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Found 81 results

  1. So, many magics in the cosmere, feruchemy among them, require touch to use them. Feruchemists have to be in physical contact with their metalminds in order to store or tap. Or so we've seen. Contact is required, yes, but why does it need to be physical contact? This is the cosmere, we have three realms to work on. I think that the reason touch is required is cause it forms a basic Connection needed to access the magic. But if you could Connect in other ways, maybe touch isn't even required. I think that if you could increase your Connection to a metalmind, say through the use of tapping feruchemical duralumin, you could access that metalmind without touching it. With a weak Connection, you might have to see that metal but with a strong Connection you might be able to access it from anywhere (as long as you stored enough connection to it beforehand) And I don't think it stops with Feruchemy either. I think you could find a way to make this work with allomancy as well, though that may be trickier since allomancy involves not just touch but the metal being inside you. If Connection isn't enough here, you might have to do some tricky stuff with aluminum and Identity as well. I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but I'm sure there's a way. Now, why is this significant? Well there's obvious boons of having easier access to your magic, and not having to carry as much metal on your person when facing a coinshot/lurcher. But there are a few things I want to highlight - 1) A!Aluminum. Now, I don't really see any particular advantage to being able to burn aluminum from afar. No, what I'm interested in here is Aluminum's effect. See, aluminum seems to work on a similar principal to burning metals; if you burn aluminum, all allomantically viable metals in you disappear, even ones you aren't burning. So if there's some piece of metal you want gone, maybe you could tap Connection to it, burn aluminum, and make it disappear. - 2) Ettmetal. Ettmetal is a godmetal, which tend to have powerful effects, but sadly it's a lot like caesium so you're gonna have a bad time touching it, and don't even think about swallowing it unless you like exploding. But with this trick, you wouldn't have to. So what do you think? Does this seem feasible? What are some other applications of this trick?
  2. How would you try to fix the Slave-Form Parshmen with their broken Identity and Connection, without the Everstorm or releasing Ba-Ado-Misram? Anything besides Divine Intervention goes. I'm curious.
  3. I remember that once you give up the power of a Shard, you become a Sliver and your soul is expanded. So would this mean you could handle more Bonds, or maybe attract more Spren to you? I read a few WOB's and one of them said that it was technically possible for multiple Spren to Bond with a human, though they wouldn't like it. Perhaps because the average soul can only properly support a single Nahel Bond and it would be difficult for two Bonds to advance to any meaningful degree, thus leaving the Spren unable to gain more sapience. And perhaps a Sliver could properly support more Bonds, thus preventing their spiritweb from getting clogged up by the number of deep spiritual Bonds. And yeah I know that it's also because of potentially conflicting Oaths but not all of them are going to conflict, I'd think that one could easily uphold the Oaths of both a Windrunner and a Willshaper with minimal difficulty.
  4. So, the Order of Bondsmiths have access to the Surges Tension (which they share with the Stonewards) and Adhesion (shared with the Windrunners. And yet, they have a unique ability to manipulate Connection which no other order possesses. It does not seem to have its source in either of the two aforementioned Bondsmith Surges, as neither of the other Orders which have those Surges have this extra ability. It is a common theme in some cosmere magic systems that two parts together create not just the sum of the two parts but an additional effect, as Kriss mentions in her essay on Compounding. However, this additional effect wouldn't yet seem to be present in any other Radiant order, and so I doubt this theory as well. It would however make sense if this extra power is granted by the fact that the three Bondsmith spren are exceptionally powerful, so it could be assumed that this additional ability was granted through them. It makes sense the the additional power is that of Connection: although said power is generally unrelated to the three greater spren (I believe, but there may be logic I didn't think of for this), Connection is certainly of the Bondsmiths. What are your opinions on this reasoning? If you agree with it, then how do you think the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the Sibling are able to grant this ability? How is the Nightwatcher, being only of Cultivation, able to grant this kind of bond/ability to a Knight Radiant? (We know because of Lift that Cultivation can force her way into Radiant bonds, but it seems she only started this recently, so how could the Nightwatcher bond a Bondsmith?) If you disagree, then where do you think this Connection ability comes from?
