guild, for example a request to join it.
When creating a new guild thread, please include the 'Guild' tag.

Main Plot Threads*

These are threads used for the interaction of many characters engaging in a large story arc.
When creating a thread for a new major plot, please include the 'major plot' tag and if this is one thread in a series, please include some tag for the overall series in each thread that is a part of it.

Supporting Threads*

In-character threads that are less active than Main Plot Threads, but serve the purpose of developing characters by providing them with assets or focusing on more personal interactions, for example a character’s shop that sells swords.
When creating a supporting thread please include the 'side plot' tag.

These threads sometimes center around where they are set, making them 'location' threads. 

Threads made for the purpose of character development (usually consisting of posts related to what a character does outside of the Main Plot) are tagged 'CD'. 


A structured thread for two characters to duel in. Check for additional restrictions imposed by the mediator of the duel, for example, a request for non-combatants not to interfere. 
When creating a dueling thread, please include the 'duel' tag.

*When posting out of character comments in an in-character thread, please put your text in a different colour, or in a quote box. 

Any one can join a thread, simply by posting in it. Joining a guild thread works by simply talking with people either in or out of character. Joining a roleplay thread involves having your character exit the previous location thread, then arrive on the new thread, to maintain continuity. The exception to this is if threads are set at different times (or no specific time, like some location threads). Then a character can be in multiple threads at once. 



The Alleyverse has so far been split into three eras:
Era 0: The days before the Alleyverse was formalized, including the shadowdays of inactivity and everything that came before.
Era 1: The era where the Alleyverse was formalized, includes the formation of many of the current guilds as well as the main story threads that culminated in the Seven Day War in the Alleycity.
Era 2: The era where the Alleyverse grew into what it is today, gaining new members, new guilds, new insanity. This era takes place 16 years after the end of the seven days war and culminated in the release of Voidus from the barrier around the world spike.
Era 3: The current era, takes place ~ one year after the end of era 2.



Violent interactions between characters can lead to godmodding (see the rules above), so to provide a fair format for characters to fight in, a structured dueling system is in place. Characters can still fight elsewhere, especially to advance the plot of the RP, but duels are considered a good way to ensure a civil fight.

For each duel, a separate topic from the main RP is made. A duel consists of at least two participants and a mediator. The participants take turns attacking each other. The mediator (who is an out-of-character participant) ensures everyone is fighting fairly and may intervene to settle disputes that arise. At the start, each character is assigned 100 HP. When a character is attacked, the mediator decides the damage done to each character and deducts it from their total. The first person to reach 0 HP loses. Variations of this format are used depending on the circumstances. Non-combatants who wish to post comments in the thread put their text in a quote box or in a different colour to avoid confusion.


The Setting

The Alleyverse is an alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. How it came about is a mystery. Philosophers have suggested that its creation could have been by the hand of an Epic, a shard, or some other powerful being. The planet that the characters interact on resembles Earth. It has similar gravity, plate tectonics, and climate.

The Alleyvillage/Alleycity is located in the Alleyverse. It is an urbanized area wherein many of the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in. It is an inexplicable city, as it is filled with a wealth of natural resources, a concentration of magic, and a lack of central governance. The city is reminiscent of Elendel in Mistborn Era 2, although remarkably modern buildings can be seen interspersed among the castles and warehouses. There are plenty of homes, filled with NPCs who live ordinary lives. 

In the Alleyverse, all settings mentioned in Brandon's books exist, and can be accessed. 


FFRP and Characters
This entire explanation (including the below prescript note) is copied verbatim from @Archer's post on the Alleyverse Explained. Thank you Archer!

This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @TwiLyghtSansSparkles post on FFRP. I recommend that you read her post as well. Thank you TwiLyghtSansSparkles!

FFRP is like a collaborative fanfiction. Participants create characters which they write for that interact with other participant’s characters in a shared world.

Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘primary character’. They may create a few other characters as well, but these characters should be used to support and develop their primary character or the plot. So called ‘secondary characters’ may include spren, companions, apprentices, or heirs (to take over from a primary character when needed). They should not be created to abuse their possessions or investiture for personal gain, or to tag team another character. You may also create non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with or use. For example, an NPC might be created to have a dialogue with at a store while your character is shopping, or an army of NPC knights may be created to attack a castle. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be writing for and developing more than a few characters on a regular basis. 

The FFRP is character-driven. There is no official goal or end result of the FFRP; often there is just a loose plot. Your aim should be to develop your character. Characters determine what will happen next by how they interact with their setting and with other characters. Participants rely on their writing talents and use of description to determine outcomes.

To prevent accidental or intentional abuse of the lack of rules, the FFRP is regulated by consensus. Participants should not unrealistically shield their characters from the consequences of their actions or, create overly powerful characters or characters with a large amount of assets in comparison to those of other participants. If you do so, other participants will politely ask you reconsider your post(s) and to edit them to be fairer or more realistic.

