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Found 39 results

  1. This is something I just thought of while finishing RoW. Typically a Darkeye can become a Lighteye when they bond a Shardblade or become a Knight Radiant. Yet somehow we have had natural born Lighteyes that has continued for just a bit under 4000 years, most likely since the Recreance. We also know that Deadeyes only started appearing since the Recreance. The link between both "races" would seem to be that the eyes were affected since this happened. We are aware that the sealing of BAM had wide reaching affects on Roshar. A similar example we observe is how the Parshendi were affected by the sealing of BAM, specifically in my opinion is that their Identity was taken away from them. Deadeyes also seem to be in a "Identity"-less state like the Parshmen are. So it feels like something was ripped from the Spiritweb of the spren and imprinted on the humans at the time of unbonding. This then became a hereditary trait on the few people who unbonded their spren/took the dropped shards and continued to pass it onto their descendant's spirtiwebs. TBH I think this might have been very obvious for some people but this just hit me like the stormwall haha.
  2. Connection lets you understand and speak languages. The most impressive feat came from Venli when she understood the returning Fused in Oathbringer. How indirectly can this ability work? If she finds a book in an extinct language, can she read it, because the author and readers understood it? If the speaker does not know what he or she is saying, i.e. an actor giving a phonetically learned speech, will she understand it? If the speaker intends not to be understood, like in the cases rare languages are used for secure radio communication or a message is written in code, will she understand it?
  3. Hello everybody, I'm a newbie to the forums and want to share in on some fan theories and cool Cosmere discussions. I was recently listening to a great podcast, Cosmere Conversations, and it got me thinking... Shard Carry-Ons When beings seize the power of the Shards and ascend to become Vessels, their immediate belongings like clothing and weapons accompany them into some pocket dimension or into the Spiritual Realm. Leras had a knife on him during Secret History. Rayse, Leras, Ati, and Vin materialize with their original clothing once they died. Sazed ascended with his metalminds and was even able to access them. I was incorrect. He tapped them just before ascending and they dropped to the ground. Thanks @LewsTherinTelescope! So, what other carry-on luggage can you bring along on the ride to godhood? Shardblade/Shardplate? Bonded spren/Unmade? Nightblood? Hemalurgic spikes? God metals/Essences? Pancakes? Anti-Light? Restrictions & Resistance So are there any restrictions? Could Investiture or Connection play a role? We see that Vin was unable to ascend until she removed her earring (hemalurgic spike). But Sazed was able to ascend with his heavily Invested metalminds. Perhaps the flavor of Investiture is key? Vin could not seize the power of Preservation (end-positive) because she was holding the power of Ruin (end-negative). Sazed was able to seize the power of both Preservation and Ruin along with his metalminds because Feruchemy is of both Preservation and Ruin (end-neutral)! I'm not sure if there is a connection with Connection here (at least in the relationship between the Invested items and the Shard), since Vin and Sazed would be very Connected with their respective items. Regarding Nightblood near the end of RoW, it's possible (but not explicitly stated) that the sword could have fallen away or out of Taravangian's grasp before he ascended. I don't think Taravangian would have been able to ascend with Nightblood in hand anyway...but perhaps if there was a similar scenario with Endowment instead of Odium... My hypothesis so far based on observations: Attempting to seize the power of a Shard while holding the Investiture of another Shard will be met with resistance. Shard Merging Is Harder Than It Looks We have witnessed only a single Shard merger and it was as easy as picking up the power of both Shards at the same time, right? But could this have been accomplished under different circumstances? Remember the profound resistance that Vin (as Preservation) experiences when trying to attack Ruin? Almost like opposite pushing the same ends of a magnet together. She eventually does attack him in full force, but kills them both in the process - no merging takes place. Did the end-neutral nature of Sazed's Invested metalminds act as a catalyst for the merge? What if he was instead an Allomancer or was spiked or didn't have any relevant Investiture at all? Could a spiked Allomancer take and merge both Shards? I know there is a lot of intentional poetic symbology in Mistborn (Ruin + Preservation = Harmony), but perhaps balance is exactly what's needed for any successful Shard merger. Balanced Investiture We are introduced to balanced or stabilized Investiture combinations in the form of Shardblades (Honor metal + Cultivation metal), Towerlight (Stormlight + Cultivation light), and Warlight (Stormlight + Voidlight). I have a sneaking suspicion that these discoveries in Investiture will have profound importance if these Shards are ever going to merge. We will probably see Navani experimenting with combining all three lights in the next book. Considering Raboniel's doubtful comment on the amount of Anti-Light it would take to destroy Odium, I don't think this path would be pursued. Revised hypothesis: Attempting to seize the power of a Shard will be met with resistance while holding the Investiture of another Shard. Merging multiple Shards will be met with resistance unless holding the combined Investiture of these Shards. Now Some Hot Takes Navani becomes/creates the catalyst to merge Honor, Cultivation, and damnation, maybe even Odium! Hoid has been collecting bits and pieces of Investiture all over the Cosmere. What if he possessed a small bit of Investiture from each Shard and was able to become a Vessel with all these on his person? Would this create a mini-Adonalsium? A "Shard" that isn't actually bound by any singular Intent and has more agency? I don't know but I wanna believe! Sorry for the long rant. Please, share with me your thoughts on all this! Has anyone else here posted some similar nonsense?