  5. Apparently, Hoid is now stuck on Roshar due to his Bond with Design. But if he is a Feruchemist, he could overcome this by storing his Lightweaving and Soulcasting abilities inside a nicrosil metalmind, then compounding those powers, which would replace Honor’s investiture with Preservation’s, thus allowing him to leave. Well, that and he’d also need to break his Bond with Design, but that would be comparatively simple (if somewhat selfish and traitorous).
  6. For awhile, I've wondered how Hemalurgy's inner mechanics that deal with the original Intent of the parasitized Investiture. After all, it takes pieces of other Investiture, with their Intents, such as Preservations, but it somehow Connects you to Ruin more, despite you taking Investiture with a different Intent. I'm now thinking along the lines that when you take a piece of Investiture via Hemalurgy, it converts the Intent of the Investiture taken to Ruin's, at least until the Investiture leaks out and returns to the Spiritual Realm. This would explain how it Connects you to Ruin. I also think that it is possible for this to be done since we've seen another thing do this on screen. This probably isn't a huge deal, but the whole idea that Hemalurgy somehow didn't involve any of Ruin's own Investiture bugged me. Of course, this may be incorrect, but it makes the most sense to me, so this will be my head cannon until some other piece of information tells me otherwise (which I will be open to, if someone else has any ideas).
  7. This is the rivalally cultclub to the F-tin cult, where we acknowledge the truth that Connection is the best power to be able to manipulate. the tin cult can be found here
  8. Can somebody remind me how Sazed was able to pick up Ruin again? I don't remember his personality or actions having much connection to Ruin, and usually your personality has to be related to a Shard's Intent before you can pick it up, so how could he take both Preservation and Ruin? He certainly seemed to embody Preservation as a Keeper.
  9. Since future sight is reading the Connections of spiritwebs, could you prevent someone from seeing your future by removing or hiding your Connections? Would this make you undetectable to Shards and other beings who ‘see’ primarily through the spiritual realm? If completely removing all of your Connections isn’t a viable option, could you simply use Feruchemical Duralumin to prevent yourself from making any new ones? If you were to perform an action while Feruchemically storing your Connection, would someone who could see into your past, such as by burning Malatium, be unable to witness you taking that action?
  10. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Identity and Connection have a closer relation to one another than other attributes? Hemalurgic duralumin is the only non-godmetal to take more than one attribute, which are Identity and Connection. Slaveform is created when a Singer has no Connection or Identity, and both the Connection and Identity of Singers was taken when Ba-Ado-Mishram was captured. Bonds made with Spren are related not just to Connection, but also Identity. These two attributes seem to be very, very closely related, and affecting one seems to usually have some affect on the other. Why is that? Is Identity formed by what Connections you have? Are they attached to the same part of the Spiritweb, explaining why Hemalurgic duralumin can take both? I'd love it if someone could please give me their take on this, and confirm that I'm not some crazed lunatic jumping at something with no relevance.
  11. It is my current understanding that a Bond is essentially a Connection between to entities that also utilizes Identity somehow. So, if you were to spike someone Hemalurgically with a duralumin spike, split the spike into two pieces, then implant a half in two different people, would the two people have a Bond since they now have a shared Connection and at least some overlapping Identity?
  12. A Radiant increases their power by increasing the strength of their Bond with their Spren, which is really just a very strong Connection. If a Radiant who swore the first oath were to tap large amounts of Connection from a Duraluminmind, could they bypass the need to swear more oaths in order to increase their power? Or maybe even if you couldn’t bypass the need to make more oaths, could you maybe be able to speed up the process of swearing more oaths?
  13. If a Radiant stored their connection to their spren in an unlocked duraluminmind, could someone else pick up the metalmind and become a Surgebinder or is that not how F-Duralumin works?
  14. Regardless of how the connection is created, I believe that human to human telepathy is possible when it is strengthened. Thoughts?
  15. For instance, we see that Allomancers will have their powers weaken over generations; their Connection to Preservation, or at least their ability to create a Connection to Preservation, weakening. Is this because Spiritwebs seek to find a state where they are made up of the least investiture possible? In real life, all things seem to want to take the most direct and most energy efficient route to a desired goal or end result. Is this what’s going on with the Spiritwebs that have powers innately tied to them, perhaps?