For their major characters, participants are asked to create a character biography. It should at least include the following:

Name: Preferably a name that is easy to type.

Investiture: A character may have any investiture or abilities related to one of Brandon’s magic systems. However, they should only grant them about the same amount of power as other characters have.

Weakness: A way of lessening a character’s power to be comparable with others', and to make your character more interesting.

Special skills and Weapons: It is recommended that weapons are not overly futuristic. Ideally, they should be able to plausibly appear in one of Brandon’s books. Unique weapons from his books should be avoided as well, for example Nightblood. 

Physical characteristics: May include gender, species, hair colour, eye colour, size, common clothing choice etc.

Family: Especially important if needed to explain one’s investiture. Can also be used a motivation for your character. 

Home: Planet. Country and city if applicable.

History/Biography: A paragraph about your character’s backstory. Used to explain how they got their abilities, describe experiences that define them, and to develop their character to become realistic and relatable.

Don't focus on creating the most powerful, most brilliant, or most amazing character in the game. Focus instead on creating an interesting character. The idea is to create a character who feels real. To help you make a good character, read the ones that other participants have created and talk to other participants for advice.

A list of characters can be found on the Alleyverse Characters thread. To add or update yours, please PM @Archer or @Voidus, or comment in the Alleyverse Characters thread.


Edited by Sorana

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Hello everyone! 

As you may have noticed, the mod team is having a hard time keeping up with the character submissions, and as such we are instituting a few changes to help streamline the workload and make things a bit easier. 

The first change is that we are introducing a limit of 5 PC's (Player characters) per player for the main alleyverse RP. What that means is that the first 5 characters you make and play with will be considered PC's. They will abide by the normal rules and restrictions, such as no godmodding, normal power levels, etc. Every character past the first 5 will no longer be counted as PC's, but special NPC's. They aren't allowed to be as powerful as normal characters, and they can and will be godmodded to a certain degree without your permission.

This limit won't apply to the new alleyverse settings, which will probably have their own character limit.

The second change is the addition of a new thread for characters with a slightly different purpose. This one will be for character discussion and not submission. If you want to receive feedback for a character, ask questions, or discuss a ranking with your character, do it there.

The original alleyverse character thread will solely be for the purpose of submitting bios, and getting a mods feedback. If you wan't to submit a character, you post the bio on the alleyverse characters thread, and wait for a mod to reply. No community members should be posting on that thread unless they are asking for a bio to be submitted.

If a community member wants to help out with the ranking of characters, they can quote the post and rank it in the Alleyverse character discussion thread. 

The only posts that should be on the Original Alleyverse Character thread would be people submitting bio's, and mods ranking them or saying that they are posted.

- Alleyverse Mod Team


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Hello everyone!

I hope this announcement is a fair bit less controversial then the last one, but we are redoing the Guild census. Due to a rise in new (Possibly) great guilds, we just want to make sure that everything is sorted out the way it should be. 

The way it’s going to work is we will ask all guild leaders to PM an AV mod, preferably not voidus cuz he’s not going to be online for a while, with a list of all the People who are going to be counted as a member of their guild.

Guild members should contact guild leaders about which guild they want to be counted for.

If someone’s name is listed twice we will talk to that person, or ask the guild leader to talk to that person to clarify the issue.

If your name doesn’t appear at all then we won’t bother you about it.

Any guild that has 5 active* members will be designated a great guild. Any guild that does not, will be a regular guild. 

If you can produce two active members then you get a vote in the Republic. 

-Alleyverse Mod Team

*Activity will be determined on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, we will count people if we know that it is a temporary inactivity, but 


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Hello everyone!

As Era 4 is rapidly approaching, the mod team has decided that we will be opening character submissions for Era 4 early, so that we can avoid a big backlog once the Era starts!

Please post any submissions you have in the alleyverse characters thread.

Also, if you want to have your Era 3 character transferred into Era 4, please make a post in the alleyverse characters thread letting us know which characters need to be transferred and if anything needs to be changed on them. 

- Alleyverse Mod Team. 


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Time to quadruple post!

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, the mod team has been somewhat lacking in activity lately, with several of its members having completely left the Alleyverse.

As such, the Mod team has been working for a couple of weeks to try and select new mods and get them mod powers. 

We haven't  been able to get them mod powers yet, but we have replaced Mraize and kidpen with Sorana and I think I am here. 

Thank you for your patience us as we have been short handed, we hope to be able to be better mods going into Era 4!

- Alleyverse Mod Team 


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Hello again folks! 

The Mod team decided that we are going to set the official start date for Era 4 to Monday.

People have until then to wrap up any posts in All Lights Quenched, polish up plans for Era 4, and write development scenes for their character about the gap in between eras.