  4. Hi everyone. I tried searching here on the Shard if this has been discussed before and I didn't find anything... Anyway, there's a WoB that states that compounded duralumin can "break into" a kandra (and presumably a koloss or even an inquisitor), similar to how a powerful enough soother or rioter could. Are there any theories on how that works? I guess the compounder would tap enough connection that they and the kandra "become one" (maybe in a similar way some theorize swearing the Fifth Ideal would make Radiant and their spren one?). But maybe there's some better explanation for it, which is why I'd like to here your thoughts. Another question I have, thanks to a post in the F-Duralumin Club, is whether a connector would be able to hear the rhythms on Roshar if they tapped connection. Do you think this would be possible? The WoB about a duralumin compounder "breaking into" a kandra is this one: The post in the F-Duralumin Club is this:
  5. This is the rivalally cultclub to the F-tin cult, where we acknowledge the truth that Connection is the best power to be able to manipulate. the tin cult can be found here
  6. Can a bondsmith connect a person to a different investiture system? Not the mistborn system, but what about the selish systems? That would be cool especially for Jasnah who would research the crap out of the Aons.
  7. I am pretty sure that I saw someone else say something about this, but for the life of me I can’t find the post. It is an interesting theory so I want to hear ideas. When BAM was imprisoned, it affected the entire land and created slave form among the singers. It created a new state of being for them. What if it also affected the spren of the Knights Radiant?. What if before the imprisonment of BAM, the bond could be broken without killing the spren, only some pain on their part. BAM getting imprisoned changed the land and the Knights didn’t know anything had changed. They had the plan to end their oaths but they didn’t realize it would kill the spren.
  8. When Kelsier picked up Preservation, he was unable to fully control its power because Ruin was holding him in check, but also because he had his Connection to the physical realm severed when he died. When Taravangian killed Rayse and took up Odium, why did he have full access to the Shards power? Szeth had just killed his body with Nightblood, which severed his Connection. He was in the same boat as Kelsier, but he got full power? Theories, support, discussion, or criticism are all welcome.
  9. I’m new, so my apologies if this has been discussed (I searched, but came up empty). I find I’m vaguely yet persistently troubled by how easy it has become for characters who don’t seem to share a common language to speak freely. I’ll cheerfully admit it’s my lack of understanding/reading skill, rather than any shortcoming on Brandon’s part. Can you help? In addition to current Rosharan languages (Alethi, Veden, Azish, Shin, Thaylen, Herdazian, Listener, etc., a complete list would be neat – is there one?), there are all the known old dead languages (e.g., Ancient Alethi, Dawnchant), plus who knows how many unknown ones that may suddenly come up (e.g., Fused). I love the idea that some forms of Investiture or Connection allow innate knowledge of any language, as we see with Dalinar and Venli, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to explain ALL the ways language barriers are being overcome. In the case of educated people like Jasnah and Sigzil, it’s reasonable to expect them to be able to speak multiple languages. But many of our main characters are poorly educated at best. Specific examples: Lift grew up in Rall Elorim and Azir. She speaks to Dalinar in a vision (in Azish, I assume, same as with Yanagawn), but I don’t see any credible reason to think she would have learned Alethi. Dabbid, Teft, and Kaladin have never shown any ability to speak Azish. So what language are they using to talk? The Fused can hardly be expected to understand “modern” human languages, which probably didn’t exist 4500 years ago, and indeed, at first, they all seem to require translators like Venli. At the beginning of RoW, the only communication between Windrunners and Heavenly Ones is accomplished by gestures… yet by the end of RoW, Leshwi and Kaladin seem to be conversing easily. In what tongue? Please help me get past this stupid detail which is diminishing my enjoyment!