  16. Let’s say a Bondsmith were to change the Connection of someone temporarily. Then that person conceived a child during that temporary period where their Connection was changed. Would the child inherit those artificial Connections, or at least what would normally be inherited from them, as if they were natural? Would they be permanent for the child?
  17. If a duralumin Ferring traveled to Patji and tapped enough Connection, could they gain innate powers tied to that place similar the the animals and plants there? Barring that, could a Kandra or other shapeshifter who traveled there use Feruchemical duralumin along with their shapeshifting abilities to help them form a symbiotic bond with the worms of Patji?
  18. Shards who are bound, such as Odium, only seem to be able to directly interact with those who they are Connected to. So, hypothetically, let’s say that Taravangian got ahold of an Unsealed Feruchemical Duraluminmind and used it to create a strong Connection between himself and Jasnah Kholin. Would he, after ascension, be able to use that Connection to directly meet and interact with Jasnah as he could Dalinar?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new here and so I apologize if his has already been discussed to death (I didn't find threads in a search, but there are a lot so I could easily have missed some). But I've long wondered if Harmony is right when he describes the connections of Metallic Arts to Ruin, Preservation, and an interaction between them. His connection of Hemalurgy to Ruin seems clear enough: you have to kill a person to use it, and the amount of power in the resulting spike is less than the victim had. Ruinous. But Feruchemy always seemed more like Preservation to me than an interaction between Preservation and Ruin both. Nothing is gained or lost when an attribute is stored or withdrawn, it is just maintained almost perfectly until some time in the future. Where is the Ruin in that? (The only example I can think of with imperfect storage is Ruin's manipulation of copperminds). Conversely, Allomancy requires serious physical damage to awaken, destroys the metals used to catalyze its effects, and is described as producing a net gain by Harmony. None of those are very Preservation-like. In a similar vein, Preservation couldn't create dynamic individuals by itself and required cooperation from Ruin to create the humans on Scadrial-- the ability to choose to Preserve at some times and Ruin at others was more than was present in the other animals implied to be within Preservation's ability to create. That sounds more like the Allomantic net gain to me. My mind reaches for explanations and finds unsatisfying scraps. Allomancy existed before anyone swallowed lerasium, albeit in a weaker form, and Preservation was already a critical component of Scadrial's people, so maybe their Allomancy came from that and the huge dose of Connection from lerasium beads creates the otherwise impossibly rare Mistborn. But then the Connection to Preservation from burning lerasium doesn't grant them anything like Feruchemy, so that idea starts falling apart... All of this is pretty pointless speculation since we have so much information suggesting that Allomancy goes with Preservation: the mists swirl around people using Allomancy but not Feruchemy, swallowing a bead of lerasium is what grants super-Allomancy (in the form of Mistborn) in the first place, and Harmony (who holds both relevant Shards and would presumably know everything on the topic) explicitly says so. But outside of those, is there any discussion, here, in-text, or in a WoS that addresses my confusion?
  20. Could Kelsier/Thaidakar use Connection in some form (for example: medallions or whatever Ishar is doing in his experiments) to get off Scadrial? I would think the medallions could help Kelsier stay on another planet if he reached one (by Connecting his soul to that planet), but would there be a way to use one to get off Scadrial in the first place? Could you use a medallion to Connect your soul to the Cognitive Realm as a whole, allowing you to travel through it to different planets? Ishar's experiments are really weird and disturbing, but could a bondsmith or someone else with access to the surge of Connection pull Kelsier into the Physical Realm or to a different system? Create a body similarly to how Ishar created bodies for the spren he pulled into the physical (except one that doesn't kill the cognitive shadow/spren)? Just thoughts...
