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  1. i have gained access to the cognitive realm, but have no hemalurgic materials.
  2. i have 45 septillion cookies in cookie clicker
  3. sure!
  4. this sounds fun
  5. 1. BANDS OF MOURNING!!! op compounding = good 2. feruchemist 3. shard............ 4. 5th heightening. never getting old, or getting headaches? im in
  6. Dalinar would have been awesome as Odiums champion
  7. This isn't my fault. Just saying.
  8. Before I clicked on this post, there was an entire area of Sanderson I was ignorant of! How much does he write? How many more things could I be ignorant of?
  9. My first sanderson book was also skyward! a while after that my mom started my on the way of kings and I have not yet found an alternative to endlessly binging sanderson.
  10. Kelsier -- Kaladin Sazed -- Szeth notice any others?
  11. when you are hardly surprised when an article titled "you know you're a sanderfan when..." has 500,000 views and nearly 10,000 replies
  12. ummm, it was very awesome. Wait. A stranger is wanting information? Online? this is suspicious. very suspicious. Also, I have a real sword, so the Moash pinata was very fun. Purposefully filled with red kool-aid.
  13. Hi

    Skyward is pretty good, it can depend.
  14. Awesome
  15. Unfortunately, the cosmere was in them.