  10. Brief note regarding Adolin and Maya. When spren come to the physical realm, we know they lose intelligence/cognition until they spend long enough with a Connection to a radiant. Is it possible that, in the cognitive realm, Connection to a radiant could lend physical recovery over time? Could that mean a different set or distribution of powers?
  11. So with the recent creation of the f-duralumin club, I got to thinking about interesting f-duralumin twinborn. Which made me wonder what allomantic powers heavily use Connection. The obvious answers are the ones that affect other people. Nicrosil, chromium, zinc, brass, maybe copper and bronze, maybe atium and malatium. So what would enhancing your connection do to these? Nicrosil and chromium generally require touch, which I think is to establish a basic connection with your target, and if so I think you could tap f-duralumin to leech/burst someone without touching them. I also think you could use it to generally strengthen any form of allomancy you use that targets someone else. But interestingly, and this would be useful even if you're not a twinborn, this would probably mean if someone tries to allomancy you, you could store connection to counteract it. If you're fighting someone who's burning atium, you could use f-duralumin to make it so that they don't see your shadows. You could maybe even mimic copper and hide yourself from a Seeker if you know what you're doing. So what do you all think? Am I completely off base here? Are there other cool uses for f-duralumin?
  12. rhythm of war

    I've been thinking how weird it is how bondsmith spren can just make or conduct various forms of investiture come into the physical realm. I think they might be Spren of the spiritual realm, first off the investiture itself is of the spiritual realm so them manipulating something not of the cognitive realm is weird. Second the Nightwatcher can do some kind of trickery with connection though I may be wrong since it seems everything attributed by the Nightwatcher was actually cultivation. I have feeling that when the gods of Roshar made bondsmith spren and unmade the took creatures from the spiritual realm and made them or unmade them so that they could experience the physical and cognitive realms. what do you think? Also since all things in the spiritual ream exist as one, it isn't weird for them to be as different as they are as bondsmith spren because the are probably like given more individual identity out of the spiritual realm.
  13. Ishar has shown that a Bondsmith unchained is EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS. What is either Dalinar or the Bondsmith honorblade were taken off world to Scadrial. The timeline would actually be pretty accurate, and they could arrive about when Wax and the Set are looking for the Bands of Mourning. With an unchained Bondsmith, the wishes of Kandra and the Set would be fulfilled. The only thing needed would be 16 allomancers and 16 feruchemists. Their Connection to their power could be transferred to a single person, and then they could create unkeyed metal minds at will, with their metalmind quantities growing exponentially. Am I right or am I crazy?
  14. Hey y'all! So I was recently thinking about how Nale killed a few radiants using Nightblood. Now, we know that Nightblood consumes investiture indiscriminately, so I was curious about the effect that Nightblood would have on the spren of a radiant that it killed. We see from Nightblood that when he even pricks a person, that is enough to allow him to consume the investiture that is that person entirely, we also know that the Nahel bond is very intimate, the spren and human that are bonded have their spirits intimately tied together, so I am wondering if Nightblood has an affect on the spren themselves as well. Are there any WOB's on this?
  15. Okay, I know I've been making a fair few forum topics today/recently, but blame RoW and the preview chapters and stuff. My mind is abuzz with new information and trying to fit it into place with what I already know about the cosmere. That being said, here's another idea that I've had bouncing around in my cranial region for the past couple hours. Can F-Duralumin push the Nahel Bond beyond it's standard limits? I think so. For one, it's a hack that would require some pretty rare prerequisites. For one, a Connector Ferring, and one that can Worldhop to Roshar, and also be broken enough to become a Radiant. So it's not like this will become anywhere close to common anytime soon (perhaps by era 4 mistborn, but... I feel like that sort of power level is going to be needed at that point. I don't know why, it's just a gut feeling). Anyway, the actual realmatics behind it (besides the obvious of "nahel bond = connection = F-duralumin") is dependent on F-Duralumin being able to selectively store different Connections. If a Connector ferring can do that, then this is pretty much possible. As to what would actually happen, well, when storing, it's probable that the Radiant and Spren would both suffer losses due to it; the Spren becoming less sapient in the physical realm, and the Radiant's surgebinding weakening. Not really great, but it's something that can be hacked around with Compounding, so... Eh. Give a Duralumin Gnat a connector medallion and send em to Roshar; they'll be able to speak the local languages with the Connection anyway. As for tapping, well... I have no storming clue. Possibly more power with the surges? More efficient stormlight holding? A full merge of the two spiritwebs into one being (which may be what happens at the 5th Ideal anyway)? Pseudo-Heraldry?? ...You know, looking back at this I really feel like I should've had a more concrete theory on the consequences of tapping F-Duralumin with a Nahel bond... Oh well! You guys can have fun theorizing the effects too.