  21. I have been thinking a lot recently about the Shards and noticed that it is not just Ruin and Preservation that have to do with change over time, but Cultivation is also in that category. That made me suspect that there is a fourth Change over Time Shard and Invention seems most likely to fill that role. That made me wonder if all the Shards were set in four groups of four like the basic allomantic metals. If we start with the Time Shards as a template, here is the table I came up with. Time/Change Relationship/ Connection Power/ Determination Emotion/ Identity Growth Cultivation Devotion Ambition Valor Stability Preservation Honor Dominion Whimsey Decay Ruin Autonomy Mercy Odium Transformation Invention Endowment I am most confident of the left column and reducing confidence as it moves right. I have no confidence in the rows of the Emotion/Identity Shards, but they seem to belong in their column together. The Emotion/Identity column is possibly mislabeled, but I can't think of something better. Mercy, Endowment, and Autonomy could very credibly be in different places on the table. The entire Transformation Row is dubious to me as only Invention fits well as the Time Transformation Shard. I would love the 17th Shards help in organizing the Shards. If we can find the true order here, then we will know that the two missing Shards fit in the gaps. Knowing that a Shard is missing in the Power Transformation slot may help us identify it. One final thing I like about the table is that it breaks Adonalsium into his Power, Identity, Connection, and Change over Time. These feel like a way that a God might shatter. Thank you for your help. Chip
  22. If a duralumin Ferring were to store their ability to form Connections while a Spren tried to Bond them, would the Spren be unable to form the Bond? Would the amount of Connection stored in the Ferring's Duraluminmind be increased because their is another source that they were potentially drawing from?
  23. I’ve been thinking about Feruchemical duralumin and all the really interesting possible uses for it, which got me thinking; if a duralumin Ferring were to store all their ability to make Connections, would no one else’s ability to make Connections matter to them? Okay, let me go more in depth; let’s say that two duralumin Ferrings meet each other. One Ferring wants to make fast friends, so they tap their Duraluminmind. The other Ferring wants to stay away and remain unnoticed, so they fill their Duraluminmind. Now, the question; would there be no enhanced Connection made between the two Ferrings, even though one is tapping a lot of Connection, since the other isn’t able to make Connections at the moment? That would mean that Connection is a two-way phenomenon; you can only make a Connection with someone if they too can make a Connection with you. Would this mean that a Bondsmith wouldn’t be able to forge a Connection with a Ferring who was storing all of their ability to make Connection away? I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t think of Connection as a two-way phenomenon before, as it seems pretty obvious now that I really think about it. I might still be wrong with how this scenario would play out, though. How do you think this hypothetical situation with Connection would pan out?
  24. We see in The Hero of Ages that Vin has certain limitations on the amount of Koloss that she can control via Connection at any given time; the more she controls, the more pressure it puts on her. Could it be that ancient entities in the Cosmere can suffer from having too many Connections that pressure their Spiritweb, and that this leads to insanity if left unchecked? This is may partially be why the Fused and Heralds are having such a hard time, and why Kelsier really wants to capture and interrogate a Herald.
  25. One of the ways that you can increase your Connection to a Shard of Adonalsium is by taking certain actions that line up with that Shard’s Intent. For instance, we see in Mistborn: Secret History that Kelsier is very Connected to Ruin, despite him not even using Ruin’s magic system. This is because Kelsier is a very destructive person, preferring to destroy rather than preserve, and we can see this in his actions. However, Feruchemical Duralumin seems to work by allowing one to store their natural ability to form Connections. So, if one wanted to Connect to a particular Shard, it might be that all they’d need to do is to perform a few actions that line up with their Intent while tapping a large dose of Feruchemical Duralumin. On the flip side, someone might be able to prevent themselves from becoming too Connected to a Shard by deliberately storing Feruchemical Duralumin while performing actions that line up with their Intent. For example, if Kelsier were to get his hands on an Unsealed Feruchemical Duralumin mind, he could store his ability to form Connections while fighting and killing to prevent his Connection to Ruin from gaining strength, and when he performed acts that lined up with Preservation’s Intent, he could tap that stored Connection. Because the strength of a magic user is at least partially determined by the strength of the Connection between that person and the Shard that their magic comes from, I think that this method might be able to be used to strengthen one’s previously existing powers, though I’m not sure they would be able to form new powers from scratch. I think that the reason we don’t see Mistborn, Mistings, or Hemalurgists increase their power over time is because they simply don’t have the natural ability to create Connections strong enough to make an increase of power. Radiants can increase the strength of their powers though, and that leads me to believe that the reason they can do this is because their Spren have highly invested spiritwebs they would be able to increase their power over time; a “large”, highly invested spiritual aspect allows for greater Connections to be made naturally. To help this theory, we see in this WoB that if Kelsier, now a highly expanded Cognitive Shadow, went to Roshar, he could grant someone powers by bonding to them.