-AV Mod Team.


The exact time for starting the next era is 12am UTC, or 21 and a half hours from now.


Here is a timer: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20190916T00&p0=2328&font=cursive&csz=1 

Edited by MacThorstenson

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Hello everybody,

as you might have noticed there have been some changes to the pinned topics. We now have a new guide. It is based on our two previous ones, but it combines their information in one place and I added information based on the questions our new players asked frequently. If you would like to add information to the guide please pm me.

Secondly, I really liked the idea of having a place for announcements on our part (like the start of a new Era). As Mac already started to use one of the old guides for that purpose, I decided to rename the topic and put it solely to that purpose, as I am pretty sure that most didn't even know there were some announcements.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me and ask them!



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I am glad to be able to announce the start of ERA 5!

As of now, Era 4 is officially finished. That means:

  • All location threads move to E5. Please feel free to continue to use them, but should you be the first one to post there, add a quote stating that this thread moved to E5 at the beginning of your post.
  • If you haven't done so, please finish all E4 plots as soon as possible. We try to avoid having two eras going at the same time.
  • Please use only characters that were approved for E5! You can always submit more sheets, if you want to move other characters over to this era (up to our official limit of 5 characters per person active at the same time).
  • Please keep the changes to our canon in mind! I copied them into a spoiler tag below for quick and easy reference.

E1: Guild War did happen, massive destruction of the city (also because of the demons of the Chaos Space Marines), Alleycity wasn't nuked

E2: happened as it did, minus the Phoenix attack on Oasis City

E3: happened as it did, minus the Phoenix attack on Alleycity; the combined forces of the guilds were able to defeat Plasma Core

E4: the exploration happened as it did, the atium was distributed evenly between the participating guilds


As the guilds will be less powerful, several smaller groups exist to fill the vacuum left behind. They don't need to be named, but in general more guilds exist, and the ones with PCs are simply a part of them all.


The slum is located in the north of Alleycity, a part that was heavily destroyed during E1 and E3. People there don't have a 24/7 access to electricity and running water, and they live in the ruins of the houses that used to be there. (So far it used to be in the krater left by the nuking of Alleycity in E1)

And most importantly:

Have fun in the new Era!




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Hello everybody!

There are a few changes regarding the index and character creation that I would like to let you know of.

  1. There is an updated version of the index live. It's hopefully a lot easier to navigate and better balanced. It would be awesome if you could take a look and if you have some feedback regarding its usability let us know!
  2. When creating a character you have 120 points you can spend on any talent you like and there are 30 points that are to be spend on additional skills that aren't combat or Investiture focused (like Handiwork, Scholarship or Intelligence). We hope to balance the additional skills better with this ruling. Should we note that it doesn't work at all, we'll of course reconsider and change it.

Please note that all approved characters will remain approved! These changes will only apply for new character submissions.

Thank you!



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Hello everybody,

based on a discord discussion about a week ago we'd like to adress the whole topic character advancement. As you might have noticed that part is completely missing in the index so far, which is mostly because we as a community haven't come up with a fair way that doesn't lead to hours of more work for the mods so far.

Still we'd like to explain how our current system works. Let's say you play a Knight Radiant and want to speak your next oath. In that case you contact a mod, tell them what you plan to do and we'll approve it (or not). Basically what we're looking for is character development, that happened over some time, so please don't expect to speak an oath every single month.

Our current idea is, that at the end of each Era, when you resubmit your character sheet for the next list of characters, you have the possibility to add some advancement to their sheet. We don't want to grant everybody a fixed number of points, as we would prefer to see characters grow and evolve based on what they did in rp. We can only ask you to keep it logical, and if neccessary will decline an advancement that feels out of place. We will try this out with the transition from Era 5 to Era 6 (whenever that happens) and see if the amount of work it creates is manageable for us or not.

This also leads to something else: due to advancement your character will at one point end up over the cap limit. It's possible, but in that case we'd like to ask you to write your character accordingly. In the end, should it come to a confrontation make sure you give the other player a fair chance to win, or don't solve a plot single handedly.

Another possibility to write a 'stronger than usual' character is by using the OP character sheet. As there haven't been any submissions in a while, maybe here a short explanation. When you fill out that sheet you'll notice, that there are additional fields, like what your character can add to the story. Again, please keep in mind, that we'd like for everybody to be able to contribute to a plot or a fight, so keep that in mind while creating an OP character. Once you are done with that sheet, you submit it in the character thread. This time, we mods won't decide wether you can play the character or not, but the community will. We'll create a vote and allow some time for people to vote or ask questions in the character discussion thread. If they approve, then you can start with your character, just as you would with every other one.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them! In general we would like to hear some feedback and your thoughts on the topic, which is why I'll put that post into the Chat Thread as well.

Voidus and Sorana


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