  16. Selish magic can access at least Fortune, as seen by the Dakhor assassin in Teod. AonDor can do a lot of physical things and also has mental and corporal capabilities. But what about spiritual stuff? Can it tap into Fortune or manipulate Identity? Given that it is built on geographic constraints, Connection seems to be taboo. What do you think?
  17. A duralumin Ferring can store Connection, and a duralumin Compounder can have unlimited Connection. How can our Compounder use this to become a Mistborn? Lerasium Lerasium, Preservation's godmetal, grants Allomancy. To do this, it rewrites your Spiritual DNA, increasing your Connection to Preservation. For Allomancers, metals are a 'key' that lets them use Preservation's Investiture through the Connection. Duralumin Feruchemy: A duralumin Ferring can store Connection. Since tin and nicrosil Ferrings can store selectively, duralumin Ferrings should be able to do the same. Everyone on Scadrial is Connected to Preservation, so a duralumin Ferring should be able to store this once he knows what he's looking for. Allomancy: A duralumin Misting can burn duralumin. If he's also a duralumin Ferring, he can burn his own metalminds for tenfold return-this is called compounding. It's not really infinite Feruchemy, though-a compounder is still limited by how fast they can burn their metalminds. With just a few flakes of steel, Wax can Steelpush for quite a while, so burning seems pretty slow. It would take a while for a normal compounder to get through a metalmind. Our duralumin compounder is not a normal compounder, though. Duralumin Allomancy burns through metals instantly and releases all the power at once, so our compounder is not limited by burning speed. He can get absurd amounts of Connection to Preservation instantly. Savancy: Using lots of Investiture rewrites your Spiritweb, making you a savant. If you're constantly tapping huge amounts of Connection to Preservation, savancy might rewrite your sDNA to have a permanent Connection with Preservation. If it doesn't, then a duralumin compounder can still be a Mistborn-he just has to tap Connection when he wants to use Allomancy. Other Theories The Set's breeding program: As of Bands of Mourning, the Set seem to have changed their goals. Even if the breeding program continues, a child of two Allomancers should have around the same Allomantic potential as their parents, so where does the Mistborn come from? Hemalurgy: That would take a lot of spikes. Harmony could control them easily, and if he didn't care about it, a regular Soother supported by a Nicroburst would do the trick too. It wouldn't be hard to deal with a Mistborn made this way. Nicrosil Compounding: Unsealed metalminds interfere with each other, but if that's solved, then a nicrosil compounder could become Mistborn with medallions. However, since they can compound the ability to use Allomancy, their Allomancy could be as powerful as the Lord Ruler's. That's too powerful-a serial killer with the Lord Ruler's Allomancy could kill everyone in a city with Rioting alone. Kelsier: He made the Bands of Mourning. He's probably Fullborn, so he can only lose by act of God. Also, removing Kelsier's eye-spike would remove his Connection to the Physical Realm, and that sounds a lot like 'removing the Lord Ruler's bracers means that he ages to dust'.
  18. Connection Theory: I have started watching the Shardcasts, and there seems to be a lot of -opinions- floating around. I wanted to make a comprehensive theory for my own benefit. I also wanted to work through these examples with hypothetical examples so that there is fewer miscommunications. Terms: This will be where I keep track of Cosmere related terms. Some may not come up, but this is how I've started referring to them within myself. Since differentiating between certain things (mostly Investiture) can get contrived if these things aren't referred to distinctly. Investment: The Apparatus of a soul that puts Investiture to use. Investiture: Magic "Stuff", alternate form of matter and energy. Invested: An entity containing -more- Investiture. Connection: Any link between two perceivable entities. Identity: Spiritweb vibrations that denote separation between the many connections of the web. Base concepts: Connection Types as they pertain to people: Personal: This influence how open to this person's ideas you are, and how likely you are to forgive/accept differences in that person. Land: This influences your feeling of 'home' or comfort and your desire to help/defend/improve that loci. Time: This influences your physical age, recollection, and "Destiny." Items: This influences the items cognitive presence, and can even cause that object to take on a person's identity. In every referenced instance of connection, we presume that connection matters most and moves through the Spiritweb from one identity set to another, and that is as far as impact is made. However, I would posit, that having a STRONG connection to one identity requires weaker connections with -many- things. I do not think a basic connection to a person gives you the ability to speak their language. I think it influences your predisposition for -maybe- -someday- deciding to speak that language, and you have to actively seek out those other connections. HOWEVER, a strong enough connection developed sincerely and over time, will establish those connections to the necessary sources so that language is shared. Example: An English speaker marries a non-English speaker...eventually they begin to form some manner of understanding between them. Which way does Connection work do you suppose? Does person X developing a STRONG connection to person Y give them connections to the connections making up person Y's identity, or does that strong connection to person Y give person X limited access to person Y's connections. I believe the connections should link to Person X, because only that which is denoted on -your- Spiritweb changes you, or connection matters about how far away from the entity in question you are, but that implies movement itself, which is also problematic in a locations don't exist way. I also believe that all things begin with connections to each other. They all have connections to the same three planes of existence. They are all composed of Investiture of the Shards, and all the Shards began as Adonalsium. If everything exists in the spiritual world as a super position, and only the way it happens is always the way it will have had happened....then all things being cosmerologically entangled makes sense...more than not. This will matter much more as "Fortune" comes into play. This is relevant because it shows us how all things -could be- connected, and when strengthening connections that there is no web movement, necessary. Unexplored Ideas and Questions: Connection to Abstracts: Do you believe that the Shards are "Connected" to the abstracts that compose their intent? Do you believe that a person can be "Connected" to the concept of "Honor" or "Evil?" Non-Conscious Connections: Can two objects become so linked that they become one identity? Would this have physical effects, necessarily? For instance, a set of marbles could have been stored together so long that it thinks of itself as the whole of the set, rather than each individual marble. Presume they're made out of metal... If part of the set were pushed would it move the entirety of the set? (I don't think so, I think they are a set whilst stored, and become individuals when apart, just by virtue of how human understanding works.) If a man had a wooden leg for so long that it -became- part his identity...would spiritual healing repair the broken wood? USING Connection: Spiritual Adhesion: I would assert that this STRONG connection to a person, presented by Dalinar, makes many weaker connections to other entities which are important to the beings "Identity." He will have or use connections to the person, homeland, family, and friends to a much weaker extent while the 'faux-connection' lasts. Allowing for 'native-speaker' type speech. Era 2 Medallion: The connection is established with the land rather than a person. This MODERATE connection to the land overwrites your own connections to your own land, and provides weak connections to more things (the people of that land) which is enough weak connections to provide to speak the language filtered through your own identity, thus retaining your accent. This will differ for a "Connection" Ferring, as it will *swap* their connection for their home with the connection they are tapping to make language, allowing them to speak as a native speaker. The accent is a side effect from using investiture filtered through an "Identity"-resonance that is not their own. (Lower case r resonance) Edit Log: Swapped Investiture and Investment Definitions.
  19. @Spoolofwhool's recent theory made me peer again into the Spiritual Realm. My conclusions may be more nuanced than new. I focus on time and foresight to illustrate. As always, this post represents MY INTERPRETATION of text and Brandon’s words even if not every sentence so states. Theory I theorize sentient life’s perceptions form all Spiritual Realm Connections and Spiritual aspects. The Spiritual Realm is a null set until some mind starts writing data there. I believe raw Spiritual Realm Investiture is protean, changeable, and can execute any command a mind imagines. Perception limits raw Investiture’s infinite scope for both Intentional magic and Connection formation. Adonalsium programmed the cosmere’s unknowable “operating system.” In-world people use the metaphor “Connection” to explain Adonalsium’s operating system. Connections describe perceived Physical Realm reality. Words like time and space have Cognitive and Physical Realm meaning but are “irrelevant” in the Spiritual Realm. IMO, perceiving a Connection writes that Connection onto raw Spiritual Realm Investiture. Connections are the programming code that defines Spiritual aspects. Connections collectively hold the cosmere’s full set of perceived information. Connections make the cosmere’s operating system comprehensible to mortal minds. Connections plug into the operating system like software applications. I think metaphors like time and space work as they do in the Physical Realm BECAUSE mortals perceive they work that way (or so Syl says). Two reasons magic systems differ are their Shard and their planet’s Cognitive Realm subastral. Each subastral’s unique perceptions form unique Connections. Each planet runs a slightly different version of Connection software. Hence hacking. What Brandon Says Analysis IMO, Brandon’s two key ideas are: (1) “Only Connection” has Spiritual Realm relevance; and (2) Spiritual Realm time and space “don’t mean anything,” are “irrelevant,” and are “one” with all other times and places. I reconcile these ideas by concluding time and space are themselves “only Connection.” If they are SR-irrelevant, time and space must be Cognitive Realm constructs sentient minds impose on the Physical Realm. Brandon acknowledges this and says our physics is also a construct – a way humans impose order on earth. Sentient minds define Connections. Sentient Minds Write Connections onto Raw Investiture Brandon says the cosmere’s “fantastical version of quantum physics” means “thinking about something can directly influence it.” Thinking (or feeling) can write or rewrite a Connection that changes the Spiritual aspect. In Cognitive Realm time perception, that programming can occur moment by moment. Space-Time As a human construct, space-time has no SR relevance except through Connection. A newborn’s birth programs its Spiritual aspect with its human-imposed calendar birth date. The SR stores that Connection’s information. Other Connections store information on life expectancy, place of birth, and ethnicity. Each of these represents the human term for some feature of the cosmere’s operating system. Past Events A society’s “history” exists in the collective memories of its people. IMO, these events are stored in their Connection to people who witnessed or are taught/told about the events; and the events’ Connection to art, writing, or other artifact that memorializes the events. Perception affects these Connections: “History is written by the victors.” Singers and humans have different Connections with their past that reveal different explanations for the present. Over CR/PR time, “history” is erased and forgotten as memory and artifacts fade. I speculate the Spiritual Realm “backs up” all its Connection data. Maybe this occurs at the atomic or sub-atomic level as people and objects decay into their components. Former Connections remain detectable the way digital data never fully erases. Seeing the past through Connections seems easy. The information Connections store may exist “forever,” or at least as long as someone or some artifact remembers it. This information should be available to anyone whose magic allows them to look at it. Foresight Brandon confirms Vessels “don't know the future exactly.” Shards vary in their foresight abilities. I tie Shard differences to their “fundamental law/primal force.” Preservation (stasis) foresees better than Ruin (entropy). Honor (bonds) says Cultivation foresees better than him. Renarin discovers Voidbinding’s limits when Dalinar rebuffs Odium despite Renarin’s contrary visions. Brandon believes cosmere future time is uncertain, a matter of possibility. If time, and hence future time, exists only as the construct of the collective sapient mind, what makes the future predictable at all? I’ll trot out some thoughts with no conclusions: 1. Brute Force Method. Maybe Vessels predict the future by trying to read the whole set of cosmere Connections – all the cosmere’s perceived information. Kelsier says you must “sort through” the SR’s “horrible overload of information and sensation.” Vessels might seek the sapient population’s collective sense of the future’s direction and weigh its probability against the full information Connections hold. This method resembles how the psycho-historian Hari Seldon foresees events in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. Taravangian seems to have written the Diagram with the brute-force method. 2. Algorithm Method. Each Vessel might use a Shard-specific algorithm to streamline their Connection data analysis. Maybe Fortune has its own streamlining algorithm when magic users tap that Spiritual attribute. These algorithms may cull and organize Connection data to make the future more comprehensible. 3. “Time Ribbons” Method. Maybe Adonalsium built Leras’ “ribbons of the future” into the cosmere’s operating system. Vessels and/or magic users can peer into these ribbons to foresee. (FWIW, Leras likes colorful language, as his Realmic “light” metaphor shows (also in M:SH).) All or none of these ideas might be “right-tracked.” They are not mutually exclusive. I’m sure there are other explanations. Foresight’s mechanics elude me. Conclusion My theory again: Spiritual Realm Connections reflect sentient life’s perceptions and not the cosmere’s underlying reality. Human metaphors like space and time are “irrelevant” in the Spiritual Realm but explain the Physical Realm in terms humans understand. As the Spiritual aspect’s programming code, Connections IMO execute sentient life’s programming commands. These include everything from a chasmfiend Connecting “food” with humans but not rocks, to Kaladin’s re-bonding his Connection to gravity. Connections paint Physical Realm reality to form the sensory tapestry sentient life experiences – the cosmere version of the Matrix. SPOILER: Postscript for @Calderis
  20. Ok before you call me insane, let me explain my thought process here. Firstly, the inspiration: I recently read a theory that Nightblood, by being Awakened with "destroy" in its command, is attempting to mimic Ruin's investiture (or is otherwise Connecting to Ruin in some form). The black mist Nightblood emits actually lends itself to this theory. it resembles the black Mist of Ruin/the Deepness, after all. The gaseous form of Ruin's investiture (if i'm not mist-aken ). Secondly, the Extrapolation: using other Shardic Intent-related keywords in an Awakening of metal with thousands of breaths would cause a similar effect if nightblood is in fact Connected to/mimicking Ruin's investiture. So with that established, let me get into the meat of this mad idea of mine. A ring, necklace, or other metal accessory, awakened at the Ninth Heightening, commanded along the lines of "devote yourself to connecting me to the Dor" (or some other Command that implies this) with the appropriate mental image of a Connection from Elantris/Arelon/the Dor to the ring/the wearer. (though Nightblood is already very effective at connecting to his wielder, as we've seen with Szeth in SA, so it might just need to be connecting the Dor and the Ring) Another thing that makes me think this COULD work is that the Dor WANTS to have an outlet. using Breaths to basically amp up the connection such that it works far from Elantris/Arelon would (imo) not be resisted by the Dor once it was established (especially considering you could Awaken the ring in Elantris to make it easier to Connect). This theory basically hinges on a lot of small, theoretical quirks of Awakening and AonDor to work, but if it did, an Elantrian could use AonDor anywhere in the Cosmere! I'm totally ok with someone debunking this with facts or theories of their own, I just need to know what y'all think.
  21. I was reading another thread and someone mentioned their theory on Nightblood and Ruin, it got me thinking about how Kelseir was Connected to Ruin in mistborn and I was wondering if Nightblood could also have some significant Connection? Obviously he'd have a very strong Connection to Endowment being made with 1000 breaths but with his command being destroy evil and the way he interprets that being extremely destructive, corrupting and consumeing the investiture itself, I think he'd have a very strong Connection to Ruin as well.
  22. So in Secret History, Keslier is unable to assume the powers of Preservation, even for a short time, because he is insufficiently Connected to Preservation. However, he is a full Mistborn with no hemalurgic spikes, and allomancy is of Preservation. Does this mean that an important way to forge Connection with a shard is by embodying its intent? That's the only thing I can think of that matches these facts. And if this is the case, can you forge Connection with a shard not present on your planet in this way?
  23. In Secret History we see that Kelsier could not connected to Preservation without aid. And when he did so he was still unable to wield it well. I assume that over time his mind would move more in line with Preservation and be more capable with its power. So with that in mind, how did Ati connect to the Ruin Shard to begin with. Hoid said that he was a kind and generous person (this doesn't sound like a person who was attuned to ruin). did he have help to Connect to its power. And if so did he have trouble controlling it until he was changed by the shard's intent.
  24. Recently on Reddit, somebody mentioned that Autonomy's investure doesn't empower sapient beings directly. 1. On Taldain, the sunlight contains investure that energizes microscopic lichen in the sand. Sandmastery is the manipulation of these organisms, but as far as I can tell, involves little to no flow of investure through ones self. 2. On Patji, Avien are formed when normal birds eat the grubs in the Eye of Patji. Notably, there is no effect if a human were to consume said grubs. I believe that this is intentional on the part of Autonomy, and I believe that I know the reason why. We know from Oathbringer that Autonomy is leaving sentient splinters of herself around the cosmere. From Secret History, we know that a share cannot be taken up without significant connection to it. As there is more Autonomy to go around, the likelihood that someone could eventually take up a splinter is higher. Autonomy tries to limit others connection to it, either as a precaution or simply due to her intent, by providing this buffer between her magic and the people of the cosmere.
  25. Was posting in another thread and was thinking about severing of Aes Sedai. We know this can be healed. Could a person with Stormlight heal this would if they knew the flows? Could the severing been seen in the spiritual realm? Would it be a loss of Connection to the One Power (Dar/din)? Could you create a medallion that would mimic the Connection to the One Power? Is that the same as a ter'angreal allowing a non channeler to channel?